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SEO & Marketing Content writing with the help of an software automated Artificial intelligence based article generator that helps with freelance writing, article and it is doing an automated copywriter job and tells you how to write an article - your free of charge article writer services!

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  -  The Features of the Article Generation Software

ARTICLE GENERATOR - create fresh, unique & individual content that is plagiarism free and has no duplications.

ARTICLE WRITER - 2 clicks and your free text article is ready within a few minutes.

Features of the automatic article creation software
  1. Introduction: Create texts at the click of a button
  2. Advantages of the free Article Writer Software
  3. Article Tool of the free Article Writer Software

1. Introduction: Create texts at the click of a button

Article Generator is an AI based software that can generate automatic article content on any input topics - mainkey word (topic of your individual text), sub keyword (nuance of the text). If you need your articles for school report, university essays, website contents, blogs posts or work related writings is your software of choice that is creating astonishing articles and fresh content for you. is highly configurable and is capable of making plagiarism and duplication free text that passes Copyscape detection with minimal human input and offers a highly flexible Software API with

2. Advantages of the free Article Writer Software

Use the following features of the free article writer to create your texts:
  • Based on your input keywords the software generates article and creates fresh content
  • Integrating different content sources with algorithmic calculation of the best & most original text content based on modern natural language processing software
  • We create unique articles based on your input preferences
  • Content rewriting and text spinning feature to create individual and unique articles
  • Optimizing your article to be free from plagiarism & duplication
  • Adding images, videos, JSON-LD markup, reference links, word cloud and text summary to your new text for you to copy & paste (with downloads available)
  • Generate unlimited articles where every article text is fresh, clean & unique
  • It was free, it is free and will always be 100% free for you

3. Article Tool of the free Article Writer Software

Do you want to generate articles with a single click only? That is the dream of every online marketer that wants to monetize their websites, blogs or premium content to get unique quality articles without hiring any professional personal writer and spending many hours on self writing or buying content on content creation plattforms where you have to pay human authors! creates sophisticated and search engine optimized texts, product descriptions that can be used for product shops, bloging posts or just to support your research for school or university.

You dont need to spend hours writing a quality content and then check for spelling or grammatical mistakes - our intelligent software based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing will keep you covered with that. We offer an Article Generator Tool, that produces best-written search engine friendly article in less than 5 minutes enriched with images, videos, reference links and corresponding word tag cloud supported by JSON-LD Markup for most search engine friendliness! Select the article topic with your input keywords and then press the generate button. It creates a unique piece of article text on the website below that can be copied or downloaded by you for free.

Your Article Generator Tool of choice will always be 100% free and requires no downloading or signup. It works smoothly in all browsers and can provide hundreds of versions of article texts in no time.

  -  Tools and Software for content marketing


We are talking about tools and software for content marketing.

This free text article is about:
  1. Introduction: Content marketing is king!
  2. Top 3 Content Marketing Tools Using AI and Machine Learning
  3. AI: the Future of Content Marketing?

1. Introduction:

Content marketing is king, it is not easy and requires writing abilities, strategic planing and seo insights. Building complex facts into converting posts is a challenge that more and more marketing companies use special tools for - artificial intelligence powered tools powered by state of the art deep learning and natural language processing algorithms. These important scientific and mathematics based tools can create content without requiring human beings constantly checking and inputing feedback and data to these tools because they work nearly on their own.

People are asking questions and wonder if these AI-powered content marketing tools will make them obsolete but at the current level these machine based tools only support content marketers for example with SEO optimization. When used AI-powered content marketing tools can push a post from good to great to read for people.

2. Top 3 Content Marketing Tools Using AI and Machine Learning

Some of these tools help you optimize your SEO efforts, others improve grammers or create fresh articles - these top AI-powered tools support todays content marketers.

Grammarly checks your grammar and spelling in real-time, offering helpful suggestions on the fly and is supported in tools like Asana, GSuite, Salesforce, Slack, MS Office® Plug-in, Google Docs, JIRA, Medium or Facebook. Correct grammar is essential for good rankings in Search Engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, Yandex or Baidoo. If your content contains writing or spelling errors they will very likely not rank for top keyword positions. Free and non-paid alternatives are languagetool on Github.

Clearscope is a SEO content optimization tool based on automatic and sophisticated keyword research. You put in a keyword and their service researches the best data points for keywords and key phrases in Googles top positions. Their software AI runs analysis, calculations and pulls usefull keyword data from Google to get you top ranking SEO keywords for search engines. So you can enrich your blog articles or text content with these top ranking keyphrases to gain good ranking positions in Google Search.

Yoast is mainly known as WordPress plugin and has a free and a paid version. They use AI-powered tools to improve Schema enriched structured data in realtime so that their customers have chances to archive high ranking positions in SERPs like Google, Baidoo or Bing. Their plugin helps your WordPress blog to rank better by providing feedback to the article text that you are writing with the help of TF-IDF analysis or pulling data from Word embeddings (find words that are semantically close to your input words) or thought vectors (word embeddings to work with whole parts of sentences).

3. AI: the Future of Content Marketing?

In the early beginning of 2019, the AI research group OpenAI released a software package called "GPT2" based on the new transformers technology. They have released source code and models so that data scientists, IT students or NLP researchers can study and advance in Natural Language Text Generation as its software showed human like text processing and creating capabilities or even content marketers alike skills. GPT2 writes free text in convincingly human language and this caused a major disruption especially amongst content marketers. You can find more information about GPT2 here:

But: AI Software will not takeover (completely) content marketing anytime soon as current AI-driven tools like GPT2 are good at generating text content based on specific input parameters like length, randomness, initial seed but the software only can generate from what data it was trained on so its very unlikely to be creative in creating band new texts. And that is the key advantage of human content marketers as copying is nice but creativity plus thought-provoking, meaningful & helpful articles will always be superior and will bring in the sales leads.

