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100 Types of Content: The Definitive Guide for Marketers

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  • For example, Ryan Holiday’s Growth Hacker expands his book audience to include listeners by adding an Audible audiobook.
  • Behind the scenery Team building, project progress, and culture are all great places to start for behind the scenes content.
  • Social Creators (an education company focused on storytelling) immediately boost their credibility and show expertise with a single high-quality image.

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Content is power. It comes in countless forms, and each of those forms can be pivoted into countless permutations. Think your about page has to be text? Think again. The world of media is at your fingertips: video, images, audio, and even GIFs. Advertisement Continue Reading BelowThey’re each engaging on their own, but, use them in combination and you’ll be making powerhouse content. You can also get a ton of mileage out of a single piece of content by repurposing it. A how-to blog is not just a blog – it’s the script for an explainer video, or a shareable infographic, or the base of an e-book. Each form reaches a different set of eyes and expands your network. usable to demonstrate senior ? Check out these 100 Types of content to dive into getting the most mileage out of your content. 1. About Your “ about us” content is some of the strongest content you can create for your brand. Advertisement Continue Reading BelowIt positions you or your company as a market leader, earns trust, and builds a human connection – if it’s done well. Here’s how we do it: In three sentences, we outline our team’s mission, a snippet of our history, and how we serve our audience authority content. advertising keep Reading Below 2. App Great apps don’t often start from scratch. Just admire at Gabriel Wyner, who pivoted his best-selling textbook “ Fluent Forever” into a language-learning app. 3. Audiobook Reach your audience on the go by adding an audio-component to an existing e-book. For example, Ryan Holiday’s Growth Hacker expands his book audience to include listeners by adding an Audible audiobook. Audible’s easy self-production publisher platform, ACX, makes this accessible for everyone. 4. Augmented Reality Want to make your brand part of everyday life? Pokemon Go is an fantastic example: they caught the casual mobile gaming network, reaching a whole new set of fans. 5. Awards Awards are great for eliciting a response from professionals – and also generating content. Advertisement Continue Reading BelowLook no further than the U.S. Search Awards. Every year, they hand out awards to top SEO and marketing professionals. 6. Behind the scenery Team building, project progress, and culture are all great places to start for behind the scenes content. Facebook shows off their behind-the-scenes London engineering office with this exclusive look. 7. Blog Post Think of your blog as the hub for all of your wide-reaching content. Our strategy at Search Engine Journal: frequent, high-quality posts to maximize traffic growth. 8. movie / ComicNeed a laugh? Marketoonist shows us how it’s done: avoid tone-deaf marketing, keep it simple, and put out new cartoons frequently. 9. Case StudyThink a case study has to be a dry, visually boring pdf to be professional? advertising keep Reading Below Hubspot begs to differ: they engage with statistics, images, testimonials and more. 10. Calendar Great if your brand deals in local events and conferences. Check out Amelia to build your own events calendar. 11. Cause Causes take a brand from interesting to admirable. Axe uses purpose-driven content to confront an issue and re-orient toward a human focus. 12. Certification Program Up-level your authority by creating an online course or certification program. Moz Academy provides polished, straightforward information about exactly what you can expect to learn. 13. Challenge Challenges can be used to mobilize your audience. Just look at NaNoWriMo, a nonprofit that hosts an annual novel-writing challenge. Their dedicated community stays engaged all year long. advertising keep Reading Below 14. Cheat SheetWhat does a successful cheat sheet look like? dealings Insider Group knows: they preach beginners how to format a killer blog in a particular image and thirteen words. 15. Checklist What better to exemplify a checklist than a checklist for writing checklists? Create an objective-focused, breakdown with simple points, and consistent formatting. 16. Clickbait Bad clickbait is all surface-level, but you can use the same tactics for high-quality content. Search Engine Journal does this by using the listicle format, emotional words, and bringing unique value to the conversation. 17. Co-branded When two brands partner to form a new product or service, that’s co-branding. A great example of this is PayPal and Honey, a match which magnifies the goal of maximizing your money. Advertisement Continue Reading Below18. Collaborative / Co-created ContentCollaborative content dramatically expands your audience with each contributor you add. The bonus: guest posts, interviews, and contributor quotes add a ton of value to your content. 19. Company CultureYou can reveal a lot about company culture in just the form you present it. Here’s how: Scribe Writing’s amazing culture bible is a publicly editable Google Doc. 20. Comparison This excerpt is important for outlining: Pros and consYour product vs anotherFeatures available at different price pointsYour ideal customer’s journey to conversionAdvertisement Continue Reading BelowWhatever your aim, be bold, but bottle up your bias. carry development Marketing Pro, for example: a quick-to-digest graphic highlights their rating, audience, and cost. 21. text Library / Resource Center If you’re reading this, it’s likely you found our resource library. It’s chock-full of ebooks, the history of Google algorithm updates, podcasts, and webinars. 22. Contest A contest is a great way to attract new followers and boost engagement from your loyal audience. advertising move Reading Below Take Upwork: they asked for success stories in exchange for a chance to win $ 1,000. 23. Course The world of digital marketing never sleeps, and that means your followers are constantly looking for ways to level up their skills. Social Creators (an education company focused on storytelling) immediately boost their credibility and show expertise with a single high-quality image. 24. Curated text famous for link-building and widening your audience, curated content comes in three main forms: your content, content from around the web, or a mix of both. Check out Brain Pickings for curated content with a unified focus. 25. Data: Analysis initial data is valuable. initial data + analysis? Priceless. WordStream has done this incredibly well over the years. Advertisement Continue Reading BelowFor example, WordStream looked at how COVID-19 impacted Google Ads results in 21 industries – and also provided actionable tips on how to minimize the impact. 26. Data: JournalismPut simply, data journalism is storytelling using data. FiveThirtyEight are kings of data journalism, especially when it comes to politicsCheck out their The Atlas of Redistricting – which used data to draw up alternative congressional maps to encourage more competitive elections. 27. Data: Visualization Visual content is addictively readable.
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100 Types of Content: The Definitive Guide for Marketers

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