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Amethyst Healing Properties, Correspondences + Meanings

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Amethyst comes from many different locals around Mama Earth, which is what makes it really more of an affordable crystal and ones that are least likely to be fake because it’s so widely available. However, I have seen some deeply dyed … I’m sorry, in my opinion, disgusting amethyst that you just rub your fingers on the back of it and the dye will come off in your hands. When you’re in those places and you kind of zone out, or you’re daydreaming and you get into this positive mental state and you get to download these really amazing ideas.

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That’s the whole point in working with crystals, is to become a vibrational match … to get into an alignment with their vibrational frequency. Certainly, that happens with any of the crystals that we’re working with, but if you’re looking for the correspondences I just talked about and you want to become a vibrational match while working with the amethyst, then bring it into your electromagnetic field. some say it extends out infinitely, but it extends most strongly within a four-foot radius. So if you want to use your arms & fully extend them out, then imagine your electromagnetic field extends out like that all around your body in all directions, you’ve got the strongest radius right there. Amethyst GeologyLet’s talk a little bit of geology and identification of different types of amethyst. A lot of people ask me how to tell the amethyst fake from the genuine. Yes, amethyst can be faked. I’m going to give you lots of basic geological information here to help you figure it out, but if you really want to dig in and you’re interested in learning more about identifying your crystals, I can’t give that all to you here. I highly recommend my class elective, Crystal Savvy. I really get into the identification of crystals in there, so you learn how to empower yourself to do that for yourself. Where does most Amethyst come from? Amethyst comes from many different locals around Mama Earth, which is what makes it really more of an affordable crystal and ones that are least likely to be fake because it’s so widely available. There’s almost no reason to fake amethyst. Yeah, some people are faking it, but I don’t consider it a widespread issue. The most popular locals for amethyst are different parts of the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and Uruguay. There are huge amounts of amethyst in brazil and Uruguay in the basalt flow vugs or voids. there are these weird vugs … maybe like a pocket of air was there and amethyst grew in it and in the fissures. Can you imagine that? I remember there was a scene in the movie The Core, right in the dead middle center of that DVD … I remember this because I used to teach my science class this and I used to fast-forward to that one section of the DVD … they go down under the earth. It’s imaginary. Nobody’s done this, but they go into a deep, deep vug or a basalt flow void. It’s just filled with amethyst crystals, a giant, huge void and they walk in, and it’s so cool. So there are huge deposits in South America, and also in Africa. There’s enough material there to keep amethyst’s price affordable, and so it’s less likely to fake it. However, I have seen some deeply dyed … I’m sorry, in my opinion, disgusting amethyst that you just rub your fingers on the back of it and the dye will come off in your hands. That dye dissipates very quickly. I have yet to figure out exactly what kind of dye. I think I heard it was a food-grade dye or clothing dye that they use on some geodes, milky quartz geodes or something like that. It’s on the back of the matrix and it just rubs off on everything and it fades really, really quickly. Just like all quartz, amethyst has a Mohs hardness of seven. All quartz is a seven, so relatively hard. It’s not the hardest like a diamond, but it will scratch things if you move it across a piece of glass for example. Where does the purple color come from? It comes from trace amounts of iron inclusions in quartz. You might not think that… because if you think of rusty iron, it’s a rusty color, but the amethyst color does come from iron. There are just trace amounts of it. That’s all that’s necessary. then there’s another component that’s necessary ; you’ve got the trace amounts of iron in the quartz and intense radiation, specifically, gamma rays from radiative sources like radioactive elements in the earth that are in the host rock. The first step in amethyst getting its purple color, it’s a series of steps that begins during the crystal growth, at the very beginning when it first starts to grow and it’s gathering up that trace bit of iron. Then after the crystallization begins, the gamma rays begin irradiating the iron and “voila!”; you get the purple color. The most intense purple color is usually seen at the apex, at the point. then there’s the really deep Uruguayan amethyst. It’s like fifty shades of purple! There’s a wide range of purple colors. Types of Amethyst Next, let’s talk about the various types of amethyst. Geodes A geode’s going to be a smaller hollow or vug, or a void, filled with the crystals. That’s known as a