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How to Increase Website Organic SEO Traffic: The (Monster) G


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increase traffic in your website

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However, you should reach out to at least 5-6 influencers as if not all, one of them will share your content with their audience and help you attract more SEO traffic Take look at the following snippet where Amazon has added a specific keyword to the URL itself and managed to rank on the second position on the SERP . Here’s the procedure to use Twitter to find guest blogging opportunities: How To Do It How To Do It How To Do It How To Do It CD Ns and cache plugins are nice, but investing in premium hosting is the # one thing you can do to make your site faster. To do so open up the Like earlier, make a list of relevant, page-level competitors is Google sheets as follows: See Who the Guest Bloggers Are The best way to do this is to promise the author that you ’re going to share the post on social media platforms.

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    Here are the Ways on How to Increase Website Organic SEO Traffic to Your Site one run On-Page SEO to increase organic website traffic Here are the Steps to do the Perfect Blogger Outreach to Boost Up the Web Organic SEO Traffic to Drive Organic SEO Traffic five Manual Outreach or Blogger Outreach to increase web organic SEO traffic nine Re-Publish Old Blogs to increase site SEO Organic traffic seventeen ways to get more website traffic two Guest Blogging to drive organic SEO traffic to your website If you want to increase the website ’s organic SEO traffic, follow the below-mentioned points while republishing the blogs on Linkedin & Medium. Here ’s how can you start with Youtube and use it to improve your website traffic … six Competitor Backlink Analysis to increase organic SEO traffic nineteen Add LSI Keywords in your Content to drive organic SEO traffic So, implement blogger outreach precisely and see your website organic seo traffic grows exponentially. The minute your DR score increases, your search engine rankings will improve, which will eventually increase the website’s organic SEO traffic. How to Implement LSI in Your SEO Strategy? Perform On-Page SEO Re-Publish Old Blogs to increase site traffic Apart from boosting the website ’s organic SEO traffic, these referral websites will help you get the most out of your SEO efforts, leading to better search engine rankings. That’s the reason why you should identify the websites which provide referral traffic to the competitor website. If the images on your website aren’t optimized, you’ll miss out a lot of potential website seo traffic. One of the most easiest way to Perform Basic On-Page SEO Here ’s how you can republish old blogs to drive more free traffic to your website. As per the official definition, On-page SEO refers to the practice of ‘ optimizing’ web pages to help them rank higher in the search engines. However, the end goal of performing on-page SEO is to increase website seo traffic. What is On-Page SEO? LSI keywords and their impact on improving website traffic Search Engine Optimization one Use SEO-Friendly URLs Using outbound links is one of the easiest and most effective white hat SEO technique which boost up the website seo traffic. How Search Engines Crawl Web Pages? The Importance of Identifying SEO Traffic Sources Apart from being a crucial on-page SEO factor, image optimization also helps the search engine to understand what your web page is really about… .which eventually leads to better rankings and thereby increased website seo traffic. Here’s how LSI keywords can help you skyrocket the website traffic. Websites Providing Referral Traffic. How to Complement the Blogger Website Traffic To take a look at the countries that drive most of the organic SEO traffic to the competitor’s website, click on the ‘Geography’ button under ‘Website Audience ’ tab. Getting exposure back to your website. a post with seventy-five SEO tips The Content: As we mentioned earlier, you can either copy the entire post or only share a part of it. In any case, make sure the content is up to the mark and has the potential to drive more organic SEO traffic. From the snippet, it is clear that our website generates a decent amount of organic SEO traffic from both the United States and Mexico. Helps you achieve better search engine rankings and thereby more organic traffic. Adhere to the following tips while commenting on blogs to attract seo traffic. Potential to thrust Organic Traffic. Blogger outreach has the potential to help you drive more web seo traffic and grow your sales. Google penalizing unnaturally linked websites Since you’re answering customer queries through these questions, you ’re most likely to drive more organic traffic to your website. As you can see, in the first snippet, Brian started off with telling people about his website. It ’s a really underrated but effective to drive traffic to your website . When you start the About Page description with telling about your website, the viewers are likely to visit your website or at least search about it in Google. As soon as they do it, your website will experience a streamline of Youtube and organic traffic. improve your organic search rankings to monitor the referral traffic on your website. SEO ranking factors Another thing that you should remember about Domain Rating is that a higher DR has more potential to naturally attract backlinks, which can further lead to better search engine rankings and increased SEO traffic. Here ’s how you can utilize Linkedin videos