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    The AMD Hits Keep Coming! ASUS TUF A15 Gaming Laptop Review

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    • promoting is super simple on this laptop, all you have to do to get inside is usage a Phillips head screwdriver to remove The top and you get easy access to two RAM slots that support a maximum of 32GB.
    • It is The similar tale with Da Vinci Resolve, The true TDP of this Ryzen seven CPU allows it to maintain higher clock speeds for longer, which results in faster exports versus The G14.
    • As you can see with Tomb Raider, Far Cry 5, Rainbow six Siege, and Overwatch, The sustained active clock speeds on The CPU along with The non-Max-Q RTX two thousand and sixty urged frame pace that were plenty higher than The G14 at 1080P and with The highest settings.

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    The last AMD notebook that I remember checking out was The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14. It was a spectacular machine that had excellent performance because it was one of The first laptops to hit The market with The AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS, an 8-core/16-thread processor. It had a really unusual design, exceptional offense life, and The performance really did put some of The Intel notebooks to shame. The charge was also a sneak considering what you were getting, it honestly was an weird laptop. By The way, if you are interested in my full review of that model you can check it out right over here. TUF A15 vs. Zephyrus G14 What I have in front of me is The ASUS TUF A15, which is a slightly more affordable alternative to The G14. What is really interesting is that The specs between The two are pretty similar, but The A15 does cut corners in build quality, I/O, and a few oTher things. On newspaper when you analyse this to The Zephyrus G14, The only actual difference is The CPU and The GPU … and even Then barely different. You are admitting an 8-core/16-thread Ryzen seven 4800H that has a lofty TDP than The Ryzen nine 4900HS in The G14, also The goal and boost frequencies are poor on The Ryzen seven CPU. The GPU on The TUF jacket is an RTX two thousand and sixty versus The RTX two thousand and sixty Max-Q on The G14, and The ease of The specs are basically The same. However, The charge difference is beautiful significant. The TUF A15 is $ two hundred and fifty USD competitive than The G14, which is a lot. The emerging cost of this laptop is $700 USD and for that you get a Ryzen five CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a GTX 1650. You can configure it up to The specs that I have on my sample, but watch out for a few SKUs that ASUS is offering, some of Them have a smaller battery along with a dedicated 2.5″ hard drive bay. plan & raise Quality With that of The way, let’s get into The mental aspects of this laptop. emerging with exterior impressions, and I’m going to say that I am in lover with The smooth sandstone matte grey finish. ASUS is asking it stronghold Grey, it’s an aluminium lid with plastic bits on The inside, so it doesn’ t grasp as premium as a G14. However, it is a day and night difference compared to The GA502DU that I checked out final year from ASUS, which was also an AMD-based notebook. They are also gift a Bonfire dark design, which also looks cool, but I personally like The grey. You just get this practical vibe when you admire at this thing, especially with that TUF logo burnt/burned on The center and some of The oTher plan cues that omplete that stealth look. I really like it . The webcam is found at The choice with a little bump on The lid. The good shift about this is that it enables you to easily open The laptop with just one hand, nice touch ASUS. Unfortunately, The hinge rock a lot, so definitely see out for that. When you have it on your lap typing up something it does get quite distracting. I was also shocked by The matter that it hardly revealed any fingerprints, so that’s definitely a bonus. There is a piece of flex on The lid, particularly in The center, but I expected that because this isn’t a unibody design since it would cost more money. An nasty office Things do carry an interesting turn when you open The lid , because this interior place just does not exemplify The poor profile look from The outside. It just wail gamer-y and I’m not a fan of it. I imagine ASUS was trying too hard to compensate for The plastic materials being used by going with a brushed texture. I actually choose The sandstone paint on The ROG GA502DU. In fact, The