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24 Gorgeous Glamping Accessories for Camping in Luxury

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  • Find the latest price on : Amazon seven Nomad Puddles Rainboots Camping in wet and muddy conditions can dampen your spirits, so brighten up your day with these snazzy rubber boots.
  • Find the latest price on : Amazon Whilst the idea of a Dutch oven might have had you giggling back in school, it’s actually an extremely versatile bit of glamping gear and a campfire classic.
  • Find the latest price on : Amazon seventeen Bunting The simplicity of brightly coloured strings of flags floating merrily overhead, never fail to add inexplicable joy to any camping scene.

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If you enjoy spending time outdoors but consider camping an act of endurance, then glamping (glamorous camping) could be for you. Simply by packing one or two glamping accessories you are no longer a mere camper but have instead elevated yourself to glamper status. Not content with simply getting away from it all, glampers strive to make the best of both worlds by enjoying the wonders of nature without foregoing any of life’s luxuries. For many people, glamping has reinvented the idea of spending a weekend in a field and turned it into a luxury activity suitable for the whole family. Whilst some glampers go all out to create a five-star experience, others simply enjoy adding a touch of vintage charm to their outdoor experience. Whatever your tastes, here’s our pick of the most essential glamping accessories and camping luxuries, that will hopefully inspire you to give it a go and start camping in luxury. twenty-four essential glamping accessories for camping in luxury Disclaimer: We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. Glamping is as much about the location as it is about enjoying the outdoors in luxury. So when you want to enjoy your meal with an extra special view, just take your camp kitchen with you! The super portable nCamp Kitchen To Go includes a bamboo prep surface (with folding legs) and a lightweight, foldable, multi-fuel stove with a fuel adaptor. Everything packs down into a tough and rather neat zip up carry case that can also fit in cooking utensils and supplies. Measuring only twelve x seven x three ” (30.5 x nineteen x 7.6cm), the package is easy to carry and small enough to fit into a backpack, with the rest of your cooking supplies. Plus, the case has straps on the bottom that are designed to carry the nCamp Portable Coffee Maker (not included). But what makes this cool, compact, camp cooking set really stand out, is the versatility of the stove. Not only does it pack down into the streamlined carry bag, but it can also be connected to propane gas for quick snacks and coffee stops, or you can burn liquid or solid fuel (hexamine) on it. Alternatively, enjoy the ambience of the wood burning stove over a sunset dessert and freshly brewed coffee! Find the latest price at : nCamp | Amazon two Faherty Adirondack Blanket True glamping is a fine art that effortlessly balances comfort, quality, practicality and beauty — four qualities that Faherty has nailed with their Gorgeous Adirondack Blankets. Lightweight and packable, the blankets are ideal for lazy summer waterside picnics. Fancy a dip in the river? The oh-so-soft finish of the specially brushed yarn will be there to wrap around your bare skin when you get out. Alternatively, while away your evenings at camp star-gazing under the warmth of the cosy custom-made jacquard cotton weave. And smugly enjoy the knowledge that the 15+ vintage-inspired designs of these durable blankets will last through all of your luxurious camping adventures — they’re guaranteed for life. Find the latest price at: Faherty three Minute Mixology Cocktail Mixers Nothing screams “pro glamper ” more than kicking back in front of the campfire sipping on your favourite cocktail with friends. But when you’re in the mood for a Moscow Mule and everyone else is salivating over a Spiced Old Fashioned, things can soon become more hassle than it ’s worth. Bringing along all the right ingredients and then making individual cocktails at camp? Far too much like hard work. So ditch the faff and meet everyone’s needs with these single-serve Minute Mixology Cocktail Mixers. Simply add a pack of the all-natural ingredient mixer to your alcohol of choice, mix it in, and sip away. Camping luxuries don’t get much better, or simpler, than that! Enjoy. Find the latest price at: Minute Mixology four True Fabrications Picnic Stix Set Set yourself apart from the riff-raff by enjoying your favourite vintage outdoors with these elegant chrome wine stakes. The Picnic Stix set securely holds two glasses and a bottle above the dangers of uneven ground and clumsy feet, making sure you never waste a drop. Find the latest price on : Amazon five Vintage Copper LED Lantern Bathe your