to skyrocket free traffic to your website. To find the organic landing pages report, navigate to Furthermore, as long as this republished content has a company name or your name, the search engine will not penalize or delist it at all. It means that republishing blogs on Medium is only going to increase to site ’s organic SEO traffic. This will display the percentage of website SEO traffic generated through each of the channels. The title tag has a huge influence on the on-page SEO of your website. SEO Services If you want to engage a reader and improve web seo traffic on your website, make sure to publish longer blogs. You can use Google Analytics to identify current CTR, bounce rate, clicks, impressions, and current SERP position. It gives you a deep insight into your website’s performance. Use these results to implement the most suitable methods to improve CTR and drive more traffic to your website How to Add Context to Your Content? Like we mentioned many times, adding LSI keywords improve your website performance and helps you achieve better search engine rankings. Utilizing it as a part of your SEO strategies will eventually grab the attention of search engine and your target audience, which will help you attain better website rankings. You can use the Google suggestions at the bottom of the Search Engine Result Page . Use these ideas to improve the existing content on your website. eight Improve Website quicken by Analyzing the Site Speed Report Furthermore, If content marketing is one of your biggest assets, guest blogging is the perfect solution to boost your website’s seo traffic and Here are two of the LSI methods which will improve your website rankings and performance. Rather copy and paste the valuable blogs from your website into medium and publish them as a new mean story. Like Linkedin, re-publishing blogs on Medium can increase the website ’s organic traffic and the entire process is extremely simple as well. First and foremost you need to find these influencers and convince them to share your blogs as that ’s the only way to attract more SEO traffic. When it comes to SEO, LSI has several benefits that make it one of the significant SEO tools to improve your website’s rankings and thereby increase the web traffic. These benefits include: Organic Traffic Volumes and Key Stats The next thing that we should identify is the Countries that Provide organic SEO Traffic to our Competitors. Try to add your target keyword in the website ’s URL as well the title . Optimize Site Speed Here ’s the recommended URL structure which improves your click-through rates. Blogger outreach does not drive results overnight, so don’t get discouraged if you see no significant growth . Be patient and keep focusing on other aspects of improving website traffic as well. Furthermore, hosting giveaways is yet another approach to building better customer relations. Host such giveaway contests occasionally and see how the traffic on your website increases rapidly. Optimize Channel’s About Page One of the easiest ways to convince people to visit your website is to directly tell them. While as simple as it may sound, this tactic works most of the times. In fact, by telling people to visit your website, you’re moving one step closer to building a healthy customer relationship. Social media is the biggest platform to boost up web traffic. You would want to find posts on your website which already bring enough traffic. So, you can use the Top Page report to find top content of your competitors. It will help you identify content opportunities with potential keywords and utilize them to improve your organic traffic. Similarly, other niches may get most of their traffic from organic searches only. In this case, you should focus on improving your search engine rankings to rank in the top results of SERP . Let’s break each one of these sections down and see how you can leverage all of them to acquire more seo traffic. In fact, your web pages aren’t even going to maintain consistent rankings, even if you are performing all the above-mentioned on- page SEO tactics precisely. So, make sure that your content, apart from being high-quality, is written as per the expectations of your target audience. How to Publish Videos on Linkedin 12. Drive Organic Traffic using Linkedin Pulse remains one of the simplest ways to build high‐quality links to your site. Many websites rely on social media platforms to improve their web traffic. The truth is social media has the potential to skyrocket your website traffic and grow your business. So, it’s crucial to find out the competitor’s content that received most shares across various social media platforms. Scroll down to locate the Google’s “People also ask” section and try to answer as many questions as you can in your post while precisely sprinkling the LSI keywords. These are the questions that users frequently use to perform Google search and answering them will improve your web page rankings and thereby organic traffic. Method three : Use Content Explorer in Ahrefs Total organic SEOTraffic Per Month. Building backlinks to your website. Like we mentioned earlier, pop-ups are bad and they damage the user-engagement. Think of it like this, the customer is about to complete the purchase and all of a sudden a pop-up appears out of nowhere. It will frustrate the buyer, wouldn’t it? So, avoid using pop-ups during the checkout process and make your website more engaging so that it can attract organic SEO traffic. Method one : Use Google advanced search queries You can’t expect to increase your website traffic through Linkedin pulse if you’re publishing posts once a month. To reach