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    Victoza Weight Loss Case Study: 50 Pounds Lost with Victoza + LDN

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    • Furthermore, Ive looked a growing nation of patients who have elevated fasting insulin levels with suboptimal Hgb A1c (although not in the range of type II diabetes) which precludes them from receiving this medication.
    • Thats too ugly supposing that consideration have shown that the combination of metformin + Victoza lead to significant weight loss in patients with PCOS (8) and check aid reduce androgen levels.
    • In my clinical expertise non-diabetic patients with high absorinking insulin levels (but normal Hgb A1cs) and lofty involveding serum leptin story tend to be in the instant responder group.

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    Victoza is a potent length loss medication that ACTUALLY works ... If employed correctly. And I yeing explain what I low by that a small bit later, but first, we need to talk about this case study. During this moment she was capable to kill almost forty pounds ​using my hormone balancing approach with the combination of Victoza + LDN + NDT and other hormones which we will discuss below. You check see ​her email to me below... Before we debate about how to kill this kind of weight when you have hormone imbalances like hypothyroidism or insulin resistance we need to talk about Victoza... advance #1 12/21/16: I am lucky to report that this inpatient is now down another ten pounds over the last month and is now down fifty pounds total thus far. I suspect she urge keep losing and I will bulletin this again once I have some before/ after scene and senior progress to report! This latest begin of density loss occurred without any changes to her treatment plan. You can find more about using the same weight loss program that this patient used by clicking here. More... Victoza Weight Loss Success: Does it Work? For the interest of those who are strange with Victoza allow me give you a brief explanation of what it is. Victoza is a order medication (FDA accepted for type II diabetes - but we fing debate senior about who else can benefit from this medication later) which end the GLP-1 receptor. fix another path the medication helps balance glucagon levels leading to senior stable blood sugar levels. So why do some patients move a appreciable amount of weight while using this medication? In advantage to the effects that it has on glucagon, it is also a potent medication at diminishing leptin levels and reducing insulin resistance. If youve been comparing the advice out on my blog you know that these two hormone imbalances (along with thyroid resistance) kill the large dominance of weight gain and weight loss resistance in MANY patients, especially hypothyroid patients. So naturally as you put these hormone imbalances patients will tend to lose weight... But, and this is a full but ... ONLY if the medicine is taken correctly, in the right dose and if used in conjunction with other hormones and medications. If you are imagining that just getting this medication from your Doctor will help lead to important weight loss, think again. Thats not how it works. Instead, you wish to take a very purposeful treatment which looks at all hormones, nutrients and other conditions which make weight loss almost impossible. So to response the question: Yes, Victoza can help lead to weight loss (this case study is a great example) and there are many studies which show that to be the case (1)... ​But for the best consequence probable (and to move senior than just 5-10 pounds) this case study outlines the BEST approach to take. Download my open Resources: cooking to evade if you have Thyroid Problems: Ive discovered that these ten cooking cause the most problems for thyroid patients. demonstrate which meal you should absolutely be avoiding if you have thyroid disease of any type. DOWNLOAD The comprehensive catalog of Thyroid Lab Tests: This catalog involves optimal ranges, mean ranges, and the complete list of tests you need to diagnose thyroid hypothyroidism correctly ! DOWNLOAD Download more free resources on this page. opinion of Case Study + Labs & More Lets use this inpatient as an example (if you have your labs you are welcome to succeed along). This certain inpatient appeared with the following: record of hypothyroidism which was later diagnosed as Hashimotos thyroiditis - even with this diagnosis she remained symptomatic despite taking thyroid hormone length attain and the inability to lose weight (despite eating very healthful with regular exercise) - she gained a considerable amount of weight AFTER pregnancy Menstrual irregularities and a history of infertility throughout her life (she previously underwent IVF) canceled lap circle surgery - she originally got down to one hundred and eighty after the process but attained