interior looks way better on that model versus The TUF Laptop. You are admitting a full-size keyboard with ROG fonts on The major caps. The arrow steps are diminutive read to The rest, so that might be a problem for people with larger hands. The steps Themselves grasp cheerful and They do have a bit of travel distance, but They feel a bit mushy. I’m not actual if it’s overdue to The plastic body, but it’s certainly not as good as The G14. The WASD keys are translucent, which is kind of unique because you can see The switches underneath, but it just kills The consistency. I presume gamers appreciate The separation. RGB lighting has filled its path into The keyboard. The glow of The WASD keys do admire a bit weird, especially when compared to The rest of The keyboard. It’s brilliant plenty to get you through those midnight gaming sessions. Honestly, I just wanted They were all The same, but let me know if prefer having a specific WASD major layout versus just having normal keys? I’m curious to know. vast Trackpad & Buttons The trackpad is surprisingly really cheerful for The price point. It has a soft plastic finish, which really provides when navigating through Windows easily. It’s actually better than The Arrow series on GIGABYTE laptops, which was startling to me. It’s not a beer surface like what you will find on senior costly premium notebooks, but it gets The job done. It also has help for Windows Precision drivers, which is nice. And something that this pad reminded me of is just how wonderful ethical primary left and right buttons are. We are slowly starting to see integrated ones, but this has dedicated buttons and They are awesome. Webcam & Speakers This is The camera test on The TUF A15. The video quality is obviously not The greatest, but The wiretap sounds attractive good. You urge note a lot of compression with my voice, but it does a attractive good job isolating The background noise, so that’s nice. The spokesperson are least facing, but ASUS pryed a really smart move by adding cutouts on The side, resulting in twice The sound output compared to former generations. I have to speak These sound attractive amazing, The bass is deep because The sound bump back to The chassis when you have it laid out flat on a desk. The fashion are good and detailed, but They do keep to become harsh sometimes. For informal or general hearing requirement this thing will exceed your expectations. It’s actually better than my Blade 15. Connectivity Port selection is decent, but There are a infrequent debatable choices. Most of Them are on The left-hand side moving with power input, LAN port, HDMI 2.0b, two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports, one USB Type-C 3.2 Gen2 that also aid DisplayPort 1.4 (and G-Sync!), and an audio jack. turning over to The right, you get a different USB 2.0 port and that’s it. I don’t understand why, I’m not actual it’s even public to ship notebooks with a USB 2.0 port in 2020. Also skip in review that those two Type-A ports on The left-hand side are 5Gbps instead of 10Gbps, which is an outdated spec. I suppose this is an place where ASUS had to cut corners , so it is what it is. An Okay exhibit losing onto The display, it is a 15.6-inch IPS-level screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, and as a bonus it also supports Adaptive Sync. Unfortunately it isn’t The most saturation exact screen, it only covers 64% sRGB, 40% Adobe RGB, and 47% DCI-P3. Therefore, if you are a content creator or a photographer you should probably stay away from this notebook. Thankfully The viewinging curve are pleasant and There is good contrast, and I didn’t expertise any backlight reduce on my sample. The bar only squeezes as brilliant as three hundred nits, so outdoor visibility will be a bit challenging. With that being said, The gaming experience on The TUF A15 was absolutely fantastic and that is thanks to The 144Hz revive rate. If you are a hardcore gamer you wouldn’ t necessarily prioritize colour accuracy, what really matters is that you get a smooth stutter-free experience and this thing delivers. promoting is super simple on this laptop, all you have to do to get inside is usage a Phillips head screwdriver to remove The top and you get easy access to two RAM slots that support a maximum of 32GB. The NVMe SSD is united by an more M.2 portion for expansion, which was very thoughtful of ASUS to include. The SSD that finds with this jacket is not The fastest that I have seen, but interestingly plenty it edges out The G14. Amazing Battery Life Perhaps The most exciting feature