more people and encourage them to go to your website, it is crucial to frequently publish new articles on Linkedin pulse. While it may not drive traffic to your website directly, promoting your Linkedin page takes you one step closer to building better customer relations with the customers. From a conversion and SEO standpoint, the ROI of a premium hosting can’t be beat. Draft an email and send it to the influencer. Now, be patient and let fate decide your future. If your content has the potential, it is more likely to be further shared by the influencer. However, you should reach out to at least 5-6 influencers as if not all, one of them will share your content with their audience and help you attract more SEO traffic Take look at the following snippet where Amazon has added a specific keyword to the URL itself and managed to rank on the second position on the SERP . nineteen Maximize Organic CTR website speed how guest blogging helped him transform Another way to quickly index your new blogs is to use the fetch as Google feature in one Speed up your site What Type of Traffic Contests and Giveaways Bring to Your Website Post Blogs on Website and Share Them On Google+ Creating valuable content is the most crucial aspect of getting success through Youtube, even if you ’re using it to drive traffic to your website . PWA Which Websites Provide the Most Referrals? build authority in your industry through blogging eleven Optimize Site Speed Helps you craft engaging content which eventually lowers the bounce rate of your website. “ Why all these websites mentioned , but not ? ” How to Design Images that Attract Links That’s it, the search console is successfully integrated into Google Analytics. Now, you can easily generate the search console report under the search-console tab itself. To track the organic SEO traffic performance of your website click on the queries tab. Giving their brand a benefit. Mention how your post will help their brand and website traffic. Frequently Update Your Keyword “ contribute to our site” Add LSI Keywords in your Content How to Find Forums which Belong to Your Niche Here ’s how you can craft a piece of content which will attract the influencers in your niche. Though social media sharing is not one of the search engine ranking factors, it surely helps you to attract website seo traffic indirectly. It’s also a good practice to add website URL in the first lines of the description. It could either help you achieve desired results or do nothing at all. However, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting as it will help you understand how your audience interacts with your videos. Use Social Media to Drive Traffic Things to Remember About Domain Rating Tell People to Visit Your Website Use Descriptive URLs from Melyssa Griffin, on which updating images resulted in improved web traffic and better Click through Rate. You can do the same to achieve the desired results. Add New Sub-Sections in the Content Here’s an effective guide on how to Finding Competitor’s Content With Most Backlinks . If your website has quality backlinks, its rankings in the search engine result pages will improve. keywords helps the search engine understand the overall context of your website. These are basically the synonyms of your target keyword that Google uses to check the page ’s relevancy to the keyword itself. Gone are the days when you could stuff keywords in your page ’s content and expect to achieve better rankings. So, sprinkle these LSI keywords in your every post and help the search engine to rank your website ’s rankings. Once your channel starts to grow, it will receive comments from your viewers, which is a good thing. However, if you aren’t replying to these comments, you’re sabotaging your Youtube growth as well as your website traffic. Following Up: Guest Post Proposal on left on Smart Blogger’s post on blogging milestones. Here is a snippet: . If you want to be one of them, continue reading, as we are going to check out how to find guest blogging opportunities and utilize them effectively to drive free traffic to your website. Organic Keywords. Here’s the procedure to use Twitter to find guest blogging opportunities: How To Do It How To Do It How To Do It How To Do It CDNs and cache plugins are nice, but investing in premium hosting is the # one thing you can do to make your site faster. So, if you’re still not using Linkedin pulse as your primary content marketing strategy, it is likely that you’ll miss out on tons of website traffic. However, if you want to increase your social media followers, add your social media profiles within the bio. URL and popped it into Drive Traffic using Linkedin Pulse So, how does this optimization process works? Through guest blogging, you can get high-quality backlinks from authority domains and get the required Guest blogging also builds trust. Think of it like this, when an authoritative website publishes your content, you eventually become a trustworthy influencer. In fact, if you post on reputed websites regularly, Checking Competitor’s Organic Keywords list of SEO tools If you are using WordPress as your CMS, you are likely to be familiar with Yoast. It is an all-in-one SEO tool that can be used to preview the snippet of your web page on the SERP . It means that you can ensure that your title is not being cut out and the meta description contains the target keyword as well. That’s a lot of seo traffic, and the fact that he did it without putting in too many efforts! ! Adding images makes your content more appealing and also enhances the content readability. Follow our guide to Pro prick : Focus on The Content-Type That’s Working