back her weight over time And issues with fatigue, insomnia and mood irregularities ​Over moment Ive imagined several patients who fall into similar categories. Most of the moment they perceive like they are a lost cause, like nothing that they do will ever help fix any of their problems and that they are stuck feeling this way forever. Do NOT perceive this way. I am only emphasizing this patients history to show you that even patients who have had gastric bypass (or any of the other complicated thing this patient had) check lose a important quantity of weight and start feeling better. various conventionally recited drug would look at this case and probably send them back for another gastric bypass surgery or revision, but I check almost pledge if it didnt work the first time it most likely wont work the instant time. So what are you guessed to do if you fall into this category? What do you do if you perceive like you are being blown off by your drug or that they are missing something? ​The first step is to take a very close and comprehensive look at hormone levels... ​Comprehensive Lab and Hormone Review I speak this is one of the most crucial steps because its the FIRST and various Doctors dont order all of the tests that you need. assume it or not various PCPs and even endocrinologists dont order hormone levels like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin, leptin, etc. Nowadays endocrinologists focus mostly on hypothyroidism (with T4 medication only) and on type II diabetes. nurse do NOT get recited on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in residency or in medical school so its up to them to learn this information on their personal - and many dont take the initiative or have an interest. With that in mind, fill accurate you get a comprehensive hormonal panel otherwise you wont be able to put the story together to figure out what is going on. Beyond just simply experiment for these hormones you also wish to make accurate that your provider understands the difference between normal and optimal thyroid levels. You check read senior about this edition in regards to the TSH and how it is inaccurate in assessing thyroid status in many patients in this post. Lets watch at the hormone status in this different patient... Properly weighing Insulin and Blood sugar levels​ Since we are talking about Victoza here lets start with insulin levels:​ This inpatient has a 12-hour absinging insulin of nine with a reference range of three to 28. Whats crucial about this count is that in the fixeded state your insulin should be less than 5. Anything active verifies some point of insulin resistance. In a inpatient with length attain (or in any hypothyroid patient) insulin should be aggressively treated . As a hormone insulin signals to the body to store calories as plump (2) (even if those calories are restricted) and to prosper plump cells. Unfortunately, various cure take to order the Hgb A1c which is an estimate of blood sugar in the body - but it falls short in many cases. utilizing fasting (and even postprandial) insulin levels lets you to find insulin resistance early and treat it aggressively. * Note: If you avoid (or dont check for insulin resistance) it fing be VERY exhausting if not impractical to have significant weight loss. ​Properly assessing thyroid function : ​This is another fat one and it is stumbled frequently by both providers and patients. For an in-depth analysis on how to know thyroid labs I recommend you read this post. Lets watch at this patients labs: The first suit you fing notice is a TSH of seven with a reference range of 0.3 to 5.0. Without looking at any other thyroid lab tests I can tell you that hypothyroidism (or poor thyroid hormone) is cooperating to her length gain and her overall situation and she would benefit from thyroid hormone replacement. recognize there is a large change between being normal and optimal when it comes to the thyroid and it will be made more clear by looking at the other lab tests. ​ The next shift you fing notice is that her clear T3 is suboptimal and her Free T4 is at the very low end of the reference range: ​ Her open T3 is 2.3 with a range of 1.7 to 3.7 and her clear T4 is 0.7 with a range of 0.7 to 1.9. Both of these figure are economical designating that the amount of active and available thyroid hormone circulating in her blood is ALSO low. And this is yet another explanation that she should be given thyroid hormone. ​Properly weighing Testosterone levels: The next way is to stop all sex hormones including estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. In this certain patient, her progesterone/ estrogen levels were actually relatively mean but her testosterone was in the very poor end of the reference range: Her clear testosterone recognize this is the testosterone that your mind can actually use) was 0.14 with a book range of 0.06 to 0.98. Her