of this TUF notebook is The battery life, because it just blew our minds. It is absolutely insane. Mike, Dmitry and myself we were just in admiration seeing at The numbers. ASUS has grazed in 90Wh attack inside this thing, and as we all perceive The control efficiency that comes with AMD’s Zen two architecture is an engineering Marvel. On our fire load test, this laptop survived The stable among our oTher gaming laptops, including The G14. More than ten hours of light use is ultrabook category, which is just nuts. Switching over to our heavy load tests, running RealBench on a loop, it once again far surpassed our expectations. Temperatures & Frequencies Finally, let’s get into The meat and potatoes of this review, The performance. I imagine you are in for a surprise. Now just like every of The notebook, we did inspection The TUF A15 with its built-in performance mode enabled, and as we flew our unnatural tests to set a baseline we noticed that The Ryzen seven 4800H was noticeably faster than The Ryzen nine 4900HS on The G14. It was gorgeous bright on our multi-core analysis like Cinebench R15 and R20. It also goes to show how far behind Intel is even with Their 8-core/16-thread offerings. Meanwhile, single core results saw both AMD-based systems tied, and as usual this is an area where Intel takes The edge. Before I get into actual creation tests, I do wish to explain something really quickly. The TUF A15’s dull head has acknowledged ASUS to cram in a really, really good cooling solution. That means that The Ryzen seven 4800H is capable to consistently kick true frequencies in multi-core loads than The Ryzen nine 4900HS in The Zephyrus G14. Basically that should low it will gain a concert advantage by sacrificing weight and size versus G14 in most cases, but not every time. In law to remember how this notebook behaves when it comes to clock speeds, let’ s watch at Maya render using every core at 100% over The course of ten minutes. As you check see, temperatures climb up to around 88°C before hanging off a cliff and stabilizing over 70°C. Why is this happening? Well you check see some suggestion as we add clock speeds to this. Basically it mind like this Ryzen seven 4800H upturn lofty for The first two minutes and thirty seconds of The test at 3.6GHz, but Then AMD’s algorithms step things down to 3.1GHz. That is still a really respectable clock speed, but it didn’t change no matter how much cooling we threw at it which is probably because it reached a power threshold. losing on to gaming and here is where things get really interesting. Since fate immortal puts a multi-core but not full core load on The CPU, The power limit don’t get triggered so temperatures are able to remain pretty high. This is also because The GPU is running at elaborate load, so every physical components gets impacted. Unlike The Maya experiment this situation means a slow decrease in clock speeds raTher than Them hanging off a cliff. For this contest it explains to about 3.35GHz as a incessant after ten minutes or so, which is attractive respectable. As for GPU temperatures, well They were observed below NVIDIA’s throttling onset throughout The test. This also leaves to show how pleasant ASUS’ cooling body is. pulling on to The exact clock speeds, those leveled out at about 1550MHz, which is actually well above NVIDIA’s stated Boost Clock of 1200MHz for this GPU. What that means is that There is Thermal headroom that is being taken advantage to allow The RTX 2060 to hit higher than The spec frequencies. Real-World Benchmarks Let’s jump into The actual world tests, and this Ryzen seven CPU just enamoredes to flex its muscles. It’s honestly not even comical at this point. Zen’s capacity with its gained IPC and blisteringly fast multi-core performance completes this Blender test in record time. It is The similar tale with DaVinci Resolve, The true TDP of this Ryzen seven CPU allows it to maintain higher clock speeds for longer, which results in faster exports versus The G14. I also want to mention that this is a very GPU focused render, so The RTX two thousand and sixty is at a disadvantage versus The RTX 2070s and The RTX 2080s that The Intel computer we have find with. It is also why The A15’s non-Max-Q GPU steals The knife in The AMD versus AMD comparison. turning over to Adobe Premiere, with The latest advance leveraging NVIDIA and AMD GPUs export times have become faster. Now The AMD duct are really competitive, but Intel still steals The edge here and The reason for that is attractive interesting. Even though The recent Premiere update leverages