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Scientists Search for New Clues About Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson Diseases

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  • BOB DOUGHTY: America’s racial Institutes of Health speaks at slightest five hundred thousand people in the United States are believed to have Parkinson’s disease.
  • A rare time ago, researchers completeded what they called the first large map to show genetic links with Parkinsons disease.
  • latest year, researchers in the United States disclosed a study that examined the effectiveness of rich brain stimulation.

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Or download MP3 (Right-click or option-click and keep link) BOB DOUGHTY: This is knowledge IN THE NEWS in VOA specific English . I’m Bob Doughty. belief LAPIDUS: And I’m Faith Lapidus. Today we tell about the latest research and treatments for Parkinson’s disease. (MUSIC) BOB DOUGHTY: Parkinson’s is a disorder of the central anxious system. It is a successive disorder, reason it admits worse over time. The illness relates a tiny area of cells in the middle of the brain. This place is asked the substantia nigra. The cells slowly lose their ability to produce a chemical called dopamine. The decline in the amount of dopamine keep result in one or senior general signs of Parkinson’s disease. These introduce shaking of the hands, limb and legs. They also introduce predicament moving or keeping equal while walking or standing. Also, there may be sentimental changes, like feeling sad or worried. The manifestation of Parkinsons diverge from person to person. They also differ in their intensity. doctrine LAPIDUS: The disorder is select after James Parkinson. He was a British doctor who first described this condition in eighteen seventeen. During the nineteen sixties, researchers located changes in the brains of people with the disease. These disclosure overseen to medicines to treat the effects of the disease. There is no remedy for Parkinsons and no way to prevent it. And doctors still are not sure about the cause. BOB DOUGHTY: America’s racial Institutes of Health speaks at slightest five hundred thousand people in the United States are believed to have Parkinson’s disease. About fifty thousand recent matter are described each year. That number is expected to grow as the average age of the population increases. Parkinson’s emerges most often in folks over the age of fifty. Some researchers believe that almost everyone would develop Parkinson’s eventually if they lived long enough. (MUSIC) belief LAPIDUS: Most victim have what is caused idiopathic Parkinson’s disease. Idiopathic means the produce is unknown. People who expand the disease often want to link it to something they can identify. This might be a medical operation or extreme emotional tension. Yet various cure deny this idea of a direct link to Parkinson’s. They point to people who have similar experiences and do not develop the disease. There are many hypothesis about the produce of Parkinson’s, but none has ever been confirmed. thesis have demonstrate a link between the disease and some chemical products. Two anniversary ago, an American study located a link between Parkinson’s and pesticides, like those used for killing insects. The study compared three hundred nineteen Parkinson’s patients to more than two hundred family members. BOB DOUGHTY: In two thousand seven, a European thesis also demonstrated a link between pesticide use and Parkinsons. This study found that serious head injuries also increased a persons risk. scholar at Aberdeen University in Scotland retrieved information about senior than nine hundred people with Parkinsons or similar conditions. They read this community to almost two thousand people without the disorder. All the folks were expected about their use of pesticides, chemical fluids and metals like iron. The researchers also collected information about family history of the disease and head injuries. estate workers and people who explained they often used pesticides had a forty-one percent vast risk of Parkinsons than others. The disorder was also two and one-half times senior same among people who had been knocked unconscious more than once in their lives. These people temporarily lost consciousness after suffering a blow to the head. belief LAPIDUS: Another area of study is family genetics. There are sample of members of a family enjoying the disease. The racial Institutes of Health shows about fifteen percent of people with Parkinson’s have a family history of the disease. However, most cases involve people with no such family history. A rare time ago, researchers completeded what they called the first large map to show genetic links with Parkinsons disease. The map identifies changes in genes that may increase the risk in some people. BOB DOUGHTY: Recently, a gene-testing company declared plans for a huge genetic study of Parkinson’s patients. The company, 23andme, was the belief of Ann Wojcicki. She is the wife of Sergey Brin, who helped create the Internet search engine Google. Mister Brin has a gene that increases his risk of expanding Parkinson’s. His grandmother has the disease. The partnership is goning with two not-for-profit groups. They hope to gather DNA from ten thousand Parkinson’s patients. The goal is to search for common genes that may cause the disease. (MUSIC) belief LAPIDUS: There is no remedy for Parkinson’s disease. But gained cure to ease the effects of the disease make it potential for many patients to live almost normal lives. People who have lost their ability to do many things are sometimes able to regain some of these abilities with treatment. The most commonly employed cure is levodopa combined with carbidopa. The racial Institutes of Health shows levodopa is a chemical found naturally in plants and animals. When it space the brain, levodopa is altered into dopamine, the chemical that is lacking in people with the disease. Carbidopa delays the change in levodopa until after it reaches the brain. BOB DOUGHTY: Levodopa assists relieve the symptoms of Parkinsons. But it does not prevent more changes in the brain that are caused by the disease. Other cure employed to treat Parkinson’s disease act like dopamine. They provide response in the nerve cells in the brain. They check be given single or in solution with levodopa. countless of the probable food effects are similar to those linked with the use of levodopa. They include sleepiness, feeling sick or having bad dreams. (MUSIC) belief LAPIDUS: A surgical application asked deep-brain stimulation also is used to treat Parkinson’s disease. nurse use this treatment to shock the brain in areas that help deliver messages to the body. These country keep become blocked in Parkinson’s patients. When this happens, the messages give misinformation to the body. In inner mind stimulation, doctors fail two small holes in the patient’s head. Two thin, electrical cable are then coveringed in the brain. They are reached under the husk to another wire that leads to a tiny battery placed in the chest. The device supplies electricity. drug do not understand exactly how the brain stimulation works to help Parkinson’s patients. But experts believe the electrical current might help activate nerve cells that are not working correctly. BOB DOUGHTY: rich sense stimulation keep reduce the need for levodopa and other drugs. It also helps to reduce symptoms such as shaking and slowness of movement. latest year, researchers in the United States disclosed a study that examined the effectiveness of rich brain stimulation. They found that the physical condition of Parkinson’s patients often improves after they receive deep brain stimulation.
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Scientists Search for New Clues About Parkinson’s Disease

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