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    Highway Signals - Wholesale Traffic Safety Barriers and Signs

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    Steel ✓ Barriers ✓ Reflective ✓ Highway ✓ Parking ✓ Safety ✓ Panel ✓ Channelizer ✓ Jersey ✓ Construction ✓ Forces ✓ Delineator


    • Commonly found on traffic construction sites, they can be outfitted with flashing, reflective lights for increased visibility at night.
    • Signals stocks all the most requested barriers from the most trusted manufacturers and offers them at bulk wholesale prices.
    • Contact a product specialist today to discover the Blockader Crowd Control Barrier difference!

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    Read More About Type II Barriers Type II Barricade standards according to the MUTCD TYPE III BARRICADES Type III Barricades are the largest traffic barricades that meet MUTCD standards. They have three boards in various sizes that can be covered with sheeting or signage. Options for lighting are also available for added More About Type III Barricades Type III Barricade Standards According to MUTCD Standards TRAFFIC CONES WITH REFLECTIVE COLLARS Orange Traffic Cones have been a staple of traffic safety for decades. Over time, the production process has evolved and improved. One of these advancements is reflective collars for increased visibility. Read More About Traffic Cones COLORFUL TRAFFIC SPORT CONES Colorful, eye-catching sport cones may be used for a variety of purposes! Black cones can be used to signal dead ends, yellow cones can warn of wet floor hazards, pink cones can be used in breast cancer relay races, etc. The possibilities are endless! Get creative with 18'' Sport Cones today! Read More About Sport Cones SPORT CONE STOCK COLORS: SAFETY ORANGEFIRE TRUCK REDWHITESAFETY YELLOW OCEAN BLUEFOREST GREENFLUORESCENT LIME FLUORESCENT ORANGEBLACKFLUORESCENT PINK ORANGE CHANNELIZER CONES ChannelizerCones are often used on residential road construction sites. They normally have at least one reflective collar and can be outfitted with a heavy rubber base for added stability. Channelizer Posts may be used in conjunction with Yellow Caution Tape to Section Off Areas COLORFUL DELINEATOR POSTS Colorful Delineator Posts are available in five stock colors (Red, Yellow, Forest Green, Blue, and White) and are commonly used in areas such as parking lots and residential areas. The EZ Grab delineator post has a carrying handle for simple transportation and setup. Read More About Colorful Delineator Posts EZ Grab Delineator Posts with Square Rubber Bases for Added Stability CHANNELIZER TRAFFIC DRUMS AND BARRELS Channelizer Drums (Orange Traffic Barrels) are thick plastic drums, often filled with water. Commonly found on traffic construction sites, they can be outfitted with flashing, reflective lights for increased visibility at night. Orange Channelizer Barrels are commonly placed on heavy rubber tire-rings for added stability and include bands of reflective sheeting to meet MUTCD More About Channelizer Drums and Barrels Channelizer Drums on a Highway A-Frame Construction Barricades A-Frame Barricades or Saw Horse Barriers are a common construction site safety barricades. They are usually assembled with two A-Frame Pieces and either one or two I-Beams connecting the two A-Frames in the middle. These I-Beams are typically outfitted with reflective sheeting for increased visibility. Read More About A-Frame Barricades A-Frame Barricades Are Available in Several Different Sizes VERTICAL PANEL BARRIERS Vertical Panel Barriers are a great way to create a visual barrier separating the traffic from an active work zone. These barriers are often outfitted with heavy rubber bases for added stability, reflective sheeting, and reflective lights for increased visibility. Standard Plastic Jersey Barriers Water Filled Plastic Jersey Barriers are the premier barricade for Highway and construction site safety. Select from several molds and models to achieve the ideal water fillable barrier for your application. HighwaySignals stocks all the most requested barriers from the most trusted manufacturers and offers them at bulk wholesale prices. Speak to a product specialist today! Learn More About Standard Jersey Barriers Plastic Jersey Barriers Securing a Highway Construction Zone BLOCKADER(r) STEEL BARRIERS Classic Heavy Duty Steel Barrier Standard Lightweight Steel Barrier Barrier Jackets for Steel Barriers Blockader Steel Barricades or Steel Crowd Control Barricades have been the standard in bike rack barricade crowd control for over thirty years. The Blockader brand name is synonymous with durability, high quality, and reliability. Contact a product specialist today to discover the Blockader Crowd Control Barrier difference!
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    Highway Signals - Wholesale Traffic Safety Barriers and Signs
    Source: https://www.hikvision.com/uploads/08eaf28d-2bfc-4f45-bb0c-9c15bcb5193d/170803055800580.png

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