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    Small Business Survival Plan for COVID-19

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    • example Survival Strategy: Bob’s Rent-A-Bike recent Situation: Because of the COVID-19 crisis, I ask the desire for bicycle rentals during our peak summer season to sharply decline somewhere in the range of thirty to fifty percent.
    • variance to rise Cash Flow : recent Service: We fing start gift bicycle repairs to the general public.
    • When I hung this at my textbook publishing company the employees in the warehouse came up with a proposal to dramatically reduce our trash removal costs of damaged books.

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    No money? No hope? Don’t believe up! Your business can survive! Even if you have totally burn out of wealth and are completely without hope, your business can almost certainly survive the COVID-19 crisis. Furthermore, you can emerge with a business that is stronger than the business you had before the crisis. How do I perceive this? My title is Bob Adams. I have moved countless Small, woefully undercapitalized marketing and successfully navigated them through one crisis after the next. The most same and sore predicament was running out of cash. At moment not only did I have no cash on hand, but I proposed impressive cash shortfalls in the months ahead. At other times my bank showed me the door and no other bank would lend me money either. I’ve survived running out of money and so can you. All too often it seemed like my dealings was finished. I was totally out of profit and hopelessly in debt. And the future beheld even worse. It seemed like there was no way out. But moment after time, I fix together a plan and found a way to survive. For example, I moved my textbook publishing business in my basement apartment with just $ 1500 and took it through one crisis after the next, eventually growing and selling it for $40 million. No fact how grim things seem now, your business can survive. And you check create an even robust dealings model at the same time. Here’s how to do it. First, calm it down. When the grim point hits, you have to peaceful yourself down. For me, I’d first go for a run. Then I’d remind myself that while running out of dollar was bad, it wasn’t as mean as let’s say getting hit by a truck. But sometimes I grasped so surprised by abrupt bad news – such as finding out that we would be $ 400,000 blunt in thirty course – that I would have to digest the news for a day before being capable to work on a solution. Sometimes you can’t just dive into it. You might be thinking how can I get peaceful when the unrest is threatening to end my business and throw my life into upheaval? You can’t require to get totally calm. But you can get calm enough to start working on a new plan for your business. OK… so you’re maybe you’re thinking overlook getting quiet and coming up with a plan, I already am out of finance and can’t pay my bills. Now what? Second, understand the key positive difference for you in this COVID-19 crisis. Listen. This COVID-19 predicament really is various than any other. Everyone on the complete world understands about it! And everyone is being impacted by it! And that’s a large interest to you! Usually, your dealings problem is YOUR business problem. But this business problem is the WORLD’S business problem. Because it’s a global problem everyone understands what your problem is. This predicament assumes you a carte blanche to stop paying your bills! It gives you a carte blanche for creditors to understand why you are not paying your bills. You’ve got a carte blanche to stop paying your bills. One of my wife won a letter from his landlord saying that they expected him to continue paying his rent. So he warned me he still needed to pay it. But the meaning the landlord carried the letter is because they don’t expect him to pay the rent! Or at slightest they ask there is a cheerful chance he and many of their other tenants are not going to pay the rent. At least not right now. This catastrophe in your business did not find because you made a business mistake. This catastrophe did not find because you were not prepared for a recession. This unrest occurred because of a global pandemic that led governments forcing businesses all over to shut down and consumers to stay at home. It’s not your fault. You can’t be expected to pay your bills normally when the government is shutting down both businesses and consumers. People don’t expect you to run your business and pay your bills the way you usually do. To be honest, from a legitimate perspective, you are carrying on peril if you don’t pay your bills. But if you can’t repay your law or all your bills, then you can’t pay them. During this crisis, there is nothing ignoble or dishonest about not repaying your bills if you can’t. It is probable that creditors could take legitimate action against you. But in most cases, the legal action is not going to begin quickly, especially at this time. But you do need a survival plan. So let’s start developing a survival plan that’s going to get you through this. If you have some primary employees you may decide to completely involve them in all steps of creating your survival plan. For me, during a gross funds crisis, I relate to do most of the work in creating a survival plan on my own. pace and filling arduous wide-sweeping decisions quickly matters. I do whatever I have to do to seek tranquil time, out-of-the-office to get going on a plan. And I typically work on it deep into the night. Then once I have a essential plan, I’ll go and current it to key employees, get their reaction and modify the plan. Rushed as I might feel to get a survival plan into action, I would try to listen patiently to reaction from major employees. My project may change significantly after getting their feedback. And even if my strategy doesn’t change much, it is crucial that the dominant employees felt that