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Attention all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and skeptics alike! Have you heard about the bitcoin revolution? If not, it's time to catch up and learn about the world's first decentralized digital currency.

Bitcoin has been making headlines for years now, but what exactly is it? In essence, bitcoin is a digital form of money that operates independently of any government or financial institution. It was created in 2009 by an unknown person or group using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

One of the most fascinating aspects of bitcoin is its fluctuating price. The value of bitcoin is determined by supply and demand on various exchanges around the world. At the time of writing this article, one bitcoin is worth approximately $40,000 USD. However, its price has famously seen highs above $60,000 USD and lows below $5,000 USD in recent years.

If you're interested in buying or trading bitcoin, there are several ways to do so. You can sign up for a bitcoin exchange platform such as Coinbase or Binance, where you can buy and sell both bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, you can download a wallet app such as Wallet to securely store your digital assets.

But why should you even bother with bitcoin? For starters, it offers a level of privacy in transactions that traditional banking cannot provide. Additionally, since there's no central authority controlling it like traditional currencies, it's immune to inflation caused by government policies.

Of course, investing in cryptocurrency comes with risks just like any investment. It's important to do your research before putting your hard-earned money into something as volatile as bitcoin. But if you feel comfortable taking the risk and believe in the potential value of cryptocurrency in general, then why not join the millions of others who have already invested?

Bitcoin may be at the forefront of cryptocurrency right now but let's not forget about its equally interesting counterpart: Ethereum. While it doesn't hold as much value per token as bitcoin does, its blockchain technology is being used for a variety of applications beyond just digital currencies.

So what's the verdict? Should you buy bitcoin or not? The answer isn't straightforward as it ultimately depends on your personal investment strategy and risk tolerance. Just remember to always do your research before investing in anything.

In conclusion, bitcoin may seem like a perplexing and volatile concept, but it's worth taking the time to understand as it could potentially change the way we view money. And who knows? Maybe one day soon we'll all be living off cryptocurrency instead of traditional currency. But until then, happy investing!...

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Text Generator: 11 steps to the perfect free text

Text Generator: 11 steps to the perfect free text

  1. Step 1: Determine article type
  2. Step 2: Get an overview of the writing requirements
  3. Step 3: Research for your Text, Blog or Journal
  4. Step 4: Formulate the headline of your free text article
  5. Step 5: Write the introduction for the article
  6. Step 6: Structure the free text
  7. Step 7: Write the preliminary article
  8. Step 8: Write the summary of your article
  9. Step 9: Editing and proofreading
  10. Step 10: Answering important questions regarding article generation
  11. Step 11: Competion in the market of article generator software

Step 1: Determine article type

If you want to write a good article - for your corporate blog, a project report, journal, article or a trade magazine - then you'd best be prepared for a long working day. Writing a long text is a challenge. Creating a good long text means a lot of work. After all, the text should not only be informative, but must also please the reader. In this article, we will show you how to write a good article - quickly, easily and still with high quality - of course you can take the help of a cool text generator.

Determine article type depending on the medium you are writing an article for, there are different requirements and specifications that you should consider. Writing a technical article, free text or a non-fiction text requires a different approach than writing a blog article, journal, vlog or report on your project. While a non-fiction text needs to inform the reader, a blog article can appeal to the reader on an emotional level. Therefore, the tone in a blog article may be different from that of a non-fiction text. The thematic specifics of the medium target will also determine the content of your article. To ensure that both the client and future readers are satisfied with the text, you should pay attention to the differences between different types of free texts. Writing articles with or without a fancy text generator for a magazine is easy. If you are writing an article for the trade magazine, then you should know the requirements of that. Writing a magazine article just do a comprehensive research and use the correct corresponding language. Reputable media, reference books and interviews experts are the most important sources for good research.

When writing, you should also pay attention to good sentence structure and smooth transitions between individual text passages. Your writing should also match the magazine. If you don't get any guidelines from the editors, get an overview by reading through a few issues of that magazine. When describing your topic, address different points of view. This will allow you to address different audiences and add more value to your text. Write a blog article - to write a good blog article, extensive research and a good language style are also necessary. But do not forget about the SEO optimization. A text must not only be well researched. The article must also contain relevant keywords and meet the other SEO criteria. If the blog post is not search engine optimized, then it will be difficult for readers to find the free text on the Internet. Fancy Text Generators like offer free text generation in 11 different languages free of costs - those free text can be used for blog, vlog, journals or to use in your wordpress based woocommerce shop. All you have to do is provide some text keywords and your fresh text is ready within a few seconds of processing.

Online, we usually consume information faster. Therefore, it is even more important for online articles to use appealing wording and to structure the text. The most important thing must always be at the beginning. Subheadings and an overview of the content at the beginning of the text allow the reader to grasp the meaning of the article more quickly. Write a report is usually aria-required after completed projects. Its purpose is to inform and summarize the most important points of the project. A report also is used outside of project management. This includes an internship report, a newspaper report, a doctor's report, protocol, and much more. For a project closure report, you should summarize tasks and results achieved. A project completion report is usually written for a specific main addressee and specifically addresses the information needs of this addressee. You should therefore describe the essentials as quickly as possible and keep the fancy text short. As a rule, a project report is about creating a fancy text flowing from formulations and phrases that describe the project. The free text should be as error-free as possible written in an understandable way. Special technical information must be rewritten in understandable language. If you have written a good article, your target group feels well addressed.

