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    iOS 14 Features Wishlist: 10 Features We Want in the Next Version of iOS

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    • However, I imagine it has been senior than a decade, and the crew has had plenty of time to figure out ways and build AP Is to let third parties responsibly access a user’s messages, call logs, and more.
    • person could potentially get access to a third-party dialer app that offers Features like call recording (in countries where it is legal) , ask log export/ import, spam detection senior on this later), smart dialing, and more.
    • They could potentially end complications that display information such as activity rings, battery charge level, sports scores, to-do lists, unread message or email count, or weather.

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    Apple is awaited to unveil iOS fourteen and iPadOS fourteen along with the next serious translation of macOS, watchOS, and tvOS during its first all-digital WWDC event on June 22. Developers and users are beautiful elated to look what Apple has been cooking over the past year and what it has in store for us. We have our own expectations from iOS 14, and we’ve listed a few Features that we expect Apple to implement in the next major version of iOS. bulletin Apple uncovered the must-awaited iOS fourteen for iPhone during its online-only WWDC two thousand and twenty keynote. So you can now check out the complete list of iOS 14 Features. While a rare iOS fourteen quality have been seeped already, we can only know the complete list of new Features during WWDC 2020, which is slated to happen next month. However, that didn’t stay us from creating our personal wishlist of story that we expect to see with iOS 14. iOS fourteen Features Wishlist 1. Completely Revamped Notifications It is a well-known fact that the notification system on iOS isn’t the best in its class. Android has always had the uppermost praise in this regard, and Google keeps enhancing it even further every year. This year, we ask Apple to take fee and address the shortcomings. For starters, the reliability of the notifications system should improve. Sometimes when I tick a notification, the related app doesn’t free at all. Apple needs to make sure that its notifications system isn’t buggy. Apple should also offer a quality that lets snooze notifications so that we can attend to them later. reaching to communication customization, there are currently too various notification options in the Settings app, and most of them are wrong. Notifications should be allowed to be divided into essential and unimportant. The next serious quality should be an option to classify among types of notifications from an app. Some app developers abuse users with too various notifications. What if I fing an e-commerce app to show me delivery-related information but not recommendations and review requests? With iOS 13, you either get it all, or you get nothing. Android 10, on the other hand, proffers a story called ‘Notification Channels’ that lets an app developer distinguish between particular ‘channels’ of notification. So, there are different channels for product delivery, recommended products, offers, and reviews, and you can choose to turn any channel on or off, depending on your preference. explaining of communication preferences, they should be effortless to access. utilizing an app icon’s Haptic Touch menu to navigate to its notification preferences could be a senior honest solution. This would be way faster than navigating to the Settings app, finding the app’s notification settings, and then adjusting its notification preferences. 2. skill To Change Default Apps Apple has uncoverd up a lot over the old few years. It believed us a office manager, third-party keyboards, password management APIs for third-party apps, and more. However, iOS still endures a piece limiting because users are forced to use stock apps for vital tasks such as calling, messaging, and browsing the web. With iOS 14, users should be able to choose their preferred web browser, phone dialer, contacts manager, email app, and maybe even the messaging app. I like Apple’s language of steading cautiously while offering user data access to third parties. However, I imagine it has been senior than a decade, and the crew has had plenty of time to figure out ways and build APIs to let third parties responsibly access a user’s messages, call logs, and more. person could potentially get access to a third-party dialer app that offers Features like call recording (in countries where it is legal) , ask log export/ import, spam detection senior on this later), smart dialing, and more. Also, the company needs to stop limiting third-party keyboards so that they can perform as well as the stock keyboard does. It is being rumored that Apple is planning (or at slightest testing) an iOS 14 feature that lets users change their default email and web browser apps, so we’re hopeful that it might allow the same for other stock apps. 3. Better Spam Detection The problem of robocalls and marketing calls has exploded, and I guess we should have a solution to avoid them. There are apps like Truecaller for spam ask detection, but they don’t work as well on iOS as they do on Android overdue to Apple’s limitations. Apple needs to address this with iOS 14 as the situation is bound to only become worse in the future. Apple should either let driver change their default dialer app to the ones that support auto spam detection or figure out a way to create its personal crowdsourced database for detecting fraud and spam calls. If person get informed about potentially toxic calls, they can be careful while attending calls. The same could be done with spam message detection via third-party apps or an improved version of the stock Messages app. 4. App Lock For gained Privacy Even though Apple values privacy and security elder than some other brands, it still doesn’t offer a feature that lets users lock apps via biometrics. This story should not be heavy to implement , right? What if I fing to give my husband or kids access to my phone but don’t want them to access my Gallery or Messages apps? Apple should offer a universal selection to lock an app (or a game) even if the developer hasn’t implemented it in the app. The crew should also think about offering a feature that lets users hide some apps from appearing on the home screen. This would aid users who don’t want their friends or family to know that they play Candy Crush or use Tinder. Even better, Apple should implement a quality like Samsung’s safe Folder, where users could hide apps, documents, images, and videos away from prying eyes. The fixeded portion of the phone could only be accessed via registered biometrics . 