in your recess Behavior » Site Speed » Overview boost its traffic by 260.7%. So, how exactly can you make your Linkedin posts more appealing? five hundred places to syndicate content Always remember, every influencer is not going to provide your website with a backlink, mainly due to Audit Images on Your Website First and foremost, you need to be ranked on the first page of SERP. Reason being, users usually click on one of the links on the first page itself. Most of the users don’t even bother to go to the second page. It means that if your web pages are not ranked in the top rankings, your CTR will eventually damage. Promote your Linkedin page and drive your social media audience to the Pulse articles and then to your website. as posting the content on other websites puts your brand in front of the new audience . seven multiply Engagement by Analyzing Landing Page Reports Localize Your Content As you can see in the above image, Linkedin is even better than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to sharing business-related content. It means that if you aren’t sharing content on Linkedin, you’re losing ton of potential website traffic. I Noticed few Issues On Your Site Steal Links from Page-Level Competitors Your Keyword inurl: “ guest blogger” Blogger outreach is the process of identifying influencers who you could benefit from a relationship with. This is the reason why many website owners seek manual outreach or blogger outreach to promote their content as soon as it gets published because when it comes to growing your audience and increasing engagement, getting someone else to spread your message is the perfect way to foster trust. Losing the content value while infusing LSI keywords into the blogs. Sharing videos will attract more and more users, which eventually leads to better customer relations. Your videos can include anything like tutorials, latest updates on a certain topic, latest happenings in your business and the entire market, etc. Utilize Linkedin in a better way and see how the traffic on your website experiences an instant hike . three How to Find Influencer’s Email Addresses Consider this page as an opportunity to tell viewers about your business and how you can help them with their queries. Backlinko’s Enter the influencer ’s website into Ahrefs site explorer and click on the ‘ best by links ’ button under ‘top pages’ button. is to add target keyword to the image file name. However, adding the keyword to every image on your website isn’t possible . Promote Your Linkedin Page Your Keyword “become a guest blogger , when you approach a blogger with an outreach email claiming to be a fan of the website, this is what he ends up thinking : thirteen design YouTube column and Drive Traffic optimized content Use Yoast to Preview Snippet Ensure that all the links are redirecting to the right website. Scroll down to SERP overview. “ Your Keyword “ guest blogger” As surprising as it may sound but, Twitter search is an untapped goldmine to find the best guest blogging websites. SEMRush is one of the most convenient SEO tools which can also be used to find LSI keywords. Use the “ Here ’s how you can write the perfect follow-up email: Structuring Web Copy Organic Search. Even though the majority of these new faces are likely to go away, as soon as the contest ends, there will be many people who ’ll stick around, especially if they find valuable content on your website. It means that contests and giveaways give you the opportunity to bring new traffic to your website. Here’s how Backlinko started a new thread back in two thousand and twelve simply by copying content from their website. Building outbound links to related web pages helps the search engine understand the context of your web page. Furthermore, it also tells the search engine that your website contains genuine information which can be shared with the readers. If you aren’t focusing on outbound links of your website, you are missing out on big opportunities. Like Google search, head over to Here’s are some of the tactics to republish content on Linkedin to achieve the best results. LSI Practices Which You Should Avoid: Though it won ’t hurt you or your website, this habit can become a serious issue when you desperately need something from a blogger. While adding visual content to your website, make sure to add original images and videos. However, in case you are left with no other choice but to paste someone else’s images to your blogs, do mention the owner/source of the image. From Where Our Competitors are Getting Traffic. write ten times quality content to get more rational E-commerce Content is the primary and probably the only key that benefits your business through guest blogging. To inherit guest blogging in your inbound marketing strategy, your content should be up to the mark. While I was browsing through your website, I noticed. Improves Content Credibility. To do so, we’ll generate the ‘ Best by Shares’ report in Ahrefs site explorer. Simply click on the peak by Shares button under Organic Search tab. So, we highly recommend making as concise URLs as possible which contain your target keyword. Your Keyword “ submit your content” Quu is one of the best content marketing tools which can be utilized to skyrocket your website rankings and attract website traffic instantly. The next thing that you should take a look is the rate with which each domain is acquiring new domains per month. Reason being, you need to acquire more referring domains than your competitors each month. So, if your competitors are acquiring one hundred referring domains every month, you need to surpass this benchmark. