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    Why the vegan philosophy collapses in a pile of contradictions and hypocrisy • Erika Awakening

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    �Zoos are disgusting They deny animals the right to live naturally and freely

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    �Zoos are disgusting They deny animals the right to live naturally and freely

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    Vegan ✓ Animals ✓ Insufficiency ✓ Nutrients ✓ Individual ✓ Practicable


    • Most vegans yeing scream in horror when faced with the rational outcome of their personal philosophy … so let’s presume they will monastery to the position that adolescent welfare should be factored in to the definition. “ believing life” to a individual is equal to taking the lives of countless animals, and I don’t care how strict a vegan your child may turn out to be.
    • So how the hell check you justify bringing another individual into this nature to wreak further havoc on an already overly populated planet – and then turn around and attack me for salvaging my health with animal products?

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    Why the vegan ideology cancels as a “social justice movement” Before we get started with this article demolishing the vegan philosophy, I want to apologize in advance to my vegan friends – all five of you ;) – who actually are emotionally balanced and sane. This publication is not wished at you. For whatever reason, perhaps because your mind check convert nutrients better than most – all five of you do seem to be thriving on a vegan diet. Unfortunately, your sentimental poise and conventional brain function make you the far outlying exception in my now vast experience with vegans. I hope you will not be offended by this article. For the 99+% of other vegans, who are clearly tolerating from cognitive insufficiency and sentimental imbalance … and look, we’re just basing this on your personal ludicrous reaction in response to my last few articles … I have a rare hint before you say the rest of this article. First off, remain your explosion and actually listen to what’s being said before launching into private attacks at the author. Oh wait! You’re not going to be capable to do that, because insufficiency of DHA/EPA, B12, and other nutrients have lowered your brain function and made you impulsive and irrationally angry. Right. So here’s a hint. Before you try to tackle this article, it would probably best if you spend a infrequent weeks eating oily fish, eggs, and other animal products every day. This yeing aid to alleviate the deficiencies of crucial brain nutrients that regulate cognitive function and emotional balance. Of course, if you falter to follow this advice, and attempt to tackle this publication with your emotions all in a tissy and your brain functioning on “low” … well, don’t speak I didn’t tell you so. The little tiny logical jump we take in this article … which urge be evident to most omnivores who are not nutritionally insufficient … are leaving to feel like climbing Mt. Everest without oxygen. And then the ludicrous remark that you post here are only continuing to serve to prove the thesis of the article. And further undermine the vegan “movement. ” All right, now that we’ve got our disclaimers out of the way, let’s get started demolishing the vegan philosophy. I gone over a term deeply immersed in this “social justice movement. ” The conflict and hypocrisy were emerging to become clean from the very beginning. Yet, because I worried about the animals, I stuck it out. Until my health moved rapidly declining on a vegan diet. Then, like so many other ex-vegans who are rational and sane, I ended the disastrous experiment. Veganism as a “social justice movement ” corresponding to most vegans, veganism is not a “diet. ” It is a “social justice movement. ” The premise of the motion is “do slightest harm. ” The explanation is :Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. Most vegans construe this to mean not eating animals, not wearing animals, and not using animals for “entertainment” (e.g., going to Sea World to see the dolphins). We check already see in the explanation of veganism where our problems begin, and it’s with this dangerous little phrase: “as far as is probable and practicable. ” Ummm, yeah, who squeezes to define what is potential and practicable”? The head of the cult? Each vegan on his high-and-mighty soapbox urging that his personal preferences define what is “possible and practicable”? Where is your dispassionate terminology of potential and practicable”? Already, this movement is collapsing on its own definition. Another difficulty with the definition is how it relates to anthropomorphic welfare. humankind