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A Deep Dive Into The 59 Banned Chinese Apps In India

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How to upload status WhatsApp web

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  • Tik Tok, UC Browser, ShareIT, ES File Explorer, collide Of Kings, Helo, Likee, Cam Scanner, Shein were among the apps barred.
  • Many of these companies had a big workforce in India, and the social media platforms among the banned apps were also the revenue and income source for millions of influencers, who now have to look for alternatives.
  • The division claims to have over forty Mn monthly effective users across India and Bangladesh, coveringing fourteen regional languages including Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, and Gujarati.

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Xiaomi is one of the fat employer in India with over 10,000 employees in the country In the waken of the ban, various Indian apps have come up as alternatives for popular social media platforms and other utilities The ban on Chinese apps has had a cascading impact on Indian tech with many of the companies having extensive presence in India Last week, the ministry of information technology banned fifty-nine Chinese apps in India on the grounds of threat to the data sovereignty and security of the country. The official statement from the IT ministry said that the government had to look into the apps after many complaints in the public domain about alleged rampant data collection from Indian users. corresponding to a Techcrunch report, the fifty-nine apps had an installed base of over three hundred and thirty Mn in June two thousand and twenty area and had a contribute monthly alert user base of five hundred and five Mn. TikTok, UC Browser, ShareIT, ES FileExplorer, collide Of Kings, Helo, Likee, CamScanner, Shein were among the apps barred. TikTok, which has over 200 Mn monthly active users in India, was by far the biggest casualty, and the app is now also under pressure in the US market. With the ByteDance-owned app blocking its services in India, influencers have now been forced to look for modern platforms to build their following. Mitron, Chingari, Bolo Indya, Instagram axle and others have risen as the recent frontrunners for the exodus from TikTok. Beyond the social media platforms, other alternatives such as apps to replace CamScanner have also got high profile launches in the past week. But beyond just downloads and monthly effective users, the apps and the companies behind them have also been Deeply impingt by the ban. Many of these companies had a big workforce in India, and the social media platforms among the banned apps were also the revenue and income source for millions of influencers, who now have to look for alternatives. So the strike is prevalent and reaches across segments. Here are all the 59 Chinese apps banned by India and how their exit will influence the Indian market. The fifty-nine Chinese Apps halted By India TikTok: The most high-profile of the apps banned, TikTok’s blunt videos have produced a complete new genre of social media content. The app was first begun in China in two thousand and sixteen and entered India after the acquisition of in 2018. Since then, it is said to have reached two Bn global downloads in April 2020, of which India accounted for almost 30% of the gross app installs. TikTok’s nurse company, ByteDance has one hundred and twenty-six staff around the world involving India. The ban on TikTok is estimated to have caused a loss of $6 Bn for ByteDance, according to reports in China. SHAREit: begun by Chinese tech gigantic Lenovo in 2013, SHAREit was hived-off as a separate partnership with Michael Qiu as the founder. It risen out as a index transfer utility but has grown on to become a multimedia platform as well with OTT integrations. In June 2019, SHAREit revealed having 1.8 Bn plus global users, with 40% of its user base coming from India. begun in 2015, the division claims to have five hundred employees globally including one hundred and thirty-three Indian employees, as indicated by their Linkedin profiles. SHAREit has acquired OTT platform FastFilmz in May 2018 and appointed FastFilmz founder Karam Malhotra as SHAREit CEO soon after. UC Browser: One of the most familiar browsers in India overdue to the fact that it is pre-installed on many devices, UC Browser is developed by a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, UCWeb. After registering the Indian deal in 2011, the browser claimed to touch one hundred Mn driver mark in 2016. Later by 2018, UC Browser had gained one hundred and thirty Mn monthly vital users in India — besides browsing, it engaged with users through content discovery partnerships with media companies. A Linkedin search indicates that 56 people are employed at UC Browser in India. Kwai: Tencent-backed division Kwai had exited Indian a scarce weeks before the official ban. The top had informed its users to move to its affiliate app UVideo, which converts photos and videos into video status that can be later posted on other platforms. Kwai alleged to have over one hundred Mn app downloads in India. Further, 71 Linkedin profiles claim to be employed by Kwai in India. Shein: Founded in 2008, Shein has constantly been in the eye of controversy in India — whether it is to do with avoiding customs duty by passing orders off as gifts or its cutthroat competition with Indian ecommerce players. Just a term after registering India in 2018, the company had reported five Mn app downloads in the country. The merger claims to be sprinkle across two hundred and twenty countries. Around 10 Linkedin profiles from India mention Shein as their current employer. collide of Kings: Developed by Elex Tech in 2014, fight of consort is a multiplayer strategy game . The match had over fifty Mn downloads, and 4.1 stars before being halted in India earlier this month. It has been on the top-grossing catalog of App Store and Play Store since its release. The company only has offices in China and Brazil. Baidu Map: same to Google plan or Apple Maps, this mobile navigation platform proffers satellite imagery, street maps, street view, and indoor view perspectives of any location. It also has a road planner feature for commuters wandering by foot, car, or political transportation. begun in 2005, the app was focused on outbound Chinese tourists and was only available in Chinese language. Baidu plan alleged to have three hundred and fifty Mn effective users globally in 2017. DU attack Saver: Also extended by Chinese tech huge Baidu, this free attack saver app claims to put apps in hibernation on Android devices and as such had full device access to enable these functionalities. The division alleged to have four hundred Mn worldwide downloads in 2016. Linkedin catalog thirteen employees goning at DU Battery Saver’s parent company Baidu in India. Even before the Indian ban, DU Battery Saver has been in the news for malicious advertising, based on user reports. Helo: ByteDance-owned Helo is comparable to ShareChat and offers a dialect social media platform for multimedia content in informal languages. The division claims to have over forty Mn monthly effective users across India and Bangladesh, coveringing fourteen regional languages including Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, and Gujarati. Its ancestor company, ByteDance has one hundred and twenty-six offices around the world involving India. latest year, after the Madra true law passed an order banning TikTok, some Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders had also looked to ban Helo. Likee: Bigo Technology-owned Likee is a global blunt video creation platform with features like visible effects, 4D magic, dynamic stickers, video shooting and editing. With a expression in over one hundred and fifty countries, the company claims to have over four hundred Mn downloads in India. Further, 169 people claim to be employed by Bigo Technologies in India. YouCam Perfect: retained by simple Corp, YouCam is a photo editing app with features like auto beautifying effects, image cutouts, hands-free selfies, and make frames, collages among other things.
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A Deep Dive Into The 59 Banned Chinese Apps In India

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