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends, you can share your opinion and generate better content ideas to write your own blogs. Republish Blogs on Linkedin Wouldn’t it be perfect if you can track the number of times your website appears in the Google search results, along with the click-through rate? The truth is you can actually do this using In the following guide, we will only use the above-mentioned two tools to perform the entire competitor analysis. Reason being they ’re extremely accurate and provide a better insight into the entire site profile. However, you can still use some of the other SEO traffic tools like: Here ’s a simple overview of the website . Reading latest blogs from other authors helps you stay up-to-date with the trends happening in your domain. Using this information, you can generate better content ideas, and write better and highly informative blogs. Here’s how to craft the perfect partnership email. Optimizing your channel is as imperative as optimizing each video. A viewer who loves watching your videos is likely to visit your About Page as well. So, it is crucial that your About Page perfectly describes your channel as well as your business. The LSI algorithm basically identifies the semantic relations between the website content and the user’s search query using various factors. As per the algorithm, these semantic relationships are categorized as: How Does LSI Work? Latent Semantic Indexing is an algorithm that helps search engines understand the content on a web page and compare it with users search engine query to provide him with the most accurate search results. The landing page is the first page where your customers land through Google. Therefore, it is important to analyze and track your landing pages as well. It helps you identify the issues which are leading to poor conversions. Promote Your Content and Videos on Quuu Finding Competitor’s Most Shared Content Increase Linkedin Connection Count Adding More Context When it comes to posting content on Linkedin, you can’t simply rely on simple blogs which aren’t appealing at all. Posting appealing and viral content has a huge potential to captivate your audience. Site Explorer Site Explorer Your Keyword “ submit content” Social Media Traffic. combine Content With Influencer’s Name in It The Importance of Understanding Competitor’s Referral Traffic Sources These are the average number of web pages users navigate through on your website, during their visit. Higher values of Pages/Visit means that the website is providing the users with valuable and engaging content. What type of content do they write? Does their content is mostly informative? Or do they write about latest trends happening in the industry? Here is a list of backlinks is pointing to Simply navigate through: Content Marketing Institute Do Republished Blogs are Considered as Duplicate Content? Scroll through the list and try to figure out why these websites are linking to your competitors and not you. To do so, take a look at the web page title, and the anchor text. Optimize your Videos Manual Outreach or Blogger Outreach What’s a content gap and why do you need to fill it? how frequent should you post these articles? Registering your business on Google My Business is much easier and result-oriented than any other paid promotion tactics, and it also improves your Click Through Rate . increase your click through rate by 42% Simply enter the domain name into Ahrefs Site Explorer bar and click on the Organic Search button in the overview section. This will display a plethora of information including: content marketing ROI Flaunt My Design also managed to generate over two thousand page visits within eight months Here ’s how you can utilize Quu to promote as one of your content marketing tools. Till this point, you ’re only focusing on optimizing individual video. But what about optimizing the entire Youtube channel? With guest blogging, your The above post, when ranked in the search engine result page, is likely to be clicked by the reader. So, whenever you see an opportunity, make sure to add listicles to your websites such as Top ten services that you offer, cap twenty Steps to Achieve Success in Specific Field, etc. from high authority domains is one of the major Marketing our brand to get that referral traffic. Whether these comments are good or bad, it’s crucial to pay attention to them and reply to as many of them as you can. Leaving your viewers high and dry in the comment section is not good practice by any means, especially if they’re saying positive things about your website. We’ll again use Ahrefs Site Explorer to analyze the content of our competitors . And you thought blogger outreach was just about acquiring links? This will display a list of websites linking to the particular web page. six Other Benefits to Blogger Outreach Here ’s how you can use Ahrefs to find the domain level Competitors. Finding Most Popular Content Though you can only write 160-170 characters, you must do your best to clarify what your web page is all about. The key to writing a meta description is to make it appealing while keeping it concise. Basically, clear your intent through a shorter sentence. We should improve our search engine rankings to acquire new customers directly from search engines. Asking the author a question is one of the best ways to start a The reason why it ’s better to directly share videos than adding them to your Linkedin posts is it adds variation to your content. Since you ’re not sticking to one form of content, you’re likely to engage your Linkedin audience . Pages Per Visit As soon as a reader leaves a comment on your