Step 2: Get an overview of the writing requirements

If you are writing the article for your private blog, then you yourself are the client, editor and copywriter at the same time. But if you are writing a business article or a magazine article, then there is usually an editor or content manager who gives you the guidelines for the text. In the second case, you should get a full picture of the text specifications before you start writing. Take the time to clarify these questions. This will save you long correction loops later and get job done quickly and correctly.

In particular, clarify the following questions:
  1. Where does the text appear?
  2. How long should the article be and on which topic?
  3. Is there a text briefing?
  4. Who approves the text and how many proofreading loops are scheduled?
  5. By when should the draft be ready? When should the final version of the article be available and when will it go online (published in the medium)?
  6. Which images may/should be used?
  7. Are there words that are not desirable? Is there a general language guideline at the client?
  8. For which target group is the article written?

Step 3: Research for your Text, Blog or Journal

Before you start writing your free text, read through the information on the topic. At the initial stage, it is not necessary to do a thorough research. Look at the top 20 search results for your query. Then look at infographics and videos, search for technical articles on your topic. Don't limit yourself to online resources to find relevant information: Information from journals, books, encyclopedia and official documents will make your fancy text much more informative. A thorough research is aria-required if you want to write a good article. Ask for opinions of experts, clients or colleagues to include as much information as possible on your topic. If possible, interview an expert who has been successful in the field you are writing about. To write on articles with article generator in which you do not know at all, you should read extra hard and learn all the relevant terms.

For people who have medical or educational training, it is easy not to understand problems related to IT or mechanical engineering, for example. Writing on these topics requires knowing the technical terms. If you want to write an article with the overview of such a topic, then it is better to present text in a simple, accessible and understandable form to minimize the use of terms. If you have formulated a speaking headline right at the beginning, then you give your text a red thread from the start. But that doesn't have to be your goal. If you can't write an ideal headline for your article right away, then leave it until the article is finished and write the title only at the end. A headline can have different forms. You can write a talking headline or one that encourages a customer to buy.

Step 4: Formulate the headline of your free text article

Take your time for the headline and try the following tips:
  1. Numbers enliven your headline and illustrate your key message
  2. Descriptive adjectives in the headline make the reader curious
  3. Write a short headline for your article
  4. In an online article, keywords should be included in the headline. Best right at the beginning
  5. Explanatory headlines are clicked on more often
  6. Write what the article is about without explaining in detail

Step 5: Write the introduction for the article

In the entry you should:
  1. tell the reader what to expect in your fancy text
  2. explain why it is important to read the text
  3. described what the free text is about and what is its central message?
  4. hint at the style in which the free text is written
  5. answer the "W" questions

After all, it counts the first impression that counts. If the introduction is captivating or makes a promise to describe the solution to the problem, the reader will stay. A successful introduction grabs the reader's attention and makes your writing easier. This allows you to better define the goal of your text, because the title usually expresses the core message of the article. The introduction should never be too long. If it is an online text, the central keyword should appear in it. This allows both search engines and readers to quickly understand what the text is about. Good headlines make reading easier Step 6: Structure the text in particular need a structure. A text path is necessary so that the readers can follow the red thread better.

Subheadings take over this task. Good subheadings have another task. They capture the attention so that the user does not stop reading. Subheadings give your text a structure. They help to summarize your thoughts and divide your free text into meaningful units. These make reading easier and allow you to skim text. For each content subheading, write 1-2 sentences that describe of the respective passage. If you have defined the central core messages, then you are guaranteed to make much progress faster with the writing. Since you already have a plan, after that it's "just" about the copywriting. You can concentrate much on better writing and thus write better articles. When writing the outline for your text, always keep the reader's perspective in mind.

Step 6: Structure the free text

The reader usually is looking for a solution to a problem. Therefore, your text should contain the solution and it at the beginning if possible. Explain what solution you are offering and provide arguments to support your statements. Examples and concrete formulations every do good. If you are writing an article that is more than 1000-2000 words, be sure to include examples. Provide information without exaggerating. Your core statements should get not lost in details.

Step 7: Write the preliminary article

After you have done the preliminary work, you can start writing your free text. Keep the following rules in mind:
  1. Speak to the target audience their language. Write for the professionals - you can use the terms and not explain them. The marketing professional knows what a campaign or ROI is. But if you want to write an article for beginners in the profession, all the abbreviations and technical terms must be deciphered and defined.
  2. Do not try to write a perfect text right away. You should wait until you feel inspired, but just start. Firstly, this will get you going quickly and secondly, you can edit the text later.
  3. Use reading aids in the text: Highlighting (e.g. bold or italics), bullet points, lists, etc.
  4. A good article means that you write concretely and simply.
  5. Do not forget the thread: if you formulate a thesis at the beginning of the text, then at the end must be listed evidence or conclusion. The questions asked must be answered
  6. Do not fill the text with information that is useless for the readers. Avoid the use of common expressions, give more evidence, examples and facts.
  7. Get to the point quickly. Long introductions in each section bore the reader and they may stop reading early

Step 8: Write the summary of your article

Long introductions in each section bore the reader and they may stop reading early Step Write the summary of your text, you can summarize all the most important points again. Alternatively, you can explain the reader what this means for them. You can also summarize the tips that the reader can do solve their problem. If you are writing online text, the last paragraph offers the opportunity to include a call-to-action. Write why the reader should call you now, which he can read further or request another action: Visit our XY portal now, Request a free consultation now, Ask us to do it ourselves (which you described in the text). But in order for your text not to be promotional, this reference should not be placed too prominently. Your text should still have a high added value for the reader. And your call-to-action should be an additional offer that can help the reader.