Summing up todays AI-powered content marketing tools will help and support humans in creating cool texts, campaings or marketing ads but they will have to develop further to fully overtake the work of human writers. Maybe in 10 to 20 years we will see machines writing poems, books or opera art that people cannot distinguish between machine or not.

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  -  Introduction to software based AI Article writing


  1. Introduction: What is an AI Text content generator?
  2. Automatic content generation software and easy to use tools
  3. How do content tools create "unique" content?
  4. Can automated content generation be useful for human readers and offer them added value?
  5. What are the positive benefits of using an advanced content generator?

1. Introduction: What is an AI Text content generator?

AI content generator

Creating content for websites, blogs, product shops (eg used for link building) takes a lot of precious time. If after a long time of investing in fresh content and an human text author your content was not indexed by search crawlers like google or bing so that this could be considered wasted effort. uses AI and Natural Language Processing (short for NLP) to help you write content faster.

We use computer resources, sophisticated software algorithms in the field of deep learning - so from computer generated content to article texts that are mainly written by humans it was a big step - but now human authors can write free text assisted by a computer AI.

AI Content generators take existing text articles, rewrite and shuffle them to generate unique and individual content. Content can come from differnt of sources including Wikipedia, answers from questions, social media websites, forums, blogs or websites like the Common Crawl Project. Keyword tools can process and evaluate content that can be used as a reference to create new texts for your article creation request. is a great way of finding relevant content with fitting keywords to add to your article blog or product website.

2. Automatic content generation software and easy to use tools

AI content tools

A content generator tool is an advanced software written in programming languages like PHP, PERL, PYTHON or GO that let you type in your main keyword (topic of article) or sub keyword phrase (nuance of the text) into a google like search bar and will create new articles based on their internal research functions. For example: The tool will visit article directories like Common Crawl using your keyword to download relevant content, calculate internal scorings for best & most suitable results, shuffeling article content, adding images, videos, backlinks and JSON-LD Markup language for best SEO results of your internal article. Scraping existing content is one part of the process, multiple text sources will then be incorporate using a HTML5 and CSS3 web template. will insert links, images, videos, backlinks, seo optimized keywords as word cloud or your own custom media elements such as product descriptions or dimensions into pre-downloaded text content increase its uniqueness.

If you have targeted SEO traffic to your website you can use an auto content text generator tool to help you to create interesting and professional content or rewrite your existing articles to fresh them up and get your blog a new SEO traffic push. Your content could be a blog or also an extremely interactive graphic or video post enabled with audio processing capabilities. It can also help you to create backlink for your website and support you with your link building efforts.

Great images are absolutely required for your existing content and your future text creations. Value added by integrating informative images to your articles so that it enables social networks to get your article shared by people, which then will traffic from search engines and social media too. Integrations with modern keyword suggestion tools and help you produce quality content faster and with more content pushed out into your marketing channels you can earn more money as more traffic can lead to more sales. That’s the primary goal for many marketeers and people that want to generate multiple income streams.

3. How do content tools create "unique" content?

AI tools use content spinning

Search engines like Yandex, Bing or Yahoo index words on a page but modern software companies like Google have developed Software (Transformers, BERT, RoBERTa) that can understand the meaning of words, their surroundings and even their context when a search query is pushed to Google's servers. So you need to post a lot of human readable and quality content to your website profit from traffic referrals through modern search engines. Using an online content generator like will give you a quasi-unique article as the content. The secret sauce of how this tools works to make the text individual with the help of automatic software is to use an article re-writer or so called text spinning using spintax. It finds words in an article and replaces with different level of best fitting synonyms (using a thesaurus and deep learning processing). We apply grammar and word choice detection,too to get very unique versions of the article if you run it through a plagiarism or duplication checker.

4. Can automated content generation be useful for human readers and offer them added value?

Text tools use Natural language processing capabilities enriched with modern deep learning and language tools

Automated content generation can be used by a real human to to compile very high quality texts that reads just like one written by a professional human author. To fully automate this you can use the AI software API with the help of the free web interface of e.g.

The success of content automation depends on how the internal software algorithms process the new articles that were just built with the help of Natural language processing tools like Gensim, SpacyIO or scikit-learn and how they were published to social media channels, engaged and shared by your target users of these media services. High conversion rate of your generated article text can be archived by adding keyword suggestion tool APIs and integration embed structured data in best case as JSON-LD version for better processing through search engines. With this structured data points you can help your freshly generated content to be shown as premium rich snippets in modern search engines. Having your content automatically generated results in you to get work done faster, so that you can test thousands of target keywords quickly, getting them ranked on Google to generate traffic and start to sell high quality products online.

5. What are the positive benefits of using an advanced content generator?

Create multiple versions of content with different high value SEO keywords for advanced traffic generation

Content generator can help to suggest you topics by generating highly spun content from research topics that are completely unique and easy to understand for human readers. You can also use to create content for a target audience of readers, eg. teenagers, managers, parents, pensioners, academics or students/pupils. However our content generator can be highly addictive and you can easily spend hours of generating titles, text and article content for your next to start blog or website. It helps so that you can have your work done easily because it will save you time with creating ideas for new content.

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