blogs, respond them appropriately, even if it ’s a simple “ nice post” comment. If anything it ’ll help you to skyrocket your website rankings. However, when it comes to performing guest blogging, you need to extra cautious, as any bad move can lead to severe penalties, which eventually harms your business in the long run. Do you want your work to be shared on some of the best blogs in the world? Finding and padding Content Gaps The Countries Which Provide Them Traffic. CTA: Add all the required Call-to-Actions. To increase relevancy, add keyword synonyms. Adding content promotion factors to encourage people to share your posts on their social media profiles . See How Other Guest Posts Do fifteen exalt Your Content and Videos on Quuu How to Use This Information one Structuring Web Copy Content With Most Backlinks. Here are some of the ways in which you can greet an author. Benefits of Guest Blogging standard Youtube practices, Without performing reverse engineering, it may get a bit tricky to find such websites but with this immense power in your hand, you can locate such websites without putting in too much effort. At the beginning of every video, simply say “Hello, this is from ”. When you do this, you attach yourself to your website at the beginning itself and give your customers a hint about where to go after this video. We can easily identify the competitor’s most visited content by clicking on the ‘ Top Pages’ button in the Site Explorer. Your Keyword “ guest posting guidelines” You should also pay attention to the content which is missing from your niche but is likely to allure your target audience. So, if you create such content, your brand will stand out in the market. At last, he tells people how his channel can help them grow their business and convinces them to subscribe to his channel. This is a good strategy to tell to encourage people to subscribe to the channel through the comment section. major content marketing challengers Get Your Posts Featured on Linkedin Channels Referral Traffic. , who consistently utilize Linkedin to publish viral posts like: Add Relevant Keywords Headline : Try to make the headline as captivating as possible. How Carefully Crafted Comments can Be Rewarding? ?? ? Your Keyword “ submit article” guide on Google+ seven Add Keywords in First one hundred Words If you want your blogger outreach efforts to succeed, it is crucial that you utilize the above-mentioned tactics precisely. You need to be in consistent touch with the influencers in your niche. Start out by adding a cover image of the mentioned pixel size, i.e, 1200×630 pixels. While many people add the same image they used on their website, others usually prefer adding new images to improve credibility . Your Keyword “ articles wanted ” However, you are required to enable the custom dimension on your website if you want to track the performance of a specific focus keyword. three Add Modifiers To Your Title content more rich and engaging Your Keyword “submit an article” Your Keyword “submit an article” 500+ Guest Blogging Opportunities Improving Your Linkedin Profile Switching the flow of the content in between. Social media sharing can attract thousands of new readers to your website . five Follow-Up Your Cold Outreach Emails nine percent of small businesses are utilizing Youtube Create a new alert by navigating through Google Analytics Latent Semantic Indexing To get more creative with the description, you can also add LSI keywords in your descriptions. These are the keywords which closely relate to your target keyword. Use as many LSI keywords as you want, as long as the description sounds completely natural. Content with Huge Number of Shares. Start out with comparing each of the competitor domain to pull out some basic stats like referring domain and domain authority. To do so open up the Like earlier, make a list of relevant, page-level competitors is Google sheets as follows: See Who the Guest Bloggers Are The best way to do this is to promise the author that you ’re going to share the post on social media platforms. Here ’s what makes this email template so effective: Now, we should move further to find a competitor’s content with most backlinks . To do so we’ll use the Ahrefs “ Best By Links” feature and sort the content by the number of backlinks . Google My Business Do not overuse the keywords in your content as it damages the content readability and may even lead to a Google penalty. The content is focused on your niche / industry. blogger outreach Here’s how Neil Patel endorsed on Backlinko: Here you can see that the “Social” channel is the combined percentage of all the social media profiles. So, if you want to get the platform-wise traffic percentage, click on ‘ Social’ to check which social media platform is generating what percentage of traffic. How to amble a Successful Giveaway Contest? , guest blogging is one of the crucial parts of a marketing funnel. Dumping Links in Your Comments Cater to SVD by adding correlated phrases and words so that the entire content has a clear theme. We’ll start with as simple as using Google to find the LSI keywords. Enter your target keyword into the Google search bar and it will drop down a list of a bunch of suggestions. All these suggestions can be treated as the LSI keywords. However, make sure that they are relevant to your business niche. Here are some of the Linkedin pulse hacks which will help you optimize your content in such a way that it becomes visible to majority of Linkedin pulse readers. Develop a similarity throughout your content by adding common phrases, words, synonyms, and terms.
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