Step 9: Editing and proofreading

When the last sentence is finished, you should edit and proofread the finished article. When you work on your text for a long time, you eventually fail to notice even obvious mistakes. Therefore, it is recommended to let the text "rest" for 1-2 days. Then you should edit the text again and have it read through by a colleague/editor according to the four-eyes principle. uses advanced features from Artificial Intelligence to provide you with the state of the art Text Generator to create free text for you with a cool text generator.

Step 10: Answering important questions regarding article generation

There might be the following questions come up to your mind when its time for writing an article:
  1. How can I create a free article? Creating a free article with is very easy. Step One: Add some main keywords that describe your article to be generated and then you might add some more information for the nouance of your new article. Then just press green "Create Text" and within a few minutes your free text article is being written just for you. You can copy the content of the result page that includes seo headlines, a generated title, hashtags and the final article.
  2. How do you create an article? It is as easy as cooking pasta but with you only need to provide some words or sentences that tell our software what your article should be covering as text topics and then press the green "create text" button. Rest is done by our SaaS API. Your uniquely created text then can be used by you for Blogging, Vlogs, WordPress, Product Descriptions, Sales, Ecommerce or your business.
  3. Is Article Generator good? In 2021 the 180,000th user has created the 3,750,000th free article. Users from all over the world come to create their articles for free - from USA, UK, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Russia, Turkey. They all create unique articles for free without paying some money to use Come, join over 180,000 satisfied users and try for yourself!
  4. How do I create an online article? Its easy as cooking hot water in a water boiler: Put some words regaring your article in the form field and then press the green button "Create Text". The rest is done automatically and within minutes you have your free article for example for your blog.
  5. Which software is best for writing an article? Article Creation software via Webinterface without any costs can be found on, or Try what fits best for you!
  6. How do you create a unique article? If you are writing the article by yourself and want a full featured article written for you, then just take a Text Generator like ( If you are a journalist and write texts for a living a text generator can help you get some more insights to a topic you would have to research first on your own. Professionals and Hobby user can benefit from Article Generators like or
  7. What are the article generators? Article Generators help you to create an article for the topic or keywords that you provide. There are free Article Generator services (like and some you have to pay for (like If you have a very small budget then just try some free article creators first before paying some fees for Premium services.
Step 11: Competion in the market of article generator software

Lets talk about the competitive market of article writing software:
  1. What is the purpose of article generator? Article creator software often is offered as Software as a Service ("SaaS"). You can use it for a monthly subscription fee or - in case of - completly for free. These kind of software work in the following way: input information in structured format like json, via keywords or provide some context for your article that should be created. The software will then take your input, do some research and provide you back with a text that is mainly written by modern AI systems. Summing up: An Article Generator saves you time by automating the process of topic research and provides you a full written article text that you can use to write your own texts for business, sales, upsell, ecommerce or products.
  2. What are sites that write articles for you free?
  3. What is the best free cheap article creator? We have listed some free article writer webpages, completly free of costs is You only have to provide some keywords to the article input field, wait till your article is finished writing and then copy and paste your results for further usage.
  4. What is the best free cheap article creator? We have listed some free article writer webpages, completly free of costs is You only have to provide some keywords to the article input field, wait till your article is finished writing and then copy and paste your results for further usage.
  5. What is the best article generator? Based on the results of these are the best available - commercial - text generator software - but you have to pay subscription fee to get access to their features:
    • WordAi
    • SEO Content Machine
    • Article Forge
    • Copysmith

Instructions for the use of the Article Generator

Helpful recommendation for the best use of the free

To create your individual article text the ArtikelSchreiber has 2 input fields for your search terms: In Step 1 you can define the "main keyword". In Step 2 you can influence the secondary topic of the new text. In Step 3 you click on "Create text" to get your text article written for you.

For the optimal creation of your article, we recommend the following tips and hints:

  1. Please do not use complete sentences for the search query
  2. Please do not put links in the two fields "main keyword" or "sub keyword"
  3. Please enter only English search terms on the English website
  4. Please use 2 to 5 words for the field "main keyword"
  5. Please enter 40 to 70 characters per field in the best case "main keyword"
  6. Please use 1 to 3 words for the field "sub keyword"
  7. Please enter 20 to 35 characters per field "sub keyword" in the optimal case
  8. Your article will be created mainly on the topic of your search query in the field "main keyword"
  9. Your article will contain a few sentences of your search query in the field "sub keyword"

  -  6 Vital Content Marketing Trends Evolving in 2020

Creating content that converts leads to sales to build your companies brand in 2020? Then lets talk about these 6 trends:

  1. Content Marketing Strategy
  2. Authentic Content Creation
  3. Voice Control and Voice-navigated Search
  4. Interactive Elements in your content plan
  5. Automated Content Analysis
  6. Content Marketing Strategy Powered by AI

1. A Solid Content Marketing Plan
60% of businesses are not having a content marketing plan/strategy. That means that a majority of business owners are building content without a clear strategy behind. If you do not have a clear focused content marketing plan you are in dangerous territory because you are very likely in the risk of creating content that is not on par with your brands business values. Creating a solid plan/strategy is a clear necessity.

