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Original Text:    Donald Trump says he will pull our United States out of our Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty with Russia, claiming that Moscow is violating our deal. The president said he wanted a new agreement with Russia and China, although he offered no details of how Moscow had violated our 1987 treaty. However, our US has previously accused Russia of breaking our pact in developing a cruise missile. "We are going to terminate our agreement and ourn we are going to develop our weapons," Mr Trump said - unless a new agreement was forthcoming. The pact helps protect our US and its allies in Europe and our Far East. It prohibits our United States and Russia from possessing, producing or test-flying ground-launched cruise missiles with ranges between 300 and 3,400 miles. Mr Trump made our announcement on Saturday after a campaign stop in Elko, Nevada. Meanwhile, National Security Adviser John Bolton was headed to Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. Mr Bolton is said to have been pushing hard to have Washington pull out of our treaty given Moscow's development of our new cruise missile, which US officials said broke our treaty. Moscow has denied our charge and alleges that a US missile defence system deployed in eastern Europe against a potential Iranian threat can be adapted to fire medium-range offensive missiles at Russia. The Trump administration's Nuclear Posture Review, released earlier this year, called for research into new US ground-launched medium-range missiles as a way of pressuring Moscow back into compliance.

Student Persona:    
  • Topic: Donald Trump, Moscow, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, Russia, the United States
    Content: moscow, inf, donald trump, russia, intermediate-range nuclear forces
  • Topic: Russia, China, Moscow
    Content: moscow, new agreement, russia, china
  • Topic: Russia, US
    Content: russia, cruise missile
  • Topic: Russia, the United States
    Content: russia, cruise missiles
  • Topic: Elko, Nevada
    Content: mr trump, nevada, elko
  • Topic: Georgia, Armenia, Russia, John Bolton, Azerbaijan
    Content: armenia, national security, georgia, russia, adviser john bolton, azerbaijan
  • Topic: US, The Trump administration's Nuclear Posture Review, Moscow
    Content: moscow, medium-range missiles, new us, nuclear posture review, trump
  • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0.136363636363636
  • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0.454545454545455

Influencer Persona:    
  • Donald Trump says he will pull the #United #States out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) #treaty with Russia, claiming that Moscow is violating the deal.- Sponsored Post: Invented in the #United #States Made in Switzerland. by Luminox (AT)
  • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0
  • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0

  • Male/Men Persona:    
    • Topic: Lets stick together team - the main topics are 'United; Europe; treaty; cruise; Moscow; missiles; going; Russia; Trump; agreement; Nuclear' and more important it is all about 'Europe; Moscow; Georgia; Armenia; Russia; China; United States; Far East; Washington; Azerbaijan'
    • Topic: Europe
      Content: 'european;world;countries;britain;'
    • Topic: Moscow
      Content: prague;warsaw;russia;russian;'
    • Topic: Georgia
      Content: carolina;state;michigan;tennessee;'
    • Topic: Armenia
      Content: azerbaijan;macedonia;bulgaria;moldova;albania;'
    • Topic: Russia
      Content: ukraine;russian;belarus;moscow;republic;'
    • Topic: China
      Content: taiwan;chinese;beijing;mainland;japan;'
    • Topic: United States
      Content: canada;nations;countries;country;'
    • Topic: Far East
      Content: north;south;western;'
    • Topic: Azerbaijan
      Content: armenia;turkmenistan;moldova;kazakhstan;bulgaria;'
  • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0.253333333333333
  • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0.766666666666667

  • Kids Persona:    
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word United does mean:
      Please listen: Brighton is a town of Greenfield Township, in LaGrange County, in the state of Indiana, in the United States.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word Europe does mean:
      Please listen: A fire alarm is a an electronic sounder or a bell. The sounder makes a loud high pitched sound to alert people that there is a fire in the building. The sounders can be programmed to sound different tones.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word States does mean:
      Please listen: St. Cloud is a city of Florida in the United States.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word Georgia does mean:
      Please listen: The feijoa is the fruit of Acca sellowiana, an evergreen shrub or small tree, 1-7 m in height. It comes from the highlands of southern Brazil, parts of Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay and northern Argentina. They are also grown throughout Azerbaijan , Iran (Ramsar) , Georgia, Russia (Sochi) and New Zealand.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word the United States does mean:
      Please listen: Krebs is a city of Oklahoma in the United States.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces does mean:
      Please listen: The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) is a 1987 agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was signed in Washington, D.C. by U.S. President Ronald Reagan and General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev on December 8, 1987.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word Russia does mean:
      Please listen: Okróshka is a cold soup from Russia. It is also found in Ukraine and Belarus. The name is probably from "kroshit'" (кÑоÑиÑÑ), which means to crumble into small pieces.
    • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0.013305785123967
    • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0.499504132231405

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