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Mariah Carey Weight Loss Journey

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  • Read More: Chris Pratt Weight Loss Journey Mariah Carey’s Struggles Critics slammed her for taking frequent breaks between her songs and she even left the stage multiple times because of serious health conditions.
  • Read More: Khloe Kardashian Weight Loss Journey Some other people commented that she needs to “ cover those airbags,” and even said that Mariah “looked gross.
  • When asked about giving some fitness tips to her loyal fans, Mariah responded that about ninety percent of the weight loss strategy depends on the diet.

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Mariah Carey emerged as a superstar pop singer during the 1990s. Her initial rocking career sustained till the early 2000s. During this period, her albums touched the magical milestone of two hundred million, in terms of global record sales. She became an instant hit with her song, “One Sweet Day”, which also ended up being the number one bestselling for the longest span in American history. Mariah Carey Weight Loss Journey is a story of true determination and self-discipline. Her good times continued until two thousand and one when she suffered a physical breakdown, for which she was hospitalized. Unfortunately, her career also plunged. Critics claimed it to be the end of her charming career. However, in 2005, Mariah silenced the critics with her new album ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’. Between two thousand and nine and 2016, she continued her successful run by securing three Grammy Awards. She was also seen as a judge in the 12th season of American Idol. Read More: Issa Rae Weight Loss JourneyHow Weight Gain Impacted Mariah? Much like her career, Mariah’s weight also witnessed ups and downs. It’s a known fact that each woman is designed differently in terms of body type and metabolic rate. Women go through hormonal changes depending upon the stages in their life. This plays an important role in deciding how much weight we might end up gaining. Additionally, Mariah is a foodie. Apart from her foodie habits and hectic lifestyle, her emotional turmoils also contributed to her weight gain(1) . It all started when Mariah shared her pictures on Instagram. The photo clearly displayed her obesity and her fans didn’t fail to notice it. Her fans were found to express concern about her health as Mariah ’s weight seemed to have crossed the two hundred and sixty pounds mark. She even performed at a concert in New York, flaunting her obesity. The audience reported that Mariah’s walking didn ’t look natural and her energy level was not the same as it once used to be. Read More: Chris Pratt Weight Loss Journey Mariah Carey’s Struggles Critics slammed her for taking frequent breaks between her songs and she even left the stage multiple times because of serious health conditions. Haters didn’t want to lose an opportunity of body-shaming Mariah Carey, as they started throwing tantrums about her appearance. “ Mariah, you need to lose some weight cause your starting to look like a whale, ” one person insulted her by saying that. Read More: Khloe Kardashian Weight Loss Journey Some other people commented that she needs to “ cover those airbags,” and even said that Mariah “looked gross. ” As a public figure, she had to withstand the wrath of the public. Even during her live performance in Las Vegas, the audience constantly made shameless comments regarding her appearance. She was also body-shamed for wearing a body-hugging suit during her performance in the New Year’s Eve. Mariah’s audience did not spare her Halloween costume as well by saying that these looked awful on her, and she must pay attention to her shape. Read More: Amy Schumer Weight Loss Journey Her health had also raised concern among her fans around the world. Even doctors warned Mariah that the high heels she wears along with her increased body weight could lead to arthritis and several other heart diseases. In other words, all we’re worried that Mariah might face some serious life-threatening health troubles. Read More: Vincent Herbert Weight Loss Journey It was probably the lowest phase of her life. The curtains closed down on her, journalists tried to burn her image and fans lost all hopes. It seemed that the entire universe crumbled on her. Mariah Carey’s Weight Loss Inspiration In one of her interviews, Mariah said, “I never weighed myself. People will think I’m a liar but it’s true. I’m a big-boned girl, I’m tall, and so I always weigh more. ” In 2011, Mariah gave birth to adorable twins, Moroccan and Monroe. Pregnancy led to her weight gain once again. However, this time she was determined to get back to shape. The legend realized the importance of a proper diet plan for losing weight. Mariah decided to lose her extra weight mostly because of the harsh comments she received from people. The constant humiliation by internet trolls might have impacted her happiness. So she wanted to answer her critics, but with action rather than words. Mariah Carey Weight Loss Journey is the one which shut her critics up. Read More: Zach Galifianakis Weight Loss Journey The extra weight also prevented her from performing on stage. One of her acquaintances revealed that Mariah has always been proud of her curves, but recently she wasn’t comfortable with her weight. As a performer, Mariah believed that her overweight conditions are creating hindrance in her way to success. She wanted to make a comeback like a queen like she is . But how did Mariah managed to lose so much of her extra weight? There are multiple speculations on the topic . One such theory suggests James Packer be a big reason behind Mariah’s reshaping. The eccentric Australian businessman had undergone weight-loss surgery to get good results and he attained an impressive physique. Theories suggest that Mariah too relied on this spectacular weight loss surgery for getting her curves back. However, Mariah never admitted undergoing such a surgery. According to her, it was her hard work and strict diet control that helped her achieve her fitness goals. Mariah Carey Weight Loss Journey is full of ups and downs. Mariah Carey Weight Loss Journey Mariah’s Diet Schedule Mariah’s daily calorie requirement is 1500. She likes eating bread & pasta, however, she had to change her habits to get back to her desired shape. Now her meal consists of high protein foods including