GPU horsepower, it doesn’t use both The distinct NVIDIA GPU and Intel’s regulated graphics alongside one anoTher. Meanwhile, on The Intel system it still uses QuickSync and The discrete card to boost performance even furTher. If you usage handbrake for transcoding, this Ryzen CPU is fast, most certainly faster than Intel by a long shot. binding bread up with our compression test using WinRAR, The results line up with our expectations. Basically, this CPU is super impressive and it can keep up with anything and everything you throw at it, wheTher if it’s compiling code, rendering, or gaming. Gaming Benchmarks saying of gaming performance, The TUF notebook was once again unbeaten when compared to The G14. As you can see with Tomb Raider, Far Cry 5, Rainbow six Siege, and Overwatch, The sustained active clock speeds on The CPU along with The non-Max-Q RTX two thousand and sixty urged frame pace that were plenty higher than The G14 at 1080P and with The highest settings. Let’s also not neglect that The G14 is significantly tiny than The TUF notebook and it’s svelte too , so The frame pace that it produces are also respectable. It fing be certainly exciting to see where stress fall if/ when AMD notebooks are paired with higher end GPUs, but for now They deliver an awesome combination of 1080P performance with really good pricing. Turbo Mode / Turbo Noise losing on a bit, I decided to also test The performance with ASUS’ Turbo Mode enabled. The concert increase was very minimum over The standard mode and it reproduced an epic amount of noise. Honestly, I would just stab to The standard mode and not even venture into Turbo because it just sounds like a jet fan. Surface temperatures are okay under heavy gaming sessions, but The one area you need to watch out for is The top right-hand side because it does become a hotspot and that might be an issue if you’re gaming for longer sessions with an external mouse. culmination It’ s moment to speculate my thoughts on The TUF A15 gaming laptop. I have to believe it to ASUS for delivering a really fast mechanism for $1,200 USD. The concert is absolutely amazing, it just puts some of The most high offerings from Intel to shame when it happens to CPU intensive workloads. That Ryzen seven CPU enamoredes to flex its calculation prowess. It’s fast, and it is actually faster than The Ryzen nine 4900HS on The G14. That is because ASUS was capable to cram in a really happy cooling solution, and also you are of day contributing on The weight and size compared to that senior compact laptop. When it arrives to gaming it’s certainly not The fastest machine out There, especially when compared to notebooks with active end GPUs. That RTX two thousand and sixty does arrive at a disadvantage, but it still gets employment done at 1080P for The most part. I just really need to see active result GPUs paired with AMD CPUs. I’m not even accurate if that’ s going to happen anytime soon, but if it does that would make history. I really like The exterior plan on The A15. As I cited earlier, it looks workable which goes along with The TUF branding, but The interior design man just kills me. It mind gamer-y, it doesn’t really align with The exterior design of this laptop. If you are inclined to ignore that you should definitely pick this up, it’s a vast option. You are coninging on a scarce stress like build quality, because for The most portion it is a plastic chassis, except for The lid. The hinge is not quite strong, it does sway The bar a lot. The performance is not colour exact , so if that is something that you service you should probably look elsewhere. However, given that this is geared towards gamers The A15 delivers because of that 144Hz refresh rate. Finally, The I/O is not up-to-spec. You are not admitting The fastest USB 3.2 Gen2 connectivity and it has a USB 2.0 port, These are certainly some things to skip in mind. I should also mention that The A15 does not have a Wi-Fi six module, so it really presume on how you benefit that as well. Overall, for The charge I’m very impressed. I imagine The concert is what is most thrilling thing about TUF 15. It’s The fastest machine that we have ever encountered, much faster than The Intel offerings that we have, which is kind of awesome and was unimaginable a few years ago. buying section in this review from Amazon & oTher partners at The links below: ASUS TUF A15 – https://geni.us/TUFA15
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    The AMD Hits Keep Coming! ASUS TUF A15 Gaming Laptop Review
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