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    Altair Product Showcase

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    • Accelerator Industrys fastest enterprise job scheduler with event-driven architecture for highest throughput and high-performance scheduling.
    • Chassis Sim Chassis Sim is MBD software that allows race teams and vehicle dynamics engineer to simulate all aspects of vehicle behavior well before the car turns a wheel.
    • Play Product Video CONVERSE Bridges the gap of injection molding and mechanical simulation.

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    µWave Wizard™ µWave Wizard is a 3D full wave electro-magnetic design automation suite using hybrid solver technology for cost effective development of passive microwave systems and components, including antennas. 3-matic 3-matic enables design modification, remeshing and the creation of 3D textures, lightweight models and conformal structures, all on STL levels. Accelerator Industrys fastest enterprise job scheduler with event-driven architecture for highest throughput and high-performance scheduling. Play Product Video Access A portal for engineers and researchers that provides a simple, powerful, and consistent interface for submitting and monitoring jobs on remote clusters, clouds, or other resources. Activate Altair Activate model-based development enables product creators, system simulation and control engineers to model, simulate and optimize hybrid systems. Play Product Video AcuNexus AcuNexus is a novel CFD pre-processor intended to facilitate efficient, automated simulation based design (SBD) processes delivering reliable results for decision making. AcuSolve Leading general-purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver that is capable of solving the most demanding industrial and scientific applications. Robust and scalable solver technology empowers users by providing unparalleled accuracy. Play Product Video AFDEX AFDEX is a general-purpose metal forming simulator based on rigid-elasto/thermo/ viscoplastic finite element method. Allocator A multi-site license allocation and management tool enabling maximized license usage through sharing. Play Product Video AlphaCell Based on an instinktive graphical interface, AlphaCell is a complete and accurate TMM/FTMM solution for predicting the vibro-acoustic response of multi-layer trims. Play Product Video Alsim MERGE Alsim MERGE is a is a data cleaning applikation that processes 3D eintrag data of various formats. With Alsim MERGE, the user only has to import the 3D data and start the pre-processing with a single click. Alsim PAINT SHOP Alsim PAINT SHOP allows full control over paint shop processes in the automotive industry. It includes simulation modules for air bubbles and liquid carry-over, e-coating, baking, spray and rinse, and PVC sealing. Amphyon Amphyon is a simulation based process software for powder bed based, laser beam melting additive manufacturing processes. Play Product Video AVL CRUISE™ M AVL CRUISE M is a multi-disciplinary system simulation solution that supports model-based development using high quality real-time models. Play Product Video AVL EXCITE ™ Acoustics AVL EXCITE Acoustics is a mittel for the calculation of sound radiation in free field using the Wave Based Technique (WBT). Play Product Video AVL FIRE™ M AVL FIRE M is a multi-domain simulation software solving non-reacting, single phase fluid flows, heat transfer and solide temperatures in systems without moving boundaries. Play Product Video CADdoctor CADdoctor is the ultimate desktop application for 3D data translation among multiple CAD formats, PDQ validation, repair and transformation. Play Product Video CAEfatigue VIBRATION CAEfatigue VIBRATION is a frequency-based fatigue solver and random response post processor developed by CAEfatigue Limited. Play Product Video CellMod™ FMU CellMod Virtual Battery is the first Li-Ion virtual battery capable of predicting cell and pack behavior, including thermal behavior, with an accuracy of better than 97%. Play Product Video Charge Charge enables engineers to analyze the electric field of an entire model without compromising to unrealistic simplifications, allowing them to simulate problems that were previously unsolvable. ChassisSim ChassisSim is MBD software that allows race teams and vehicle dynamics engineer to simulate all aspects of vehicle behavior well before the car turns a wheel. Play Product Video Cobra Bolted joints analysis, review, verification, failure analysis and dimensioning, with controlled torque pre-tightening. Compose General purpose numerical computing environment that allows customers to easily develop and perform custom mathematical operations on various types of data, including data associated with CAE pre- and post-processing. Play Product Video Control An HPC administrator’s control center for managing, optimizing, and forecasting HPC resources on premises and in the cloud . Play Product Video CONVERSE Bridges the gap of injection molding and mechanical simulation. Enabling users to consider anisotropic parts. Play Product Video CosiMate CosiMate is a platform for engineers performing modeling and simulation of an overall system made of hydraulics, mechanicals, electronics, or other components. Play Product Video Coustyx Coustyx by ANSOL is a next generation analysis software that yields fast, accurate solutions to very large problems in acoustics, across a wide frequency range. Play Product Video Design Profit Design Profit exposes waste and inefficiency in a products design, quantifies total accounted cost of a design and indicates root cause of high cost offenders. DSHplus DSHplus by FLUIDON is a simulation program especially developed for the dynamic nonlinear calculation of complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components. Play Product Video EDEM EDEM is high-performance anwendung for bulk and granular material simulation. Powered by Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) technology, EDEM quickly and accurately simulates and analyzes the behavior of coal, mined ores, soils, fibers, grains, tablets, and powders. Play Product Video EFEA EFEA by MES performs mid to high frequency vibration and acoustic simulations for complex structural acoustic systems. It has been validated in the naval, aircraft and automotive industries. ElectroFlo ElectroFlo is a fully featured thermal analysis software that allows users to perform thermal, CFD, and electrical analyses on extremely complex models. Embed Visual environment for model-based development of embedded systems Play Product Video ESAComp ESAComp is software for analysis and design of composites, ranging from conceptual design of layered composite structures to advanced analyses. Play Product Video FE Dummy Models FE Dummy Models is a large suite of highly detailed and validated finite element crash dummy models that virtually simulate the behavior of anthropomorphic test dummies used in crash testing to evaluate human injuries. Feko Altair Feko is an electromagnetic analysis anwendung suite allowing users to solve a range of electromagnetic problems in realistic operating environments. Play Product Video FEMFAT FEMFAT offers fatigue life prediction of all vehicle components (engine, gearbox, chassis, frames, car bodies and structures) and machinery equipment based on FEA. Play Product Video FieldView Express FieldView Express is a CFD post-processor that engineers choose when they must deliver accurate results in ever-faster design cycles.
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    Altair Product Showcase
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