2. Authentic Content Creation
Authentic content what drives customers from search engines to your webpage where you can convert these leads to sales. But the content has to be relevant, original, and useful to your customer. Do not copy content and publish it as yours. Key decision-makers are more and more avoiding clickbait, those tricky approaches are only a cheap way to get ahead of the competition but only for a short period of time as search engine algorithms are getting better by the day - SEO techniques that work today may get you a bad ranking with the next Google Update.
On the other hand authentic content will look better in your audience’s eyes by valuing their time, needs and requests.

3. Voice Control and Voice-navigated Search
The number of voice searches make up 50% of all mobile queries and the numbers are rising. What does that mean for content marketing? For the future content will shift to how we speak and adapt to natural language searchings. With the latest updated installed to Googles Search engine called BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) that makes it more easier for Google to find better search results for natural language questions. ArtikelSchreiber uses the same technology for processing thousands of new articles per month - so it is very powerful. Overall content marketing will shift to speech more than formal writing. Content must be optimized for answering questions that readers are searching for.
The Questions and anwsering format of Google ("cards") based on their knowledge graph will become even more popular. Every Webpage can profit by using a mark-up with the following example from Google itself

4. Interactive Elements in your content plan
How are people are more interacting with your webpage content? Keep it interactive! Use gamification, quizzes and user-generated content. The advantages of interactive, digital articles include positive brand experience, personalization, higher social engagement, and higher conversion. So higher conversions mean higher revenue.

5. Automated Content Analysis
Forbes found out that artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest game-changers of content marketing as it provides insights about the audience, their interests and perceptions. With that knowledge you can create more powerful targeted content for your audience. Automated content analysis sourcing trillions of data points on the open web plattform AI can analyze your multimedia content based on your brands/company's goals. These data points are generated by billions of people every day so this can help drive your market research.
You can use AI to quantify which words are best in the title and in your articles, this improves your articles. Automated AI analysis is also for longer bodies of text.

6. Content Marketing Strategy Powered by AI
Google is using machine learning and artificial intelligence by their Knowledge Graph for determining rankings? Google is capable of using AI to supply their customers with the search results that match the web users needs at most. They make sure their audience can easily find the content that they are looking for. This means that user experience is part of the success of Google - if you focus on creating experiences for your users by including meta description, keywords, layout, and call to action buttons in a way your customers needs and intentions are then Google is very likely to drive more traffic to your webpages.
If you are creating long-form content, why not try to create shorter formats for social media? If you are using Twitter and Facebook, try to publish video content on YouTube and profit from the 5 billion videos that are viewed there daily.

Summary: Identify Content Marketing Trends and focus your work on these objectives: These are some trends to define 2020 and the future years. Content marketers should try new things and if they work optimze them - to see if they work. Some trends will be a necessity like setting up a content marketing strategy/plan - so just start today!

  -  AI is needed for SEO Success in business 2020!

Highlights of this article text (powered by Article Generator
  1. AI is needed for SEO Success in business 2020!
  2. Artificial Intelligence and the influence and impact on SEO
  3. AI’s Impact on Content Strategy
  4. AI & the World of Personal Emotions
  5. Search Engines & modern software algorithms: Machine Learning
  6. The Emergence of Smarter Content Tools
  7. What the Future Holds

1. AI is needed for SEO Success in business 2020!
Artificial intelligence (AI) is has a main impact in digital marketing and is one of the biggest trends in marketing today.
Years ago AI was associated with Mathematics, statistics and complex maths modells. When we think about AI from yesterdays perspective we see robots, machinery, and complex sciences. It felt weird and abstract. Something we know from future movies nothing that affects us today. But now in 2020 years have passed by and AI has become a familiar term. Examples for AI in powerful life are self-check-out at the grocery store, automatic book recommendations from Book resellers in digital marketing and SEO or supporting our research against the CORONA virus in pharmaceutical research.

2. Artificial Intelligence and the influence and impact on SEO
AI – specifically machine learning – is an important component in today's search engine business. Understand AI is cruicial when optimizing for search and rankings. Search Engines like Google or Microsoft Bing, Yandey or Baidoo have become better in understanding search engine spam like keyword stuffing, irrelevant backlinks, and low quality content made for machines instead of creating valuable content for users. But today its quite more important for SEOs to keep the rules to be successful in the SEO and SEM Business as AI gives greater opportunity to enhance your page rankings, better your strategies or create better content for your users.

3. AI’s Impact on Content Strategy
The new technology called AI - or: machine learning - creates more target points to reach your audience and it supports your efforts to build an effective strategy. But with machine learning applied to SEO the key ingredient to success lies in the data that your machine learning algorithms can process. Collecting data for AI to generate customer insights can lead to overall SEO success. A good example of this is KIA Motors, the car company that partnered with Influential, an influencer marketplace where companies can hire influencers for their needs.
Summary: AI can help you to find the right data to create your content strategy and get the best channels to publish your ads on like KIA Motors did with an influencer marketplace.