entire testosterone ​was 8.5 with a range of eight to 60. You keep clearly see that while she is technically in range she is at the sole 5% of that book range. ​Low testosterone cooperates to unlucky mood, increased irritability, decreased prostitute drive and inability to build muscle mass in women. Every noblewoman (like every man) fing go through andropause at some point in their life, usually around menopause. In matter of insulin resistance testosterone levels drop down considerable quicker and produce symptoms of andropause at any age. plenty like insulin and thyroid hormone, there is a normal and optimal range. ​Properly assessing inflammation and autoimmunity: staying for inflammation and autoimmunity can be both simple and complex. In the example of hypothyroidism, it is always worth reversing both thyroid antibody tests to make actual the cause of hypothyroidism is not autoimmune thyroiditis. Non-specific inflammatory tag like CPR and ESR keep be used as a general assessment of inflammation in the body which can then prompt further investigation if necessary. In this inpatient her TPO antibodies were quite high: ​ She did have a record of Hashimotos so this wasnt necessarily a surprise, but it does change the management and treatment so it is very useful to know. While the gross antibody level is not necessarily critical her value was one thousand, three hundred and seventeen with a reference range of less than 6. ​ Couple that with her non-specific elevation of ESR and we have a scenario where she might have active autoimmunity. You check see her ESR is twenty-eight with a relation range of 0-20. The lofty the ESR the elder inflammation present. ​So lets review what we are handling with: Insulin resistance as evidenced by a true fasting insulin Hypothyroidism (with an autoimmune component) as evidenced by her thyroid lab tests economical testosterone as evidenced by her testosterone story Autoimmunity and inflammation as evidenced by her elevated ESR and TPO antibodies ​So how do all of these aberration strong together? ​As Ive speakingn/sowed before all of these aberration are connected and just treating one wont necessarily bring balance to the complete system. pass me give you an example: Insulin resistance check lead to poor testosterone levels (3). Hypothyroidism check lead to reduced insulin sensitivity (4) . Inflammation check lead to decreased thyroid hormone conversion (5). Autoimmunity check worsen thyroid function (6). economical testosterone, insulin resistance, and hypothyroidism all provide a metabolic condition that leads to weight gain and weight loss resistance. The response isnt to go after just one of these, but instead to go after ALL of them. What does this kind of cure plan watch like? ​Below Ive equated the consideration above with the treatment that this certain patient received : There are a infrequent bread that I wish to point out: 1. imagine that each and every careful is unusual so what worked for this patient may not work for you (even if you have similar lab values). 2. ​In law to get the results like this careful did you wish to address ALL of your problems (I wasnt able to go over her entire treatment plan in this post so some things have been left out). 3. In judgment to get this type of treatment, you wish to make certain you see a provider who focuses on hormones, weight loss, and weight loss resistance. You urge not get this prototype of care from a main care provider or even an endocrinologist. 4. This isnt the only path to get these kinds of results. This medicine may have worked with several types of thyroid hormone, GLP-1 agonists, etc. Use this as a guide to give you an idea if you are even on the right track or if you need to find further help. ​Using Victoza by Itself yeing NOT head to important Weight Loss While Victoza is a helpful medication it wont work by itself and without the addition of other hormones/medications as indicated above. When you are being weighed by a physician or provider make actual you are being tested for these three hormone imbalances: 1. Thyroid resistance (that means you call a ripe thyroid panel ) 2. Insulin resistance stop fasting insulin levels) 3. Leptin friction (​check absinging leptin level) These three consideration are by far the most under-appreciated and under-diagnosed conditions leading to weight loss resistance that I see. How do you stop for these conditions? Ive applied a hormone testing guide for you below, so make certain you are being evaluated with ALL of these tests. * Remember I didnt include all of the labs from this patient only the pertinent labs, but I did test for all of these. ripe thyroid panel: TSH, generous t3, clear t4, revert T3, sex hormone binding globulin, thyroid antibodies ripe hormone panel: Progesterone, estradiol, testosterone clear and total, DHEA Leptin levels: involveding serum leptin story Insulin levels: fasting