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    66 Residential Swimming Pool Design Ideas (PICTURES)

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    • With a private swimming pool you are guaranteed to have endless hours of fun on hot summer days, and an opportunity to be more physically active and healthy.
    • This red stone house quality an lifted porch with a swimming pool that overlooks a gorgeous landscape with a blue see and a rocky hill.
    • This open shape swimming pool is fulfilled with cool clean water and has a round jacuzzi feature to give you a real spa-like experience in your own backyard.

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    Welcome to our painting gallery of sixty-six wonderful Swimming Pool Design Ideas for Residential houses that you check build in your yard. Some of them are huge, some are mean or little size. Overall, we have ideas for all tastes and budgets. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. holding a backyard to your personal house is vast by itself, but having a backyard with your own swimming pool is a total game changer. With a private swimming pool you are guaranteed to have endless hours of fun on hot summer days, and an opportunity to be more physically active and healthy. privileged lounge happen in all sizes. They check be little or vast – it all depends on how much open space you have in your backyard. Itâs good to have in mind that you may need to spare some room for a nice pool deck where you can arrange comfy seating and other outdoor furniture pieces. personal swimming lounge arrive in a number of shapes, as well. A rectangular pool is probably the most common choice, but you can also have a round or oval design, not to mention that there are even more complex options available such as Roman or Grecian style pools, and even free form pools that follow no design rules whatsoever. As for the grinding sweetness to your pool design, itâs good to have its inside laid with tiles or mosaic. You can also add some cool features such as water fountains, rock decorations, a jacuzzi, a water slide, a springboard etc. The options are endless and they are sure to make your design a lot more fun. Having said all that, letâs move on to our gallery with pictures of great swimming pool designs. holding a privileged swimming pot in your own backyard is quite nice, but it is so much better when itâs equipped with a springboard. Thatâs the way to go if you want to dive head first into endless hours of fun. Go full or go home! When it arrives to swimming pools, extent does matter and the bigger, the better! Have a look at this swimming pool and imagine the possibilities. If you, on the other hand, are slim on space, then you should consider auditorium a smaller swimming pool. After all, a small swimming pot is better than no swimming pool whatsoever, so donât hit yourself over it and just do it! A private swimming pool is a great addition to any home by itself, but wouldnât it be even better if you add more water features to it that will boost its appeal? Try water fountains and waterfalls for example. Here is another swimming pot design with a waterfall feature. This design has a free form outline and features beautiful rock and plant decorations that seamlessly fit in the curves. Have a admire at this picture. Here is another clear shape swimming pool design comprehensive with rocky decorations and drought resistant plants. Isnât this a great design idea for hot climate locations? This rectangular swimming pot may be simplistic in design but it sure is nice and practical. It is excellent if you wish to project out and swim lengths. Itâs just as good if you just want to casually hang around on a chaise lounge. If you suppose that rectangular swimming lounge are ordinary and boring you might want to think again and take a look at this picture. An otherwise regular swimming pool with a panoramic ocean view is nothing short of amazing. Here is a senior irregularly shaped swimming pot with a floral mosaic decal on the bottom. This two-tiered pool design also features beautiful landscaping all around, with an outdoor gazebo nearby. Have a admire at one senior open form swimming pool design. With a pool deck set in flagstone and a jacuzzi feature it sure is a great place to hang around on a hot summer day. This red stone house quality an lifted porch with a swimming pool that overlooks a gorgeous landscape with a blue see and a rocky hill. Donât you just wish you were there right now? This large house has a beautiful backyard with a private swimming pool with a geometrical shape and a concrete slab pool deck that accommodates a number of chaise lounge chairs and other seating options. Have a watch at a swimming lounge design with a soft flow and a curvy outline. It quality a stone-laid pool deck and lots of fresh all around. It also has a great lake view for you to enjoy. Here is another swimming pot design idea. This one has a plain rectangular shape and a wood-laid pool deck that is furnished with modern looking rattan chaise lounge chairs. This L-shaped pot is surrounded with luxurious greenery on all sides so it feels comfortable and private. It features an open concrete laid pool deck and an outdoor gazebo where you can seek shelter from