camp with the warm glow of this stylish LED lantern. Retaining all the vintage charm of an old kerosene lamp, it replaces oil and wick with a pair of batteries, making it a safer choice for those with children. It’s the ideal accompaniment for al fresco dining and the practical dimmer switch lets you to set the perfect ambience for any occasion. Find the latest price on : Amazon six Paradiso Double Hammock Take your relaxing to the next level with this colourful hammock from Byer of Maine. Handwoven in Brazil from 100% recycled cotton, the Paradiso stretches around you for ultimate comfort. It’s generously sized at over eight feet long by five and half feet wide, so there’s plenty of space to chill out with a friend or perhaps just your favourite book. Find the latest price on : Amazon seven Nomad Puddles Rainboots Camping in wet and muddy conditions can dampen your spirits, so brighten up your day with these snazzy rubber boots. The glossy rubber exterior keeps water at bay whilst the soft inner lining retains warmth. Maybe not one of the most glam camping accessories, but super practical all the same. Available in a wide selection of funky patterns and colors, you’ll be longing for a rainy day so you can hop into some Puddles! Find the latest price on : Amazon eight Mystical Fire Pimp out your campfire with this mystical powder! Toss a couple of packs into your fire and watch the flames magically change color. Mystical Fire works on any wood burning fire and creates a vibrant blue, green and red blaze. The amazing spectacle lasts about 30 mins and at that point, could you resist throwing on another pack? Find the latest price on : Amazon nine Handpresso Wild Hybrid Coffee Machine Glamping can be a tiring affair, so perk yourself up with a delicious espresso shot. The extremely portable Handpresso resembles a bicycle pump and is used in a similar fashion to build up sixteen bar of pressure. thus you simple fill the reservoir with hot water and add your choice of coffee (ground or E.S.E pod) . You’ll be pulling barista-quality coffee in no time. Find the latest price on : Amazon Whilst the idea of a Dutch oven might have had you giggling back in school, it’s actually an extremely versatile bit of glamping gear and a campfire classic. Set it on hot coals, or hang over a fire, and enjoy the pleasures of slow-cooking. Coals can be placed on the flanged lid for a more even heat distribution. Alternatively, flip the lid over and use it as a skillet. This cast-iron dutch oven is incredibly durable and comes pre-seasoned, making it virtually non-stick and easy to clean. Why not try one of these dutch oven recipes, where you can be sure there’ll be no bad smells brewing under the cover! Find the latest price on : Amazon eleven Tailgate Folding Wooden Picnic Table Eating your dinner off your lap is for campers, and rather uncivilised. Be a bonafide glamper, camp in luxury, and dine in style with this pop-up wooden picnic table. The sturdy and lightweight frame is easy to setup and provides seating for four, so you can chew the fat long into the night. Find the latest price on : Amazon twelve Deluxe Picnic bucket This chic picnic basket contains everything you need to enjoy a romantic glamping picnic. It features a fetching corduroy interior, good quality leather straps and comes complete with a cooler and matching fleece blanket. This cute little hamper is bound to impress your date and at least you can make sure the wine is sparkling, even if your conversation isn’t! Find the latest price on : Amazon thirteen GSI outdoors vortex blender This hand powered blender is great if you can’t survive without your morning smoothie. The geared hand crank produces enough power to crush ice and blend drinks, but you’re going to want to secure it onto something sturdy first using the included C-clamp. It’s perfect for whipping up some refreshing margaritas or fruit daiquiris, plus it gives you a brilliant excuse to get a little cranky in the mornings. Find the latest price on : Amazon fourteen Selkbag Leaving a warm sleeping bag on a chilly morning is often the camper’s first challenge of the day . Now with the wearable Selkbag you can take that warming embrace with you as you get things going around camp. It is one of the best glamping accessories for those who feel the cold and with its reinforced nylon soles, this full body sleeping suit will keep you warm and mobile in temperatures as low as 45f . It ’s ideal if you’re a nocturnal wriggler who gets uncomfortable in a traditional mummy shaped bag and it also makes sleeping in a hammock much more graceful. The ultimate way to camp in luxury! Find the latest price on : Amazon fifteen Bell Tent The bell tent is the undisputed champion of glamping accessories. With over two hundred square feet of space, this Gorgeous example from Stout Tents will be the envy of the campsite. The enchanting circular space easily sleeps six adults, and at 10ft tall feels