5. recent room Screen Layouts, Resizable Widgets The home screen part of iOS has imagined the least change in terms of UI and Features. It is still a grid of image that you can’t do considerable with. Apart from folders and app shortcuts, Apple hasn’t included any major home screen-related Features over the ancient decade. Apple is rumored to have implemented a choice view for the home screen in iOS 14. We’ve also seen a rare concepts of how it could look, and that’s a start, but I am not entirely impressed. I would love to see a scrolling grid option and dynamic placement of app icons. There have also been rumors that Apple could liberate widgets from the widgets screen and allow users to place widgets with app icons on the home screen. However, some other information have enumerated that Apple is just experimenting with the feature, but users shouldn’t expect it to make it to iOS fourteen just yet. Apple is also reportedly supposing about letting third-party wallpaper apps inner access to iOS 14, which should give users elder control over home screen and lock screen customization. Another feature that the company should offer is a way to customize app shortcuts on the lock screen. 6. Always On exhibit Mode People see at their phones dozens of times a day, and it’s not always because they want to use the phone. A yard of times, they just fing to check the time or to see if they have essential notifications. Lighting up the complete screen might not be the best choice every time. Now that most iPhones have OLED shade (or would have OLED bar with the iPhone twelve series), Apple could offer an always discernible clock widget on the screen even when the phone is in the sleep mode. The clock widget could be accompanied by notification icons, calendar events, weather info, and other bits of information without sacrificing a lot of power. Apple could even implement an Apple Watch-like adversity feature that could be used to customize the Always-On Display mode so that they could have quick access to the information they want. They could potentially end complications that display information such as activity rings, battery charge level, sports scores, to-do lists, unread message or email count, or weather. There’s already a system in place in watchOS, and Apple could migrate it to iOS. 7. continued or Scrolling Screenshots Apple improved the experience of capturing, printing and elucidating screenshots with iOS 11. However, I think it is still missing an essential feature: extended screenshots. Although iOS thirteen lets capturing full-page screenshots of webpages via Safari, other apps don’t support it. The iOS fourteen advance should bring the ability to capture extended screenshots in all the apps. It would be really useful for sharing things like a complete webpage, a conversation, an email thread, or a Twitter thread. 8. tiny UI for Voice desire Right now, when you accept a call on an iPhone, the call UI takes up the whole screen. When you’re performing an essential work such as drafting an email, the full-screen call UI could get annoying. A place of people moan about this, and they’re right. It’s about moment Apple had a little pop-up notification for calls, especially while people are using their iPhones. There have been plethora of notion as to how Apple could do it. The crew could either display a small, pop-up notification with vital controls towards the top of the screen or have a floating window or a widget that can be moved around so that a user can use other apps while attending a call. It is already possible on jailbroken iPhones, but people should not need to jailbreak their devices for Features as simple as this. 9. Picture-in-Picture Mode When I wish to keep watching a nail-biting cricket match while ordering food or browsing through Twitter, I can’t do it on my iPhone because iOS doesn’t support the picture-in-picture mode. This is quite simple to observe and helpful for everyone. Apple already has the picture-in-picture feature in macOS, and it wouldn’t be hard for the company to offer a similar mode in iOS for video streaming and video player apps. This would boost productivity and let users watch videos without breaking their workflow. A similar feature for video calls would be of great help as well so that you can continue using your phone while seeing your family or friends. 10. many person Accounts for iPadOS I perceive this is not really about iOS, but at least iPads should have multiple user profiles, just like macOS. A yard of families use an iPad as a combint device for browsing, video calls, playing games, and watching videos. It would be great if people can have individual profiles so that they can use their favorite apps without having to worry about their personal data being accessed by others in the family. Now that Apple is marketing iPads as real computers, they should have real-computer like Features, including multiple user profiles, improved text selection, and better multitasking window management. What’s on your iOS fourteen wishlist? We would lover to see what’s on your wishlist so please let us know in the comments below.
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    iOS 14 Features Wishlist: 10 Features We Want in the Next Version of iOS
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