fruits and green vegetables. She focuses on consuming food with low carbohydrate content. Breakfast: She eats sliced whole-grain bread, fruits along with an omelet made of two eggs. Lunch: She depends on high protein food such as tuna, chicken or steak, consuming them alternatively. Dinner: Her dinner isn’t complete without swordfish. She also likes having green leafy vegetables including spinach, with some butter or olive oil. Other Diet Changes: Previously, Mariah was known for her affection for junk food. But the situation has changed completely as she moved towards a more disciplined lifestyle. Now, she prefers having a light snack that includes raw vegetables with apple sauce. Her discipline paid off big time, as she was able to put in efforts while keeping an eye on her target. The 175 cm tall pop star got back to her regular weight in just a period of 1 year. When asked about her magical transformation, Mariah mentioned the effectiveness of a strict workout schedule and customized diet plan. She also thanked her trainer who believed in her, even when the time was not favorable. Mariah has successfully got her flat tummy back and is once again proud of her curves. During this one year, she lost about thirty pounds of her body weight. Still, now she follows a strict routine and works out at least 4 times a week. Mariah’s Workout Regime Although her exercises were not too intense, Mariah followed her workout schedule religiously. Every week she went walking for an hour. She also underwent 90 minutes of swimming. She prefers aerobics and water exercises and she found these exercises to be more effective than other forms of workout. Mariah is trained under Patricia Gay, who is a trainer based in St. Barts. Water Aerobic Exercises Mariah Carey loves her aquatic workouts. The advantage of such an exercise routine helped her build stronger muscles without growing bigger in shape. Aquatic aerobics makes your body strong and keep it in perfect shape. Chest Workout Mariah performed her breaststroke in the deepest area of her pool. When her arms pushed through the water, both her shoulders as well as her chest muscles were strengthened. Performing lap swimming and increasing the number of laps with increased strength, helped her regain her magical shape. Leg Workout In order to achieve great shape for her legs, Mariah paid attention to her leg workout routine. Her schedule included standing straight while keeping her back, flat against the wall . all of these exercises were performed underwater, which put her muscles into more tension than usual. She took the help of a pool noodle to complete her workout regime. Mariah performed four to five sets of these underwater stretching activities and repeated these exercises 10 to 15 times. Abdominal Workout Mariah wanted a flat stomach and she knew only hard work and determination shall help her achieve the same. She started withholding empty water jugs. Then she would stretch her arms towards her sides without moving them. Next, she would lie on her back and extend both of her legs in front of her. Tightening her core muscles would be her next step while she pulled her knees towards her chest. The prime focus of this exercise was to ensure that she didn ’t use her arms. Instead, she focused on pulling her knees towards her chest just by contracting her abdominal muscles. Mariah used to perform three sets of the exercise with 25 reps. Along with these specialized exercises, Mariah stretched a lot and worked with weights. To attain better shape for her buttocks and thighs, Mariah also underwent several medicine ball exercises. Mariah Carey: An Inspiration to Many Even a few of her critics admitted that Mariah is currently in the best shape than she ever had. She has so many followers around the globe who look to her for inspiration. Mariah wanted her fans to feel proud of her. She said that after struggling with her weight for a long time, Mariah finally feels to be in complete control, and she didn’t hide her pride in the results she got. Mariah’s diet has got better and leaner as compared to before. Her fitness trainer also revealed that Mariah has been following a clean diet. When asked, Mariah confirmed that she has stopped snacking on junk and sugary treats. She has been eating more organic veggies, meat, and fish, as compared to earlier. Read More: James Brown Weight Loss Journey Mariah also claimed to have cut down on processed foods and carbs. She has been extremely strict about portion control, as she eats a lot slower now a day. Being mindful of when you are feeling full and stop eating at that very moment, is what matters. In an interview, Mariah said that anyone would hate her diet. Norwegian salmon and capers are all she eats. How can you even control the urge of breaking your boring diet routine? Mariah sticks with high protein meals. When asked for advice, Mariah warned about not eating a salad before a photoshoot, as it bloats your body. When asked about giving some fitness tips to her loyal fans, Mariah responded that about ninety percent of the weight loss strategy depends on the diet. She mentioned that her workout routine focuses more on staying toned. She also explained that for her, staying in the perfect shape means going for hour-long walks multiple times a week or maybe jumping into the pool four times a week. Read More: Gucci Mane Weight Loss Mariah’s words for her Fans Mariah emphasizes that aquatic exercises can be extremely helpful in losing weight. She also quit smoking and advises her fans to do the same if you want to look like her. Mariah Carey has set an example of achieving success through mere dedication. When she was facing rejection from her fans, she never stopped believing in herself. She showed the world that if someone wants something badly, nothing can stop him/her from achieving the same. Losing weight is no small task. It can be frustrating at times. Read More: Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey Only people with tough mental condition can bring results. Mariah is one of those few blessed stars who could resurrect their position into the hearts of millions of people around the world. She also ensured that her critics go for hibernation. Her comeback is worth celebrating. Mariah Carey Weight Loss Journey inspires one and all to keep improving towards better tomorrow.
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Mariah Carey Weight Loss Journey

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