4. AI & the World of Personal Emotions
Getting a customers attention than personalizing their messaging - if you target your audience in their known language and intellect combined with emotional targeting you can turn them into sales. Create content as a company that takes care of your customer individual needs and concerns. Hyper Personalization is crucial not only for SEO but also for customer success. With such a personalized strategy you can exceed revenue goals. Understanding your customers intent will enable your digital business to increase your profit by two digit percentage - so personalization is essential to customer success. The best way to implement personalization is to use AI based tools like Huggingface transfomers and other automation-based marketing methods.
How to archive this? Starbucks is a company that uses loyalty cards and mobile app to collect customer data to provide personal recommendations to their customers. With over 270 million transactions per month Starbucks informs their customers about new products, product recommendations and new store locations.
Another example is Alibaba, the online marketplace, that offer cloud based services in the field of Natural Language Processing and machine learning. Alibaba uses customer data to make product recommendations and create interessting storefronts for their marketplace. Consumers want companies to pay attention to what they do online to optimize their shopping process.
Specifically, regarding content, AI can allow you to provide to lead to SEO success:
  • Special landing pages
  • Dynamic content
  • Unique user experiences based on consumer data and behaviors

5. Search Engines & modern software algorithms: Machine Learning
Search businesses like Google rely on modern search engines based on modern technology like: natural language processing, knowledge graphs, transformers or scalable software solutions like kubernetes. Over the years the search engines have become smarter and took more and more influence on a pages ranking. SEO specialists have to take part in self education to stay on top of the knowledge field as Google steadily improves their ranking alorithms. Ten years ago the PageRank of a page was its most influential component but times have changed - Google is now smart to understand that a simple article translated from english to french and then published is still dublicate content.
In 2020 it is estimated that 50% of all searches made will be voice-based. Google has improved the Google Assistant to better understand human based conversation.
To keep track with the search engine algorithms and bots SEO marketers have deployed tools and tactics to be on top with the search engines: AI based tools like MOZ, YOAST can help with keyword usage, optimize sentence formation, better organize content and even monitor the structure of the page for better accessibility. If you are building a page these AI enhanced tools can remind you to keep a optimized structure, keep images with captions to better organize your content.
Takeaway: Search engines are getting smarter and smarter to better filter what customer are looking for. Using special optimized tools that help you satisfy consumer needs within your content is important.

6. The Emergence of Smarter Content Tools
More intelligent content tools have arose from the merger of AI and SEO / SEM. Many tools today are AI enhanced to help marketers to improve their SEO Performance.
Just to give an example: BuzzSumo and HubSpot monitor social media plattforms like XING, LinkedIN or Facebook for your companies social mentions and notify you if your have been mentioned on the social plattforms. Artificial intelligence is now a substantial component of digital marketing. Article search engine tools Like use deep learning in the field of natural language processing (transformers, Word2Vec, Glove, BERT) to get you the best articles for your search request. Data collection, content writing and everything in between is powered by AI/deep learning/machine learning. Technology companies have realized this fact help you to better reach audiences with sophisticated tools.

7. What the Future Holds
Search engines will continue to evolve: in 2020 voice-based search is taking over so help your content to enrich it with voice structured & markup data. Consumer tastes change and customers drive the power of search so Google will have to meet their customers needs. Marketers must be compliant with search engines to reach their customers to generate sales from leads. In this field marketers, writers, and content strategists will be a requested field of profession in the future. Search engines are using AI to fit consumer needs. This means marketers should also use the power of AI to meet these requirements to get good ranking positions.
This made Email Marketing, Pay per Click (PPC), blogging, data analysis and data tracking, social media marketing can be seen through the SEO opjective. Overall strategies involving automation, machine learning/deep learning, and AI can be deployed to ensure that each component of digital marketing helps to improve page rankings - and page ranking equals user interaction with your business channels where you can turn potential customers into sales to grow your revenue.

Or you are simply using those free article creator or unique article generator (called: article generator) services with programming api that is providing for you - at no costs.

  -  The trends of the content marketing in 2020 to watch out for

ARTICLE GENERATOR FREE - 6 Essential marketing trends to look out for in 2020: Voice search, Chatbots & Article Writer

CONTENT MARKETING TRENDS - 6 trends to keep in mind when building your audience.

Highlights of this article text:
  1. Trend 1: customer experience brings fresh leads and sales
  2. Trend 2: Personalisation of information, services, products and marketing
  3. Trend 3: AI-controlled automation through computer software algorithms
  4. Trend 4: Voice search powered by enhanced AI
  5. Trend 5: Content marketing enhanced with voice search structured data
  6. Trend 6: Article Generator to support Content marketing

1. Trend 1: customer experience brings fresh leads and sales
Customer experience (CX) is a word that everyone in marketing speaks about at this time. This wont change much in this year, as customers bring in the money for a company. This is why marketeers start focusing even more on customer experience right now and still want to increase that level. More content on the internet gives customers the opportunity to read, understand and decide on where to put their paychecks at. Customers dont wait till your company tells them about a product or service, no customers doing their own research while they are online. They choose products or services based on their own experience or based on word to mouth talkings with friends and family.
Here are some key factors that show some great customer experiences:

  1. Convenience: an easy to navigate webpage with easy payment options, helpful support options like live chat and great mobile experience (so you do not need an iOS or Android app at the beginning)
  2. A friendly, fast and helpful service agent at hand: today customers don’t want to wait long to get to know that they are asking for in questions.
  3. Personalization: understand your customer, that they are individuell and also address to them in person and on a personal level.