geode. If it’s flat, it really isn’t a geode and let me get into why that is. It was probably cut from a large geode. The large geodes are also known as cathedrals. They are called cathedrals because they look like big steeples on a cathedral and they’re often cut in half and cut open so that it displays the crystals inside. Now, if the crystals inside are really small, really little, then that’s called a Druze. A lot of people call it druzy. The proper geological term is Druze. The E at the end is silent, but some people … a lot of people call it druzy now, so that’s just become part of the common nomenclature, so we go with it, right? The tall amethyst geodes, as I have in my sacred space, those are great for living spaces because they’re large and they can emanate a lot of energy. Large geodes are wonderful for radiating good amounts of energy into a space and really making that environment feel good. but be prepared, they’re pricey. The larger they are, the pricier they are. I mean, it’s rarer to find them large and it’s costly to ship those pieces too. Vera Cruz amethyst Next, there’s Vera Cruz amethyst. They’re very, very light in color and they have excellent clarity. Vera Cruz Amethyst is known for being really good third eye developers if you’re looking to develop your third eye chakra. They help induce theta brainwaves, which are a higher amplitude, lower frequency brainwave than alpha or beta. Beta is what we’re in all the time. It’s the brainwave I’m in right now, you’re probably in right now. If you’re in a more relaxed state, you go into alpha; but theta is a higher amplitude than that, but a lower frequency. When you’re in a daydream state, that’s often a theta brainwave state. It’s that state of mind you go into like when you’re in the shower and you download those really good ideas or maybe if you’re driving or walking , you get into a very positive mental state. When you’re in those places and you kind of zone out, or you’re daydreaming and you get into this positive mental state and you get to download these really amazing ideas. That’s theta brainwave state. If you want to be in that state more, Vera Cruz amethyst is your buddy. It helps to awaken and kind of poke the pineal gland, kind of wake it up. It used to be, in my experience, a go-to crystal for calming the mind and an excellent stone to work with when meditating, to get rid of that monkey mind; however, with the recent cosmic energy shifts, (I talked about this in another blog post recently), this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. For me, Vera Cruz amethyst allows more flow of ideas, so more of theta brainwave state, not so much the calming of the mind; but if I’m looking for that flow of ideas, even during meditation, Vera Cruz amethyst is my go-to for that. maybe it’s because the amplitude in the crystal itself is a bit higher now due to these cosmic energy shifts. I don’t know. I don’t have the answer, but it’s something that I’ve noted and I’ve noted with others. Do you find this is true for you? let me know in the comments. I would love to know. I have asked, though, a lot, and it seems like it is the case for the majority of us. Uruguay amethyst Uruguayan amethyst has a characteristic grape jelly, deep, deep, deep, dark color. sometimes it even looks black. It’s the same energy as other amethysts, but more intense. For those asking if color intensity makes a difference, in this case, I would say yes, a slight difference. I really love the energy of Uruguayan amethyst. It’s got this really deep, dark royal purple color, very vibrant, very rich. When it comes to geodes, I find that their energy is just so much more effective from the deeply colored Uruguayan variety. spirit Quartz spirit quartz is also known as cactus quartz. If you’re looking for relief from OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, this is a good one to work with. Also for fear in general, because OCD is a symptom of a fear, right? If you’re looking to connect with your higher self while also getting rid of fears, clearing the pathway of anything that may come up on your journey to up-leveling yourself and connecting with your higher self, work with spirit quartz or cactus quartz. It’s also great for purification, again, protection, and evolving yourself spiritually, like any amethyst is. super seven Many of you asked about super seven. Well, super seven is not really a type of amethyst. People think it is because it has the general color of amethyst. It’s actually seven different minerals all conglomerated into one stone. The seven minerals are; amethyst, cacoxenite, clear quartz, goethite, rutile, smokey quartz, and lepidocrocite. It’s not a type of amethyst. However it includes amethyst along with six other minerals, so I’m not going to get deep into super seven here. Ametrine Now, let’s talk about ametrine. Ametrine has an iced tea hint to it, maybe a little bit of orange. Ametrine is not an easy one to find. It combines the energy of amethyst and citrine, natural citrine. It’s great for if you need assistance with making decisions. Ametrine is also great for just clearing your mind.
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Amethyst Healing Properties, Correspondences + Meanings

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