are animals, so by definition, veganism should exclude “ all shape of exploitation of, and cruelty to, humans for food, clothing or any other purpose. ” You fing notice, however, that countless vegans could not care poor about human welfare generally. Except their own, of course, which brings us to our next problem. The pragmatic effect of a scrupulous Definition of Veganism Is Human Suicide Many vegans were horribly offended that I suggested that the logical outcome of veganism is human suicide. I don’t appreciate Why they were so offended. I’m simply extrapolating from their own insane arguments. Either the explanation of veganism encompasses individual welfare, or it doesn’t. If veganism is all about preserving “ non-human animals,” then adolescent subsidy cannot be a factor in the calculus. And this means that shortening ruin to non-human animals as far as is acceptable or practicable” would mean the end of the human race. Because you cannot “ do slightest damage ” while sustaining to exist as a human. Every single thing we do is killing and exploiting animals. To believe just one prosaic example, most vegans just LOVE their almond milk. Not only are almonds a highly water-intensive crop (thus detrimental to our environment) … but also the performance of almonds results in the hitting of mass numbers of honey bees: Are Your Delicious, healthful Almonds slaying Bees And then various vegans, simple-minded as they are, will say “but I don’t even drink almond milk. ” Doesn’t matter. A huge amount of “vegan ” fodder are industrially pollinated. Most vegans don’ t consume soft food, and the pesticides used to grow their food are reprehensible for killing billions of bees, other insects, bats, birds, and fish. soft cooking probably fares better but dependes on livestock fertilizer to produce nutritious “ vegan” food. So you see, it’s not probable to be truly vegan in this world. There is actually no such shift as “vegan” food and therefore no such thing as a “ vegan. ” And only someone who is cognitively insufficient as most vegans emerge to be, could think that they are somehow “innocent” of the mass devastation of animals … just because they don’ t eat the bees that they killed. What Is Possible and Practicable? Now see, here is where several self-righteous, godly than thou” vegans urge angrily declare that of course it’s okay for them to drink almond milk because they are not exploiting or harming animals as far as is potential and practicable. ” It doesn’t fact that vegans are slaying bees and other animals by the billion in order to eat their vegan food because … they’re not eating the bees. And they are responding the bottom number of harm. ” Umm, right. Well, I beseech to differ. If you endinged your life via suicide, you would be doing lower harm. So what is your dispassionate standard for urging that you are following the abuse of the philosophy as far as is “possible or practicable” if you, instead, choose to keep living? You have no equitable standard. You’ve just created a totally self-serving standard of what is probable or practicable, based on your individual personal preferences. And that cannot stand up to any scrutiny whatsoever. One dismay check feed a gigantic number of humans. How several moth were slain for one glass of almond milk? Per serving, it would not surprise me at all, if senior bees were killed than cows. So how do you justify almond milk being somehow “morally superior” to a hamburger? And of course, vegans being cognitively deficient, urge make some illogical ass reply here. The usual underlying but unspoken assumption being that they care less about bees than they do about cows. Hey wait, isn’t that speciesism? Don’t all reality count the same? How then can you justify killing so many bees for almond milk, when one huge tuna or one huge cow results in only one death and provides a huge amount of food for many humans? (Don’t worry, those vegans who destroyed to bone up on their oily fish and alternate up on vitamin B12 supplements won’t be able to comprehend the obvious logic here. Their mind are not functioning properly . ) We could go on and on here. Deer in several areas of the world overpopulate unless they have common non-human predators (like wolves) or human predators. If deer do overpopulate, they fall prey to starvation and disease, surely more painful ways to die than a quick hunter’s kill. But see, for vegans it’s perfectly okay if a wolf or mountain lion kills a deer. (By the way, ever looked a space play with its prey. If I were a deer, I’d carry a hunter’s ball over a common non-human predator any day of the week.) Yet it’s not okay if a human hunter kills a deer. Why not? What’s the difference? Here, the only shift vegans include come up with is that “humans don’t need to eat animal