2. Trend 2: Personalisation of information, services, products and marketing
One of the great new trends in 2020 in marketing will be the so called personalized marketing because normal, generic ads are not more efficient to potential customers. They feel that they do not have a real connection to these generic ads and they tune them out. Personalized ads are the new Google Ads in 2020. New technologies, such as AI, data mining or natural language processing help to collect data and gain insights from social media or social trends. With these kind of brand new information advertising becomes more attractive to new customers.

3. Trend 3: AI-controlled automation through computer software algorithms
AI is a trend not only when it comes to personalized ads. With the help of big data enhanced by modern AI algorithms companies learn more about their customers. The more you know about your audience the more exactly you can target your customers with personalized ads. Another important technologie beside personalized AI marketing is a major technology called smart assistants like chatbots that can be controlled by voice search and smart assistants like Amazon Alex can be enchanced with programmable skills. Adding this to your portfolio can enhance your step towards a more comprehensive and better customer experience. This is also made available through modern AI algorithms.
With chatbots (also integrated to plattforms like Facebook) you can use thes innovative services to help improve your company’s customer experience and help drive more leads to sales. Over the last years more and more businesses have rolled out AI-powered technology and automation to drive marketing efforts to new heights. This will increase significantly in 2020 as businesses use AI for voice search, smart assistants and chatbots.
More and more Website backends will be driven by AI because that is a great tool to assist marketeers so that it takes workload off of them so that these marketing people can focus more time on the marketing strategy and this leads to more leads and sales. Also new companies like will use natural language processing technologies to target each individual in its own language and intellectual speech profil. If people understand your marketing message in their own intellectual capabilities then they will likley accept your offer.

4. Trend 4: Voice search powered by enhanced AI
Voice search is one of the great tools that AI-powered software makes possible to human mankind these days. Currently about 23% of all online searches are driven by voice. Statistics say that this will rise to about 50% in the year 2021. Thats a big increase so that for your companies future you should have in mind. Also check out the new structured data for voice search on - Voice Structured data. Voice search is a tools powered by AI. So great content should support structured data for speakable markup (JSON-LD, Microdata). Potential customers use for voice search different keywords than they would for a normal text based search query and that is a chance to generate new long tail keywords that can drive new prospects to your product or services via search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing or Yandex/Baidu. Customers use voice search with longer, more conversational queries. Being voice search ready that can help your content to answer questions from potential customers might lead you to a featured snipped or position zero on Google search engine.

5. Trend 5: Content marketing enhanced with voice search structured data
Content drives sales. Content is king. We all know these quotes and that will not change in 2020 and beyond. Only be creating high-quality content that is unique and answers questions from people will help you drive traffic to your channels and enhance customers experience. Your marketing strategy should focus on building a brand and to create an authority. High-quality content drives you to the first page of search engines. SEO will still be an factor but summing up you will need voice enabled markup, high-quality content, have a great customer support will low response times also through chatbots and an easy to navigate website structure will boost your customer experience. This will turn visiting prospects into your sales funnel and turn leads into sales.

6. Trend 6: Free Article Generator to support Content marketing
A data driven approach to create new ideas for blog posts is another good example for creating marketing content with the help of modern days AI and data driven tools like ARTIKELSCHREIBER.COM. These so called article generator are often free tools (called: "text generator") that can help you to generate ideas and insights for fresh new content. These blog generators are often available for free or paid and they generate highly optimized SEO texts ("seo text generator") but some are also capable to create full content - that are text articles enhanced with videos, pictures, downloadable links (text, pdf) and they will add structured metadata in JSON-LD to get the unique content SEO optimized in the best way (called: "content generator"). Highley optimized article texts are a huge help at gaining customers interactions. If you want manuell inspiration for new blog and content text ideas please use this bucket list:
  • Amazon’s book previews: Look at the chapter titles to get to know what people are reading and talking about
  • Google Trends: Use the explore option for your inspirational needs
  • Look for variations of your topic areas in hashtag form
  • Conference agendas: Look at the titles of keynote speeches and workshops
  • Google’s "searches related to": Located at the bottom of each search page

Or you are simply using those free article creator or unique article generator (called: "content generator") services with programming api that ARTIKELSCHREIBER.COM/en/ is providing for you.

  -  The Features of the Article Generation Software

Features of the automatic article creation software
ARTICLE GENERATOR - create fresh, unique & individual content that is plagiarism free and has no duplications.
ARTICLE WRITER - 2 clicks and your free text article is ready within a few minutes.

  1. Introduction: Create texts at the click of a button
  2. Advantages of the free Article Writer Software
  3. Article Tool of the free Article Writer Software

1. Introduction: Create texts at the click of a button
Article Generator is an AI based software that can generate automatic article content on any input topics - mainkey word (topic of your individual text), sub keyword (nuance of the text). If you need your articles for school report, university essays, website contents, blogs posts or work related writings is your software of choice that is creating astonishing articles and fresh content for you. is highly configurable and is capable of making plagiarism and duplication free text that passes Copyscape detection with minimal human input and offers a highly flexible Software API.