they had a “voice” and their opinions were “heard. ” If you have a really artistic and highly related ensemble of employees you may instead decide to involve them completely during this process of creating a survival plan. This, of course, check get untidy if even piece of the discussion gets into even temporarily eliminating their positions. So think out this approach before you embark on it. Now I understand various dealings people, like my son, think that I run my business like someone from the age of dinosaurs since I don’t involve my key people throughout a process like this. And I don’t suppose he is necessarily unfair . You need to choose which approach will work best for you. neglect how you ran the dealings yesterday. Today is a whole new ball game. Whether you generate a survival plan by yourself or with your team, there is a simple mindset that I recommend : “zero-based planning. ” In other words, the ancient is past. neglect it. It’s not going to job now. emerge with no assumptions. Start with a blank sheet of paper. In other words, you are not going to think about maybe trimming the hours you are open or reducing your marketing costs or trimming your overhead. Instead, you are continuing to redesign your dealings totally. And you are going to design it to survive during this tough time. Don’t cut a tiny figure each week… make all your changes at once. You don’t fing to be in a conditions where you slowly decide to trim a Small this week and hope that this crisis will end really quickly. It’s not going to happen. This catastrophe is not bringing to end overnight. COVID-19 isn’t bringing to disappear instantly. And even when the worst of it ends, the budget is not continuing to bounce back like a rubber ball! That’s a fantasy! It’s going to take period to get back to a lofty spending, mean economy. So you don’t fing to be in a conditions where you cut a Small this week. And then you go into catastrophe again next week and you fell a tiny more. And so on and so forth! Instead, you wish to redesign your marketing on a survivable basis right now. It fing likely involve some unpleasant decisions. Maybe you won’t be capable to assist renter who can’t pay in advance. Maybe you urge need to abandon a slow-moving production line. Maybe you will have to reduce your staff. My expertise has been that it is plenty better to do a perfect redesign of your business as soon as possible, rather than make one incremental cut after the next. Later as you find your business is gaining strength you can consider adding back aspects of your business that you are cutting now. You just gotta find the time to create a great new plan. I perceive that at this position it may seem unworkable to come up with the time to carefully put together a thoughtful survival plan. But you have to do it. You have to take the time to do it. It fing likely involve working date and night for a rare days to come up with a great plan. But if you can remain optimistic that you will survive today and that you will thrive tomorrow, it is easier to keep up the energy to create a great plan. Here’s a simple 7-part survival plan: Your little dealings Survival Plan During COVID-19 # 1. StrategyA short one-page description of the temporary design of the business for the crisis period, with an emphasis on ensuring survival of the business. # 2. Bill PrioritizationA ranked list of which bills will be paid as money is available. # 3. New BudgetA new monthly budget for the crisis period. # 4. Projected Income Statements Projected profit and loss statements for each month of the crisis period. # 5. Projected Balance Sheets Projected balance sheets for each month of the crisis period. # 6. proposed finance Flow Projected cash flow for each month of the crisis period. Here’s an example of a Survival Plan Strategy for Bob’s Rent-A-Bike, loosely based upon my first business venture. example Survival Strategy: Bob’s Rent-A-Bike recent Situation: Because of the COVID-19 crisis, I ask the desire for bicycle rentals during our peak summer season to sharply decline somewhere in the range of thirty to fifty percent. With my recent budget, even a 30% decline would make the business unprofitable. and I would have to usage some of my scant savings to keep the business running. At a 50% decline, the business would be losing money so quickly that it would use up all of my savings and I would be insolvent if I tried to pay all my bills. And speaking of bills, I am already behind on paying many of my bills and creditors are calling looking for payment. variance to rise Cash Flow : recent Service: We fing start gift bicycle repairs to the general public. Since we anticipate running below capacity this will not require any additional employees. Pricing Change : We urge reduce our velocity for multi-day bicycle rentals. This should increase the total revenue by encouraging people to rent bicycles for longer periods of time. Asset Sales: We will sell off 30% of our bicycle inventory at cost or even lower if necessary. variance to lessen Costs: * We fing cut our advertisement costs by 50% by eliminating our least effective advertising channels that might not be profitable with reduced demand. * We will trim our operating hours during the offseason when demand is low. * We will hire one less seasonal employee during our peak season. * We will go through all budget items one-by-one and determine which items we can skip or reduce at this time. Bill Prioritization Plan : resources on hand: $ 2,190 dollar Overdue: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, sales tax: $ three hundred and twelve owner latest month’s rent: $2,300 inner profit Service, income tax payment missed: $985 racial Bicycle Wholesale, forty-seven days overdue: $3,412 First racial Bank, latest month’s tenure loan payment: $1300 I yeing first pay the Massachusetts bargain tax. Really sales taxes and payroll taxes are not bills they are money that I am holding in escrow for the state or federal