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    How to Setup a Laravel Project You Cloned from Github.com

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    Database ✓ Project ✓ Github ✓ Encryption


    • This tutorial will sHow you the standard things you need to do to clone a github repo onto your local computer and get it setup to start working on your system.
    • Because these packet are constantly changing, the source code is generally not stood to github, but instead we let composer handle these updates.
    • php artisan key: create If you check the .env record again, you fing see that it now has a long pointless string of characters in the APP_KEY field.

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    So you discovered a cold Laravel work off php?a=5f9eb02" target="_self">Github.com and want to use it locally to play around with it, or learn from it. Or maybe you are following another DevMarketer project and are having trouble getting started from one of the github repos. This tutorial will sHow you the standard things you need to do to clone a github repo onto your local computer and get it setup to start working on your system. In addition to cloning the repo, this means we need to setup the database, the env file, the encryption key, and more. So grab your favorite repo and let’s clone it and get it working on your local system. 1. Clone GitHub repo for this project locally If the project is hosted on github, we can use git on your local computer to clone it from github onto your local computer. Note: Make sure you have git installed locally on your computer first. locate a spot on your computer where you want to store the project. In my example I like all my projects to be a folder caused sites/ , so that is where I run the following command, which will pull the project from github and create a copy of it on my domestic computer at the sites directory inside another folder called “projectName”. You can change the name of this folder it creates, by changing the last part of the code snippet below to match the name you want your folder to be called. git clone linktogithubrepo.com/ projectName To get the wire to the repo, just converse the github page and click on the wild “ clone or download” button on the right hand side. This will reveal a url that you will replace in the linktogithub.com part of the snippet above. Once this runs, you will have a copy of the project on your computer. 2. cd into your work You fing need to be inside that project file to enter all of the rest of the commands in this tutorial. So recognize to example cd projectName to move your terminal working location to the project file we just barely created. (Of course substitute “projectName” in the command above, with the name of the folder you created in the previous step). 3. [Optional]: Checkout the “Start” tag so you have a refreshing initiate of the project (and not the last files) By delinquency you have cloned the whole git repo, which will include the ultimate project. If you are following another tutorial from DevMarketer, then I usually create a tag with git, that marks the beginning of the project so you can follow along with the tutorials on this site and my YouTube channel. skip in review that this step is optional because not all git repos will have a start tag, but most the tutorials that I create for you will have a start tag. Otherwise you can skip this step. Of field you wish to start at the beginning so you can learn How to do that all on your personal . So we need to use another git technique called “checkout” to checkout the beginning of the project so you have the same starting code that I have in the video, allowing you to follow along with me in the upcoming videos. We urge work the following code snippet to “ checkout” the move standpoint which I marked with a “tag”. These are all git terms that you will become familiar with as you use git more and more. git checkout tags/start -b tutorial You check shift the latest word (“tutorial” in this example) to be the mistake of the goning branch you prefer. This is leaving to checkout the start tag and put it on a raw recent branch with the name you provide here. This allows you to work without ruining the final code in your project (you can always move over to the master branch for the final code that I submitted). If you don’t understand anything about git or branches than just use the code snippet exactly as it reads here and it will work just fine. 4. Install Composer Dependencies Whenever you clone a recent Laravel project you should now install all of the project dependencies. This is what actually installs Laravel itself, among other necessary packages to get started. When we burn composer, it delay the composer.json file which is submitted to the github repo and lists all of the composer (PHP) packet that your repo requires. Because these packet are constantly changing, the source code is generally not stood to github, but instead we let composer handle these updates. So to install all this source code we run composer with the following command. composer inaugurate 5. Install NPM Dependencies Just like How we should install composer packages to move forward, we must also install essential NPM packages to move forward. This will install Vue.js, Bootstrap.css, Lodash, and Laravel Mix. This is just like way 4, where we installed the composer PHP packages, but this is installing the Javascript (or Node) packet required. The directory of packages that a repo imposes is listed in the packages.json file which is submitted to the github repo. Just like in point 4, we do not execute the source code for these packages to version control (github) and instead we let NPM handle it. npm inaugurate or if you take fibre (as i do) yarn 6. produce a image of your .env file.env office are not generally entrusted to source control for security reasons. But there is a .env.example which is a template of the .env index that the project imposes us to have. So we will make a copy of the .env.example file and create a .env file that we can start to fill out to do things like database configuration in the next few steps. cp .env.example .env This will create a copy of the .env.example file in your project and name the copy simply .env . 7. provide an app encryption major Laravel requires you to have an app encryption major which is generally randomly generated and stored in your .env file. The app will use this encryption key to encode various elements of your application from cookies to password hashes and more. Laravel’s regiment line tools thankfully run it super comfortable to generate this. In the terminal we check run this control to generate that key. (Make sure that you have already installed Laravel via composer and created an .env file before doing this, of which we have done both). php artisan key: create If you check the .env record again, you fing see that it now has a long pointless string of characters in the APP_KEY field. We now have a valid app encryption key. 8. produce an vacant database for our application Create an hollow database for your project using the database tools you prefer (My favorite is SequelPro for mac). In our case we generated a database called “test”. Just create an empty database here, the exact steps will depend on your system setup. 9. In the .env file, introduce database information to allow Laravel to connect to the database We will want to allow Laravel to connect to the database that you just created in the immediate step. To do this, we should add the communication credentials in the .env file and Laravel will handle the connection from there. In the .env index fulfill in the DB_HOST , DB_PORT , DB_DATABASE , DB_USERNAME , and DB_PASSWORD options to match the credentials of the database you just created. This will allow us to run migrations and seed the database in the next step. 10. Migrate the databaseOnce your credentials are in the .env file, now you can migrate your database. php artisan emigrate It’s not a bad idea to check your database to make sure everything migrated the way you expected. 11. [ Optional]: germ the database If your repository has a seeding file setup, then now is the time to burn the seed, which fills your database with starter or dummy data. If the repo doesn’t mention the existence of a seeder file, then skip this step. After the migrations are complete and you have the database structure required, then you can seed the database (which means add dummy data to it). php artisan db:seed various of the repos I produce for tutorials here on DevMarketer will create twenty-five randomly generated users and one hundred randomly created blog support in your database. If you wish to log in as a user, grab an email address from the database and use “secret” as the password to log in as that user. That is the default password I generally use. All of this information is usually contained within the GitHub readme file, so be sure to check it when starting a new project from a Github repo. tying Up That is all you need to get started on a project. Of field some projects urge have certain steps that only apply to that project, and be sure to read the readme.md file on Github before you start customizing a project. This fing often contain individual stage that are unique to that project, but the steps I have outlined above are the necessary steps you will need to follow to gt any standard Laravel project up and running from a github clone. Hopefully this has contributed you get up and running with your next project. Be actual to succeed us here on DevMarketer.io or on the DevMarketer YouTube channel for senior great tutorials to learn to master Laravel, Node.js, and other popular web technologies and marketing techniques.
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    How to Setup a Laravel Project You Cloned from Github.com
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