2. Advantages of the free Article Writer Software
Use the following features of the free article writer to create your texts:
  • Based on your input keywords the software generates article and creates fresh content
  • Integrating different content sources with algorithmic calculation of the best & most original text content based on modern natural language processing software
  • We create unique articles based on your input preferences
  • Content rewriting and text spinning feature to create individual and unique articles
  • Optimizing your article to be free from plagiarism & duplication
  • Adding images, videos, JSON-LD markup, reference links, word cloud and text summary to your new text for you to copy & paste (with downloads available)
  • Generate unlimited articles where every article text is fresh, clean & unique
  • It was free, it is free and will always be 100% free for you

3. Article Tool of the free Article Writer Software
Do you want to generate articles with a single click only? That is the dream of every online marketer that wants to monetize their websites, blogs or premium content to get unique quality articles without hiring any professional personal writer and spending many hours on self writing or buying content on content creation plattforms where you have to pay human authors! creates sophisticated and search engine optimized texts, product descriptions that can be used for product shops, bloging posts or just to support your research for school or university.

You dont need to spend hours writing a quality content and then check for spelling or grammatical mistakes - our intelligent software based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing will keep you covered with that. We offer an Article Generator Tool, that produces best-written search engine friendly article in less than 5 minutes enriched with images, videos, reference links and corresponding word tag cloud supported by JSON-LD Markup for most search engine friendliness! Select the article topic with your input keywords and then press the generate button. It creates a unique piece of article text on the website below that can be copied or downloaded by you for free.

Your Article Generator Tool of choice will always be 100% free and requires no downloading or signup. It works smoothly in all browsers and can provide hundreds of versions of article texts in no time.

  -  Tools and Software for content marketing

We are talking about tools and software for content marketing.
This free text article is about:
  1. Introduction: Content marketing is king!
  2. Top 3 Content Marketing Tools Using AI and Machine Learning
  3. AI: the Future of Content Marketing?

1. Introduction:
Content Marketing is not an easy job - you will need writing skills, seo knowledge and stategic planing. If you are capable of synthesizing complex ideas into interesting posts you have a significant advantage in the field of content generating. Because of these challenges marketers use artificial intelligence (AI) powered content marketing tools to support their writing skills and help drive more output capacity. Companies providing those tools do not use billion dollar supercomputers no, they use modern machine learning algorithms enriched with smart training data to perform task that do not require human input. Some people or authors worry whether Artificial Intelligence will make their content marketers jobs obsolete but at the current level AI offers a lot of help and support to SEO marketers to make good posts perfect and to drive more clicks through sophisticated SEO-optimization.

Content marketing is king, it is not easy and requires writing abilities, strategic planing and seo insights. Building complex facts into converting posts is a challenge that more and more marketing companies use special tools for - artificial intelligence powered tools powered by state of the art deep learning and natural language processing algorithms. These important scientific and mathematics based tools can create content without requiring human beings constantly checking and inputing feedback and data to these tools because they work nearly on their own.

People are asking questions and wonder if these AI-powered content marketing tools will make them obsolete but at the current level these machine based tools only support content marketers for example with SEO optimization. When used AI-powered content marketing tools can push a post from good to great to read for people.

2. Top 3 Content Marketing Tools Using AI and Machine Learning
Some of these tools help you optimize your SEO efforts, others improve grammers or create fresh articles - these top AI-powered tools support today's content marketers.

Grammarly checks your grammar and spelling in real-time, offering helpful suggestions on the fly and is supported in tools like Asana, GSuite, Salesforce, Slack, MS Office® Plug-in, Google Docs, JIRA, Medium or Facebook. Correct grammar is essential for good rankings in Search Engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, Yandex or Baidoo. If your content contains writing or spelling errors they will very likely not rank for top keyword positions. Free and non-paid alternatives are languagetool on Github.

Clearscope is a SEO content optimization tool based on automatic and sophisticated keyword research. You put in a keyword and their service researches the best data points for keywords and key phrases in Googles top positions. Their software AI runs analysis, calculations and pulls useful keyword data from Google to get you top ranking SEO keywords for search engines. So you can enrich your blog articles or text content with these top ranking keyphrases to gain good ranking positions in Google Search.

Yoast is mainly known as WordPress plugin and has a free and a paid version. They use AI-powered tools to improve Schema enriched structured data in realtime so that their customers have chances to archive high ranking positions in SERPs like Google, Baidoo or Bing. Their plugin helps your WordPress blog to rank better by providing feedback to the article text that you are writing with the help of TF-IDF analysis or pulling data from Word embeddings (find words that are semantically close to your input words) or thought vectors (word embeddings to work with whole parts of sentences).

3. AI: the Future of Content Marketing?
In the early beginning of 2019, the AI research group OpenAI released a software package called "GPT2" based on the new transformers technology. They have released source code and models so that data scientists, IT students or NLP researchers can study and advance in Natural Language Text Generation as its software showed human like text processing and creating capabilities or even content marketers alike skills. GPT2 writes free text in convincingly human language and this caused a major disruption especially amongst content marketers. You can find more information about GPT2 here:

But: AI Software will not takeover (completely) content marketing anytime soon as current AI-driven tools like GPT2 are good at generating text content based on specific input parameters like length, randomness, initial seed but the software only can generate from what data it was trained on so its very unlikely to be creative in creating band new texts. And that is the key advantage of human content marketers as copying is nice but creativity plus thought-provoking, meaningful & helpful articles will always be superior and will bring in the sales leads.

Summing up today's AI-powered content marketing tools will help and support humans in creating cool texts, campaings or marketing ads but they will have to develop further to fully overtake the work of human writers. Maybe in 10 to 20 years we will see machines writing poems, books or opera art that people cannot distinguish between machine or not.