the sun. Here is another lovely swimming pot design idea for your backyard. This one has a freeform mold with polished curves. It is set in blue mosaic tiles while the poolside deck is laid with stone tiles. Have a admire at yet another lovely house and its contemplation in the clear waters of a cool private swimming pool. remember how the duct pours over the edge as a waterfall? What a nice feature, donât you think? This swimming pot has a attractive honest design. It is rectangular in form and its inside is tiled in blue mosaic. A decorative meander pattern however catches the eye as it goes all along the perimeter of the pool. Here is another rectangular swimming pot design. It is arise in blue mosaic tiles and the pool deck is laid with flagstone. Nice and simple, what more is there to ask for? Here is a senior flowery backyard swimming pool. A whole lot of straight and curved lines alike shape up its irregular geometrical shape that resembles the architectural complexity of the house that it belongs to. This luscious teensy pot is not designed for intense workout routines or grand parties. It is however perfect for a peaceful relaxation and laid-back times in a more intimate setting. Here is another close swimming pot that is actual to cool you off on a hot summer day. It is simple in design, with a basic rectangular shape that matches the modern architecture of the house. Hereâs a significant pool for a huge backyard. Unlike most swimming pools, this one is not tiled with blue mosaics , so the duct doesnât have that brilliant blue color. It has a more natural deep green tint to it instead. Whatâs a summer vacation home without a excellent pool to it? This summer retreat certainly has a lot to offer. It features a cool free form swimming pool finished in blue tiles and with a paved pool deck. This swimming pot may be small, but it has a lot to offer. It has a jacuzzi feature, as well as a pergola by its side. Plus, itâs an infinity pool, how cold is that! It just flows out into the landscape! Hereâs a senior proper swimming pool design, but itâs the simple things in life that are usually the best. This poolâs basic design fits right in the setting and completes the clean modern look of the house beside it. Have a admire at yet another new house plan with a rectangle pool in its backyard. The pool deck is set in terracotta tiles and has a cool sail shade for sun protection. This terracotta-laid backyard patio is a vast place to hang out and relax, especially since there is also a excellent pool to dive right in. The pool itself is laid with blue mosaic tiles and has a decorative water feature to boost its appeal. Hereâs another enchanting backyard with large landscape design and a pool. Itâs so serene and casual that it fills you never want to leave. With a fine selection of wood chaise lounge chairs, this backyard pool design is complete. Have a admire at another pot that is senior open to its surroundings. This infinity pot looks like it merges with the landscape and flows out into the nearby river. Isnât it just spectacular? Hereâs a minuscule pool design, that is however plenty more ornate. It is decorated with a pair of water fountains and itâs tiled with dark blue mosaic that gives a beautiful tint to the water. This turquoise-colored swimming pot looks so alluring, it follows you want to dive right in. It has a great pool deck, too, complete with comfy lounge chairs, and offers a strikingly beautiful ocean view. This rectangular swimming pot with crooked corners is also worth our time. With bright blue waters, a stone-laid pool deck and a lush landscape design it looks highly sophisticated and refined. Have a see at this open shape swimming pool with clear blue waters and comfy lounge seating by its side. Doesnât it look like a great place to hang out and relax, and enjoy a hot summer day? Whatâs a lovely house without a vast backyard, and whatâs a great backyard without a nice blue pool? This ivy-wrapped house certainly has it all, donât you think? Hereâs another mansion that has a lot to offer. It has a backyard complete with a private Roman shaped swimming pool with clear blue waters and beautiful landscaping all around. Hereâs a elder informal swimming pool design with a kidney shaped outline. It has a large pool deck with a seating corner, a lounge area and a fire pit area, all looking out to a beautiful landscape. Hereâs another comfortable setting. This open shape swimming pool is fulfilled with cool clean water and has a round jacuzzi feature to give you a real spa-like experience in your own backyard. Now thatâs something you canât say ânoâ to! This comfortable tiny courtyard reacts so private and intimate, itâs unbelievable. It has a vast landscape design and a fresh little pool right in the center. Itâs the perfect place to chill out without a care in the world. Hereâs a huge house design with a elder extensive backyard and a bigger pool. The bar has an infrequent geometrical layout with lots of small corners to explore. The whole pool and all the deck are laid with stone. Hereâs a elder new carry on backyard design with a rectangle-shaped pool tiled in bright blue. With a stone-laid pool deck on one side and a tall green hedge on the other it is the perfect place to relax in private. Have