insulin levels, Hgb A1c and fasting serum glucose Sex hormones: Estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin Adrenal status and hormones: serum cortisol, cortisol binding globulin, DHEA, and sex hormones Nutrients and other markers of nutrient deficiencies: Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron, Ferritin, MCV, homocysteine, folic acid ​If your provider isnt inclined to order these tests then its probably best to discover someone who is not only inclined to order them but who also understands how to interpret them. These analysis urge give you a vast starting point, but they dont necessarily give you an idea about what treatment is necessary. ​ ​Who Else check interest from Using Victoza: employing Victoza off tag ​We brushed on how Victoza works, but lets spend some elder time on it now. Victoza and other GLP-1 agonists work by targeting and reversing insulin and leptin resistance which can accelerate weight loss efforts. But there is one fat problem: The medicine is FDA allowed for the treatment of type II diabetes. That means most providers arent inclined to apply this medication unless you have type II diabetes which is typically diagnosed by the Hgb A1c. Even then it is not deemed first-line therapy for type II diabetes. This is unlucky contemplating this medicine tends to be far more effective than metformin at reducing blood sugar and helping patients with weight loss. Another obvious conundrum is the fact that hgb A1c isnt the most reliable test for assessing insulin resistance due to its many flaws (7). Furthermore, Ive looked a growing nation of patients who have elevated fasting insulin levels with suboptimal Hgb A1c (although not in the range of type II diabetes) which precludes them from receiving this medication. Even though Victoza is FDA accepted for prototype II diabetes it has a benefit outside of just insulin resistance which I will go over below: Victoza for Patients with PCOS One day I fing write a post about PCOS because it doesnt get as plenty attention as it should, but for now, I will be somewhat brief. PCOS is really a mistake believed to a combination of hormone imbalances that are characterized when a woman experiences necessary symptoms. The underlying hormone imbalance seen in this population of patients includes lofty testosterone (usually active free testosterone), normal to high DHEA levels, high estradiol levels and low progesterone levels, high insulin and high blood glucose levels and usually some degree of hypothyroidism. This solution of hormone imbalances leads to weight gain, hormonal acne, changes to mood involving depression, anxiety, and irritability), changes in the menstrual cycle (PMS, PMDD), and in some cases infertility. ​One of the fat thing with PCOS is the lackluster treatment options available to these patients. Thats too ugly supposing that consideration have shown that the combination of metformin + Victoza lead to significant weight loss in patients with PCOS (8) and check aid reduce androgen levels. What is also fascinating is that several patients have destroyed metformin therapy by itself but when Victoza is added to metformin patients do experience weight loss even when used for a short period of time (9). This would indicate that this medicine is likely working through a particular mechanism than what we already know (or we dont completely know PCOS) . In either celebration - Victoza keep be very handy in treating women with PCOS both in helping them lose weight and in reducing PCOS like symptoms. ​ Victoza for patients with Leptin Resistance ​We arent sufficed yet ... Victoza (and other GLP-1 agonists) check aid sensitize the body to leptin. This is vast news if you have Leptin friction because traditionally there hasnt been plenty in the way of treatment for this serious condition. If you arent keen of leptin friction basically it runs weight loss almost impossible because your hypothalamus sets the metabolism and energy output of your body at a very low rate. That means your metabolism leaves down, your thyroid function decreases and your body is put in a position where weight loss is impossible. Victoza does two person to help with Leptin resistance: 1. It provides sensitize the mind to leptin at the cellular level (10) thereby reversing leptin resistance. 