products. ” Indeed, at the result of the day, the comprehensive vegan philosophy affect on this premise. Because when we go back to the meaning of “as far as potential or practicable” … while there are various vegans who condemn humans so plenty that they wish humans were exterminated … most vegans appreciate that extermination of humans cannot be justified morally under a philosophy of “do slightest harm. ” So everything about the vegan ideology then hinges on the inaccurate premise that “ all humankind check thrive on a vegan diet. ” Which is Why you urge see vegans so angrily and irrationally denying any and all evidence that undermines this premise. Which head us to our next point … humanity Welfare and the Vegan “ Social Justice Movement” Vegans cannot have it both way. Either adolescent benefit should be factored in to the definition of “as far as possible or practicable” … or it cannot be factored in. If adolescent benefit is not factored in, then your only option is mass suicide. That’s just simple logic. Most vegans yeing scream in horror when faced with the rational outcome of their personal philosophy … so let’s presume they will monastery to the position that adolescent welfare should be factored in to the definition. Well, then, folks, we have a problem. How plenty does anthropomorphic subsidy factor in? Yesterday I was storminged by a vegan couple who, ironically, are pregnant. Oh, yes, here were frantic vegans assailing me for salvaging my health with animal products … while they are imagining ANOTHER adolescent INTO THIS WORLD. The husband, enduring from cognitive deficiency, of term – tried to argue that this is the change between “ believing life” and “taking life. ” In other words, he on his soapbox is show life” to a recent human. While I am “taking life” by eating meat. Ummm, hello. First of all, I’d like to see your test results on vitamin B12 and DHA/EPA because your brain is not functioning properly, sir. “ believing life” to a individual is equal to taking the lives of countless animals, and I don’t care how strict a vegan your child may turn out to be. imagine above, our case about the honey bees.) So how the hell check you justify bringing another individual into this nature to wreak further havoc on an already overly populated planet – and then turn around and attack me for salvaging my health with animal products? The dishonesty and contradiction is almost beyond comprehension. Yet vegans just don’t get it. Their mind are not functioning properly. Never mind that the kid may come to his or her senses and choose NOT to be vegan. So just wow. Not only is this gambler not admitting his personal life, he’s “creating ” another individual reality that urge destroy more animals. And he has the heart to lambast me for eating fish and meat. All the while holding no hint how ludicrous he sounds. Just wow. So let’s face it. Any vegan who truly tradition “as far as probable or practicable ” fing not procreate. Period. And don’t even bid to argue that you can usage abortion, either. What? Clams and mollusks are perceptive beings but not your unborn child the size of a lime? Puh -leeeze. How several vegans do you imagine agreeing not to procreate in order to save the animals? Umm, not very many. A few. But not many. Thus, they are not vegan. Yet they fing kick and scream and cry if you call out this dishonesty because, of course, “ as far as is probable or practicable” is entirely subjective. They “ need” to have children, I would be depriving them of a basic adolescent right … blah blah blah. Let the chorus of whining begin. Sorry, folks, if you are truly vegan, you do not procreate. Period. Moreover, you don’t do plenty of anything. Because “ as far as is probable and practicable” also means you don’t truck a car unnecessarily. You lessen your caloric regimen to the ultimate bare minimum needed for survival. Etc. etc. etc. You would have to eliminate all delight and entertainment from your life, because all of it ends up killing animals one way or another. And how several vegans do you imagine who actually practice this? ZERO. A Vegan menu Is Not ample for Most Humans Now let’s get back to that key issue. We’ve already established that vegans are not en masse committing suicide, which they would have to do in order to “ do slightest harm. ” So clearly the vegan definition has to take account of human welfare. Of course, simple individual health (such as I was subdue of on a vegan diet) would have to be considered. Which is Why vegans cry and cry and attack whenever one of us ex-vegans provides evidence that NOT all humans can be healthful on a vegan diet. Because once you establish that, in truth, most humans do need to consume animal products to be healthy, the entire vegan philosophy collapses. On my final scarce posts, countless