a watch at another rectangle-shaped lounge that belongs to a house with enormous arched windows. It is surrounded with a green grass lawn on one side, and with descending stairs on the other. This new house has a coveringed patio with resource to a private pool with a geometric layout. The pool deck is set in concrete slabs and is neatly hidden away from the neighbors by tall trees and a green hedge. Have a see at an oval pot design with a terracotta laid pool deck. The whole backyard is enclosed with tall trees and shrubbery making it a great place to relax away from the rest of the world. Hereâs another backyard where you check relax in style by the pool. This plan features a huge patio that keep accommodate all your family and friends, which is great if you like throwing fun pool parties. The rectangle shaped pot endures excellent and open to the outside world. Â It has a gorgeous view of the circumventing landscape for you to enjoy. The best part is there are no neighboring houses to ruin the view or mess with your privacy. Have a see at this exquisite house plan with a covered patio and a private pool in the backyard. Itâs a great place to relax in style on a chaise lounge chair sipping cocktails and enjoying the view. This Grecian shaped bar with arched in corners is huge and elongated which follows it perfect for swimming lengths. And in case you are not that active type of person, thereâs always an option to just lie down on a chaise lounge on the deck. A new house with a magnificent backyard and a private pool is what weâd all love to have in our lives. This lot has it all and even a couple of palm trees to make things even better. Hereâs another new outdoor area with a private swimming pool. This courtyard plan is entire with accent lighting, palm trees, water fountains and a complete lot of style. Donât you just wish you had it all to yourself? pulling on with senior magnificent examples of modern architecture and landscape design. This contemporary house has a covered patio with seating and access to a private free form swimming pool. Hereâs another southern piece of architecture with a huge freeform swimming pool with a round jacuzzi. The pool deck is laid with stone and accommodates a fine selection of luxury chaise lounge seating. Hereâs a vast house with a decorated backyard patio leading out to a privileged Roman style swimming pool. The pool is finished in blue mosaic tiles and is built in the middle of a green lawn. This elongated swimming pot with a stone shed pool deck is simplistic in design, yet strikingly beautiful. With great landscape design and fabulous plants all around the place it sure is a feast for the eyes. fing another southern backyard design with drought resistant plants and a private pool. The beautiful view of the surrounding landscape is also a huge asset and a pleasure to look at. Here is another vast backyard with a wonderful view of a nearby lake, valley and mountain. It also features a private swimming pool that seems to merge with the surrounding landscape. Have a admire at a cold infinity swimming pot with a beautiful ocean view. The blue water of the swimming pool looks like itâs one with the ocean and itâs beautiful to look at. Here is a elder simplistic private swimming pot design. The full backyard here is shed with stone tiles, so thereâs hardly any plants around. Still, the pool is pretty cool on its own and it sure is inviting. This multi-level swimming pool has overflow edges and a jacuzzi feature in the corner. It is tiled in blue and grey mosaic, and has a stone-laid pool deck, as well as a beautiful landscape view. This huge house has a well-designed backyard comprehensive with a private pool with a free form outline. It features a round jacuzzi in one corner that is sure to give you a spa-like experience at any time. This T-shaped swimming pot gives you the opportunity to swim stout your full backyard and enjoy a wondrous panoramic ocean view. Or you could just sleep down on a chaise lounge. You can never go wrong with whatever you choose. Hereâs another large design with a house interior that exposes up to a magnificent backyard with a private pool with clear blue waters. Wouldnât it be fun to run through the living room and dive right in? Sometimes holding your personal swimming pot is just not enough and you want more. How about a privileged dock then, so you check easily climb onto your boat and sail out into the ocean. How great would that be? This rectangular swimming lounge may be simplistic in shape but it has a lot of great features such as a jacuzzi, a duct fountain and a water slide. A water slide certainly makes dipping into the pool a lot more fun, doesnât it? Have a admire at one senior rectangle-shaped pool. Itâs neither that big, nor multiple in design, but it accurate is nice and simple. Certainly no one would resist diving right into the cool clear water. This swimming pot is excellent and private, buried away from prying eyes in the intimate courtyard of a modern one-storey house. The inside of the pot is leave in blue square tiles, and the lounge deck is put with concrete.
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    66 Residential Swimming Pool Design Ideas (PICTURES)
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