government so paying them is a very high priority. I condemn to not pay the purchaser the rent but I don’t have ample money now. I fing call the owner and tell him I don’t have the money now but that I have a “ Survival Plan ” and that I can only pay half of the rent and I can only pay it 15 days from now. I urge pay the IRS wealth tax over the diligent summer season when I have the income. I will notify them of my situation and explain when I will make payments as soon as the summer season begins. racial Bicycle Wholesale I yeing first ask if I can return any recently purchased bicycles for credit since I now anticipate lower demand. Then if I can’t then I will tell them they will have to wait for payment until I am able to sell some of the excess bicycle inventory. With First ethnic banking I urge call my loan officer and tell her about my Survival Plan for my business. I will assure her that the bank will be repaid eventually but for the next 90 days, I will not be able to make any payments. snap Any probable Financing Sources fiscal projections Creating all these financial projections is a lot of work. How described should they be? For how various months should you create them? Should you include multiple scenarios? Your recent monthly bargain should be quite detailed. The elder described it is, the senior you can cut expenses. Similarly, I rather hazard being too described as opposed to not being detailed plenty when projecting your cash flow. For your revenue statements and your balance sheets being investigated is not as critical at this time of crisis. Cash is what matters most. For a simple, one-person service business, running three months of projections may be sufficient. And you only need one set of projections: your most likely scenario. For a complex, multi-person product business that clings upon bank financing, you may want to make projections for twelve months. And you will likely want to create three sets of scenarios: a likely case scenario, a pessimistic case scenario, and an optimistic case scenario. recent financing sources: There are lots of alternatives. Of day in the US as well as in various other countries, government agencies are dramatically ramping up financial support and lending for Small businesses at this difficult time. Beyond that, there is an astounding digit of several ways you can finance a Small business. And while it may usually be tough to debt a business in inner trouble, potential financiers may in some cases be more understanding during this unique situation. I’m not saying getting financing can be simple but it can be done. Especially if you are inclined to carefully and professionally treatment a variety of workable funding sources. However, if day is of the essence, which it often is in these situations you might want to first consider friends and family financing Implementing Your Plan What you plan to do matters. But how you communicate that message to your key stakeholders is important as well. How do you talk with creditors and lenders? First, don’t forget them. For dominant creditors and lenders, you wish to try to get a decision-maker on the phone. Have your survival plan usable first. If you can’t repay them now then tell them you have a plan. If you understand when you can definitely pay then tell them. If you don’t know, then don’t pledge a date. But attempt to be in a conditions where you can promise them that you will survive and you will pay them. Be convinced and sincere on the phone. Everyone else is holding funds flow issues too. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Working with your employeesOnce you have your Survival Plan put together and discussed it with your key employees, it’s time to discuss the situation with the rest of your employees, if you have any. First, you wish to separately meet with any employees that you are dismissing, temporarily laying off, or reducing hours for. You fing to meet with them in-person, one-to-one if possible. Then say in a pleasant practice your difficult situation and what it will mean for them. If you are deferring them, then hopefully you will be capable to offer some kind of severance pay or extend benefits for at slightest a short period of time. While you and or your primary society may be very successful and distracted it is important to take time and energy to deliver this difficult news to employees as carefully as possible. For one, how you convey the news will strike other employees who are not being dismissed. And for another, it’s just the right thing to do. Re-assure your employees with an in-person meeting. Then you fing to pull together your remaining employees in an in-person group meeting. You want to assure them that you now have a carefully developed survival plan for your business during this difficult time of COVID-19. You especially want to assure them that you believe you will not have to make any future job cuts and that you believe that their continued employment at your firm should be safe. Then you include plan any changes that your company is making. I would also recommend asking for everyone’s aid in either increasing revenue or decreasing costs or both . I would even consider gift cash prizes for cost-cutting suggestions. And finally, I would course any questions that people might have. Additionally, I would offer to be available to discuss anything about these changes or the impact of COVID-19 on them or the workplace on a one-to-one basis. Seek help from your employees. When I hung this at my textbook publishing company the employees in the warehouse came up with a proposal to dramatically reduce our trash removal costs of damaged books. In fact, they came up with a source to buy the damaged books so they were able to turn a large cost into a significant piece of ongoing revenue. Communicate with your customers. You have to fix yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about how they view your business now. convey with them how your dealings has