  -  Introduction to software based AI Article writing

  1. Introduction: What is an AI Text content generator?
  2. Automatic content generation software and easy to use tools
  3. How do content tools create "unique" content?
  4. Can automated content generation be useful for human readers and offer them added value?
  5. What are the positive benefits of using an advanced content generator?

1. Introduction: What is an AI Text content generator?
AI content generator

Creating content for websites, blogs, product shops (eg used for link building) takes a lot of precious time. If after a long time of investing in fresh content and an human text author your content was not indexed by search crawlers like google or bing so that this could be considered wasted effort. uses AI and Natural Language Processing (short for NLP) to help you write content faster.

We use computer resources, sophisticated software algorithms in the field of deep learning - so from computer generated content to article texts that are mainly written by humans it was a big step - but now human authors can write free text assisted by a computer AI.

AI Content generators take existing text articles, rewrite and shuffle them to generate unique and individual content. Content can come from different of sources including Wikipedia, answers from questions, social media websites, forums, blogs or websites like the Common Crawl Project. Keyword tools can process and evaluate content that can be used as a reference to create new texts for your article creation request. is a great way of finding relevant content with fitting keywords to add to your article blog or product website.

2. Automatic content generation software and easy to use tools
AI content tools

A content generator tool is an advanced software written in programming languages like PHP, PERL, PYTHON or GO that let you type in your main keyword (topic of article) or sub keyword phrase (nuance of the text) into a google like search bar and will create new articles based on their internal research functions. For example: The tool will visit article directories like Common Crawl using your keyword to download relevant content, calculate internal scorings for best & most suitable results, shuffeling article content, adding images, videos, backlinks and JSON-LD Markup language for best SEO results of your internal article. Scraping existing content is one part of the process, multiple text sources will then be incorporate using a HTML5 and CSS3 web template. will insert links, images, videos, backlinks, seo optimized keywords as word cloud or your own custom media elements such as product descriptions or dimensions into pre-downloaded text content increase its uniqueness.

If you have targeted SEO traffic to your website you can use an auto content text generator tool to help you to create interesting and professional content or rewrite your existing articles to fresh them up and get your blog a new SEO traffic push. Your content could be a blog or also an extremely interactive graphic or video post enabled with audio processing capabilities. It can also help you to create backlink for your website and support you with your link building efforts.

Great images are absolutely aria-required for your existing content and your future text creations. Value added by integrating informative images to your articles so that it enables social networks to get your article shared by people, which then will traffic from search engines and social media too. Integrations with modern keyword suggestion tools and help you produce quality content faster and with more content pushed out into your marketing channels you can earn more money as more traffic can lead to more sales. That’s the primary goal for many marketeers and people that want to generate multiple income streams.

3. How do content tools create "unique" content?
AI tools use content spinning

Search engines like Yandex, Bing or Yahoo index words on a page but modern software companies like Google have developed Software (Transformers, BERT, RoBERTa) that can understand the meaning of words, their surroundings and even their context when a search query is pushed to Google's servers. So you need to post a lot of human readable and quality content to your website profit from traffic referrals through modern search engines. Using an online content generator like will give you a quasi-unique article as the content. The secret sauce of how this tools works to make the text individual with the help of automatic software is to use an article re-writer or so called text spinning using spintax. It finds words in an article and replaces with different level of best fitting synonyms (using a thesaurus and deep learning processing). We apply grammar and word choice detection,too to get very unique versions of the article if you run it through a plagiarism or duplication checker.

4. Can automated content generation be useful for human readers and offer them added value?
Text tools use Natural language processing capabilities enriched with modern deep learning and language tools

Automated content generation can be used by a real human to to compile very high quality texts that reads just like one written by a professional human author. To fully automate this you can use the AI software API with the help of the free web interface.

The success of content automation depends on how the internal software algorithms process the new articles that were just built with the help of Natural language processing tools like Gensim, SpacyIO or scikit-learn and how they were published to social media channels, engaged and shared by your target users of these media services. High conversion rate of your generated article text can be archived by adding keyword suggestion tool APIs and integration embed structured data in best case as JSON-LD version for better processing through search engines. With this structured data points you can help your freshly generated content to be shown as premium rich snippets in modern search engines. Having your content automatically generated results in you to get work done faster, so that you can test thousands of target keywords quickly, getting them ranked on Google to generate traffic and start to sell high quality products online.

5. What are the positive benefits of using an advanced content generator?
Create multiple versions of content with different high value SEO keywords for advanced traffic generation

Content generator can help to suggest you topics by generating highly spun content from research topics that are completely unique and easy to understand for human readers. You can also use to create content for a target audience of readers, eg. teenagers, managers, parents, pensioners, academics or students/pupils. However our content generator can be highly addictive and you can easily spend hours of generating titles, text and article content for your next to start blog or website. It helps so that you can have your work done easily because it will save you time with creating ideas for new content.

  -   Create SEO articles by hand? That costs time: it also works automatically! is known from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (

If you just want to have a free SEO article written, e.g. for storytelling or content marketing, you can also use the free AI or KI writer! #ArticleWriter #ArticleWriter #TextGenerator - the site also offers a free API interface With great content you can increase your click rates and time spent on your website and earn more through advertising, e.g. Google Adwords. Build up an additional income - use the free
  • A copywriter takes about 3 hours to write an article
  • Free AI writes your article in only: 75 seconds

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