2. It abates the boost of leptin levels (11) that is seen after patients lose weight. That means you get to skip OFF the length that you lost. ​Most folks relating the calorie in calorie out model of weight loss will have no doubt noticed that they might be capable to lose some weight initially but it almost always comes back over time. ​One shift they probably didnt imagine is that this weight gain is in part caused by true leptin levels and leptin resistance that occurs after calorie restriction. Of course, there are other part like lesinging T3 levels and increasing reverse T3 levels that contribute to this weight gain, but a enormous player is the hormone leptin. This is one of the main justification why calorie restrained dieting fails over 99% of the time. It has nothing to do with calories and everything to do with hormone imbalances that appear as a result of the calorie restriction. ​ ​In thing one of the main causes of leptin resistance is a history of frequent yo-yo dieting, calorie restrained dieting and diets like the HCG diet. ​Most patients who have a considerable degree of leptin resistance are usually ignorant of the condition because most providers dont stay for serum leptin levels (mostly because they dont know how to treat/interpret the results). Victoza for Non-Diabetics (And Diabetics) ​Does Victoza work if you dont have diabetes? Yes, absolutely - especially if you have leptin intervention or metabolic damage from constant dieting. effort have demonstrate that using GLP-1 agonists in overweight non-diabetic women can lead to significant weight loss (12) in a specific subset of patients. ​It rotates out that some patients are senior perceptive to weight loss when using Victoza and other GLP-1 agonists if they arent diabetic. There are two groups: prompt responders and those who dont rejoin at all (Im arguing about non-diabetics here as it relates to weight loss). instant responders moved up to twenty powder within 1-2 months whereas the non-responders didnt kill any weight. The change between the two groups had something to do with leptin but the results of the study arent conclusive. In my clinical expertise non-diabetic patients with high absorinking insulin levels (but normal Hgb A1cs) and lofty involveding serum leptin story tend to be in the instant responder group. On the other result of the spectrum, Ive even had some highly insulin resistant patients NOT rejoin to Victoza or other GLP-1 agonists. The standpoint is that Victoza and other GLP-1 agonists arent a miracle medication for weight loss but they check work quite well in specific subgroups of the population. The heavy ruin to this medication is the fact that it is FDA allowed for type II Diabetes only and that the medication by itself is quite expensive. That means assurance companies arent very inclined to cover the medication for off-label utilizes (unless you know a few tricks). ​ sideline Effects when employing Victoza The fat side effects that most patients are concerned about include pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. Early consideration (13) demonstrated some increased peril of pancreatitis in patients who had a history of pancreatitis in the past. In addition, there was some consideration over an gained risk of developing pancreatic cancer using this medication. Since then senior effort have scraped that dont show an increased risk of either (14). In general, as long as the medicine is employed temporarily (used to reverse insulin and leptin resistance) then the risk of long term complications and negative side effects is very low. ​The most conventional (less serious) sideline effects from Victoza include: queasiness (usually without vomiting) Headaches Sensation of dizziness or grasping feeble diminished hunger or sensation of feeling full Flu-like symptoms Feeling exhausted or run down ​These manifestation usually regress after 1-2 weeks of using the medication. In some instances, the sideline effects are so harsh that they hinder patients from using the medication altogether. If that finds to you then you can try a several example of GLP-1 agonist.​ Recap + Final Thoughts ​I hope youve discovered this example study useful and informative. Ive had some illustration where patients carry these case studies to their Doctors and ask to be treated in a same way. I dont propose this language for many reasons: 1. This inpatient is NOT you (you are unique) 2. Im never strong to serve all of the quantity of each patient in a case study so there is a lot of information that is left out and makes the story incomplete 3. ​Many of the therapies referenced here require advanced knowledge of hormone replacement therapy and/or the use of medications off-label At the end of the day, I need to truck home that there are radical weight loss therapies out there that can help even the most weight loss resistant patients lose weight. Dont grasp like your example is impossible or that you are out of options. Victoza is one of those modern treatment that check be very effective in a certain subgroup of the population but finding and understanding who benefits from it can be difficult without an understanding of hormone balance. ​Now its your turn: Have you employed Victoza in the past? Did it support you kill weight? Why or why not? go a remark below!​
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    Victoza Weight Loss Case Study: 50 Pounds Lost with Victoza + LDN
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