extremely spacious and luxurious. The fully waterproof canvas is easy to erect and the sidewalls can be unzipped from the PVC groundsheet and rolled up in nice weather. There’s even an exit hole for a flue pipe so you can stay cosy with a wood burning stove. Who said camping is uncomfortable? Find the latest price on : Stout Tent sixteen Frontier stove The best camping luxuries are ones that don’t just look great, but also provide a practical ‘can’t live without’ purpose. This super safe wood burning stove does just that enabling glampers to enjoy fireside dining and campfire cooking right inside the comfort of their canvas home. The long flue means that the fire smoke can be directed straight out of the tent, leaving a smokeless and cosy internal space to enjoy, whatever the weather. Find the latest price on : Amazon seventeen Bunting The simplicity of brightly coloured strings of flags floating merrily overhead, never fail to add inexplicable joy to any camping scene. And if you’re going to delve into the realms of luxury camping then some pretty bunting should undoubtedly be at the top of your list of essential glamping accessories. Find the latest price on : Amazon eighteen Cafe latte set For those who take their coffee seriously, compromising on sub-standard preparation methods for their morning caffeine boost is simply not an option. In fact I’m pretty sure some glamping destinations wouldn ’t even allow you in without something swanky to brew up in. Thankfully, Snow Peak have solved this problem with some very classy lightweight titanium glamping equipment. Complete with a French press and milk foamer, you can now relax in camping glamour – perfect latte in hand. Find the latest price on : Amazon nineteen Pizza oven Ever been tempted to just ditch camp cooking altogether and order a take out instead? Well if it’s fast food you ’re after then it doesn’t get much better, or quicker, than cooking your own homemade pizza in just sixty seconds in this wood-fired oven. Fuelled by wood pellets instead of logs, this is one of the best glamping accessories for guaranteed use both at camp and back at home in the garden. Find the latest price on : Amazon twenty Portable record player Sometimes the sound of silence is the perfect soundtrack to your glamping adventures. But after dark when the aged wine emerges and the reminiscing commences, you can’t beat the vintage crackle of a classic vinyl to set the tone of the evening. For musos, this portable record player is a must to add to the list of essential glamping accessories, but with its versatile array of other great audio features, it’s sure to be enjoyed by everyone, glamper, muso or other. Find the latest price on : Amazon twenty-one Glamping trailers If you’re not quite ready to embrace sleeping under canvas for your vacation, then glamping trailers might just be the next best thing. And if you’re worried about going overboard on glamping camper accessories for your new vacation trailer, then opt for temporary digs instead; many glamping resorts offer glamping trailer rentals for a taste of the good life without the investment. Find the latest price on : Vacations in a Can twenty-two Blow up mattress The beauty of glamping tents is that they are usually big enough to house any piece of furniture you could wish for. But if you ’re not willing to rent a removal van to relocate your bedroom contents to your glamping locations, then this luxurious queen sized blow up mattress might just have to do. Its internal high capacity pump inflates the mattress in just 4 minutes, providing home from home dream-like comfort and cosiness. Find the latest price on : Amazon twenty-three Fairy lights It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to glamping tent accessories. So keep things simple and settle for these subtle solar powered fairy lights that will add the perfect balance of class and glamour to the outside of your tented home. Find the latest price on : Amazon twenty-four Pendleton Camp Blanket Getting out of bed in the morning can be a struggle, particularly when waking up under this beautiful woollen blanket. It’s warm and soft against the skin (no itchiness), making it a cozy treat to snuggle up with whilst gazing at the stars. It comes with an appealing leather carrying strap that is certain to add a touch of class to any glamping trip. Pendleton blankets are camping luxuries that are renowned for their heirloom-quality, so you can be sure that this will keep you (and your children) cosy for years to come . Find the latest price on : Pendleton So if you are looking for some glam camping ideas and pretty camping luxuries then this glamping equipment list is the perfect place to start. And remember: only the best glamping gear will do when it comes to luxury camping!
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24 Gorgeous Glamping Accessories for Camping in Luxury

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