vegans drew in to claim how they are “ thriving ” on a vegan diet. Some of these community I’ve seen their photographs, and let me tell you, “thriving” is not a word I would use to describe the svelte skeletons pictured. Some of these vegans guaranted unreasonable anger and explicit attack in every sentence of their comments. Obviously these folks are not thriving mentally or emotionally. numerous vegans also drew in to cite multiple “scientific” attention that claim that vegans fing vast health and so forth. Yet we have a huge and rising nation of ex-vegans and ex-vegetarians who will tell you … we were were NOT thriving on a veg diet, no matter how many different ways we tried to make it work. So what believes here? Well, it’s pretty easy to figure out, if your brain is functioning properly. There is, as far as I know, not one individual logical scientific effort proving that ALL humans can thrive on a vegan diet. And here’s Why. First of all, it is well established that nutritious insufficiency are widespread in vegan communities. For elder on that, imagine this exceptional article by Chris Kresser : Why You Should Think Twice About A Vegetarian or Vegan food But there’s another, more fundamental reason Why the vegan argument that all humans can thrive on a vegan diet is invalid. And that is that, as far as I know, every effort alleging better health among vegans studies only SELF-SELECTING VEGANS . People who cannot continue a vegan diet, either never become vegan because they know they can’ t do it . Or they are like me, and go the diet when dangerous health publication arise. This means that we would not be studied as long-term vegans. Which means that any study I know of that claims better health for vegans has excluded the very evidence that would prove it’s not true. Boom! The comprehensive vegan ideology that “ everyone should be vegan ” debunked right there. In law to have a correct study, you would have to FORCE a randomly selected population to be vegan and stay vegan for a lengthy period of time. nutritious insufficiency often accept years to show up. slaughter tests are often incorrect because the body is cannibalizing itself to obtain nutrients (for example, sucking calcium out of bones and teeth). You could not exclude castaway from the data, because various people would probably be dropping out when their health suffered. To get exact data, you would literally have to army all randomly selected participants to stay vegan. And such a effort would be unethical. As far as I know, no such study exists. What we do have is enough of affidavit that a vegan diet has NOT performed for many people. And that even self-selecting vegans have plethora of nutritious deficiencies. I would bet a area of money that the vegans who claimed their “blood work is vast ” in the remark on these posts and my other pages … never won tested all across the lumber for all of the nutrients. Most standard blood testing fails to test for the wide range of nutrients that are lacking in a vegan diet. So … finging any logical sure study proving that “ all community keep be vegan, ” and remembering enough of affidavit that this premise is false … and since vegans don’t wish to commit mass suicide … then we must take human health into account. We already perceive that various folks cannot convert ALA to EPA/DHA, that widespread supplementation is often ineffective and absolutely impractical, that some people cannot create taurine (we had a guy deliver in a suggestion that he ended up in the hospital six weeks into his vegan diet for this very reason), that some people cannot produce plenty vitamin K2, and so on and so on and so on … Therefore, not all humans can thrive on a vegan diet. And suppose what, folks? Under the explanation of veganism, I AM STILL VEGAN . Can you believe it? Yes, I am diminishing to ruin animals to the extent that is acceptable and practicable” for me. And yes, I get to define that standard for myself, because as vegans have demonstrated over and over again with their ridiculously hypocritical claims, being vegan is WHATEVER THEY WANT IT TO MEAN. My head needs animal products to thrive, and my health is a pertinent factor in the analysis, so I am still vegan under the definition. Wow, what a relief. Now all these declaiming moron will have to stop attacking me for not being vegan. I’m as vegan as they are! So … you remember what I mean? This vegan philosophy simply collapses under the weight of its own hypocrisy and contradictions. We could go on and on about this, so perhaps we will write senior essay :D Always in your service,
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    Why the vegan philosophy collapses in a pile of contradictions and hypocrisy • Erika Awakening
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