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Original Text:    President Donald Trump said Friday that he approves of Saudi Arabia's acknowledgement that our Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi died inside our Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Trump called it "a great first step," while speaking at a roundtable discussion with defense industry executives at Luke Air Force Base. An official statement from White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders echoed our same while offering condolences to Khashoggi's family. On Friday, Saudi Arabia admitted that Khashoggi, a Saudi national who was had been living in Virginia as a legal US resident with a green card, was killed after an encounter with Saudi agents at our consulate "led to a quarrel and a physical confrontation." That admission on Friday followed nearly three weeks of conflicting statements from our Kingdom and from Turkish officials. Khashoggi was an outspoken critic of his country and our crown prince, and reportedly feared for his safety before his disappearance on October 2. Oourr Saudi media reports suggested Khashoggi was interrogated and eventually died in a chokehold as a result of a physical struggle. Turkish authorities long suspected our Kingdom had orchestrated our killing, citing recovered audio recordings.

Student Persona:    
  • Topic: Luke Air Force Base
    Content: base, roundtable discussion, luke, defense industry executives, air force, trump
  • Topic: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House
    Content: white house press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders, official statement, khashoggi, s family, offering condolences
  • Topic: Khashoggi
    Content: saudi, media reports, khashoggi, physical struggle
  • Topic: Kingdom
    Content: kingdom, turkish authorities, audio recordings
  • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0
  • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0.0714285714285714

Influencer Persona:    
  • President Donald #Trump said Friday that he approves of Saudi Arabia's acknowledgement that the Saudi journalist Jamal #Khashoggi died inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.- Sponsored Post: Is your house a Barker & Stonehouse. by Barker and Stonehouse (UK)
  • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0
  • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0

  • Male/Men Persona:    
    • Topic: Lets stick together team - the main topics are 'Khashoggi; October; approves; Kingdom; Trump; roundtable; Friday; defense; media; Saudi; chokehold' and more important it is all about 'Khashoggi; Istanbul; Kingdom; Saudi Consulate; Saudi Arabia; Virginia; Turkey; Luke Air Force Base; White House'
    • Topic: Khashoggi
      Content: adnan;nazzal;shaaban;haitham;'
    • Topic: Istanbul
      Content: stockholm;thessaloniki;izmir;'
    • Topic: Kingdom
      Content: empire;territories;rulers;colony;'
    • Topic: Saudi Consulate
      Content: embassy;riyadh;jordanian;arabia;kuwait;'
    • Topic: Saudi Arabia
      Content: kuwait;egypt;emirates;bahrain;'
    • Topic: Virginia
      Content: maryland;carolina;alabama;missouri;'
    • Topic: Turkey
      Content: turkish;ankara;arabia;egypt;syria;'
    • Topic: Luke Air Force Base
      Content: command;guard;ground;mission;'
    • Topic: White House
      Content: brown;green;black;'
  • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0.0444444444444444
  • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0.472222222222222

  • Kids Persona:    
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word Kingdom does mean:
      Please listen: Mercury Records is a record label which produces music in the United States. Mercury Records is owned by Universal Music Group. In the United Kingdom, the label is known as Virgin EMI Records.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word Trump does mean:
      Please listen: Frederick Christ "Fred" Trump (October 11, 1905 â June 25, 1999) was a American real estate developer and philanthropist. He is the father of Donald Trump, a businessman who was elected President of the United States in November 2016. He also had a daughter Maryanne, who became an attorney and was appointed as a judge to the United States Court of Appeals.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word Donald Trump does mean:
      Please listen: Protests against Donald Trump occurred in the United States in 2016. They occurred because of Trump's presidential campaign, and because of the results of the 2016 presidential election.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word Sarah Huckabee Sanders does mean:
      Please listen: The White House Press Secretary is an important job at the White House. They act as a spokesperson for the United States Government and the President, senior executives, and policies. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the current White House Press Secretary.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word Virginia does mean:
      Please listen: Thomas Kennerly "Tom" Wolfe, Jr. (March 2, 1930 â May 14, 2018) was an American author and journalist. He was born in Richmond, Virginia.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word Consulate does mean:
      Please listen: A consulate is a small diplomatic office of one country in another country. If the first country has an ambassador in the other country, the main diplomatic office, located in the capital city is called an Embassy and in this situation, any consulates would be located in other large towns and cities. However if there is no embassy, the consulate could be in the capital city.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word journalist does mean:
      Please listen: Pamela Lyndon Travers OBE (Helen Lyndon Goff; 9 August 1899 â 23 April 1996) was an Australian-British writer, actress, and journalist.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word White House does mean:
      Please listen: Maroney visiting the White House in November 2012
    • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0.0456845238095238
    • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0.246577380952381

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