changed. transmit with them how you will handle bread differently now. If you have any in-person contact with them or with products being delivered to them, emphasize steps you have to ensure their safety. Here are two various instance of customer communication and service during COVID-19. At the emerging of this crisis, I had to revoke a lodging reservation that I received a specific no-refund non-cancellable rate on. Just before I was about to ask the Marriot-owned hotel, I received an email from the CEO of Marriot saying that because of COVID-19 anyone could cancel reservations for a ripe refund. Then I asked the lodging and the cherry reservation agent also assured me it was not a problem to cancel and they were lucky to issue a refund. This left me with a great feeling and I can’t wait to go back to this hotel in September. Then I attempted to connection American Airlines. Their website had vague messages on cancellations. At one end the website explained I could cancel but I would only get a refund. At three other town on the website, it explained I would not even get a refund for my ticket type. Finally, after awaiting endlessly to get someone on the ring I asked the reservation agent if I could get a refund or credit for another trip. She spoken that I could not get a refund but that I could rebook the trip using the similar ticket. On ceiling of that, she seemed “matter of fact” not at all as pleasant as the reservationist at Marriott. Unlike Marriott, I’m not eager to go back and use American Airlines. A vast transpire to Radically Improve Your exchange Model So how does my company emerge better from the crisis? The “Small” explanation you check see from the examples above. Such as rotating damaged textbook from a cost to a source of revenue. And the example from Bob’s Rent-A-Bike of adding bicycle repair to the company’s products. A big crisis opens the doors for big changes and improvements. But the “big” answer is that a crisis can open your mind and the mind of your employees to consider totally re-doing and improving your business model. As Winston Churchill said, “Never pass a happy predicament go to waste. ” A pleasant unrest is an weird time to rethink some of the basic concepts and assumptions about your business. A catastrophe unveils your mind to doing things in recent ways and frankly just opening up one’ s mind to new possibilities is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to radically improving the performance of a business, especially a Small business. Hence a crisis is a great time to re-examine your core business strategy. In particular, I believe that the vast majority of Small businesses could radically improve their business performance if they just improved these three things. The Three Big Things I Suggest You Take a Hard Look AtJust re-examining three things can send your business performance through the roof! Three dominant person almost any business keep do better: #1 Clearly object identifiable markets #2 Sharply discriminate production and services #3 convey your service proposition in a “ Unique Selling Proposition”Doing each of these three things exceptionally well is extremely important for a well-run business. Very very few businesses really do these things really well! So why don’t little support do these three things well? The question is that most businesses imagine that they do. And maybe your dealings is the exception. Maybe you do all of these three things great. But I’ll part a secret with you. I have a Harvard dealings School degree. I have successfully begung over a dozen businesses and made a lot of money. But here’s my secret… I have not always sufficed these three person well. And in hindsight, if I had, I would have been even more successful. Not executing these three person well is the #1 meaning that little businesses underperform. It’s the #1 meaning that so various little businesses suffer from low-profit margins, slow growth, and weak financial performance. And it’s likely the #1 reason that Small businesses fail. Let’s carry a immediate look at these critical three factors for business success: #1 Clearly object identifiable markets First, you want to have one or elder clearly identifiable object markets. You want to design your business to do an excellent job of serving these markets. #2 Sharply discriminate production and services Second, your business needs to be “ differentiated. ” You are unusual and your production and services wish to be unique to. They want to offer something specific that your competition do not. Something that really matters to your customers. #3 convey your service proposition in a “ unusual vending Proposition” Third, you need a effective unique selling proposition. A phrase or sentence that neatly explains why a customer should do business with you and not your competitor? surpase in these three dimensions lonely can create a very profitable business model. And there is no time better than a massive crisis to re-evaluate your whole business concept and make sure that it is strong as it can possibly be. It might seem grim now, but your business can survive! So no matter how grim the situation seems for your business now, let’s a powerful Survival Plan in place that will ensure that your business not only thrives but is stronger than ever before. For elder aid on how your little business can survive the COVID-19 crisis, I suggest my short video courses: How to spin Around a Struggling exchange How to Kickstart Your Business How to Boost Your Profits How to visualize Your marketing Plan Business Strategy: Your Formula for Success How to Create Your inexpensive Advantage How to mortgage Your Business: The Best Options Accounting & fiscal Statements Credit & Collections These courses are all on BusinessTown which you include try for free for seven days.
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    Small Business Survival Plan for COVID-19
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