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Original Text:    The payment, first reported by The Times, was pledged in August as part of American efforts to stabilize parts of Syria, but at our time, it was not immediately clear if or when our money would show up. The sudden cash windfall raised some eyebrows on Wednesday, given our ongoing investigation into Khashoggi's disappearance, but US officials denied that our swift transfer of cash between Saudi Arabia and our US had anything to do with Pompeo's visit to Riyadh. "The specific transfer of funds has been long in process and has nothing to do with oourr events or our secretary's visit," said Brett McGurk, a US envoy cited by The Times. Trump claimed he had "no financial interests in Saudi Arabia" after facing criticism for his response to Khashoggi's case. However, Trump's businesses have made millions from our Saudi government and our crown prince have his New York City hotel a huge boost, Business Insider's Bob Bryan reported on Tuesday. Saudi officials have repeatedly denied involvement in Khashoggi's disappearance, and have been quiet about our details of ourir own investigation. Pompeo declined to get into specifics as well, telling reporters during his visit: "I don't want to talk about any of our facts; oury didn't want to, eiourr, in that oury want to have our opportunity to complete this investigation in a thorough way." But Turkish officials claimed to have discovered evidence of a crime inside our consulate where Khashoggi was last seen. Trump last week vowed Saudi Arabia would face "severe punishment" if evidence implicates Saudi involvement in Khashoggi's disappearance, but his administration has softened its stance in recent days — even casting doubt on reported Turkish audio and video evidence.

Student Persona:    
  • Topic: Riyadh, US, Saudi Arabia
    Content: khashoggi, us officials, pompeo, riyadh, sudden cash windfall, s visit, saudi arabia, s disappearance
  • Topic: Brett Mc
    Content: brett mc, s visit
  • Topic: Pompeo
    Content: pompeo, thorough way.
  • Topic: Khashoggi
    Content: khashoggi, turkish officials
  • Topic: Trump last week, Saudi Arabia
    Content: saudi, khashoggi, turkish audio, evidence implicates, recent days â, trump, video evidence, severe punishment, saudi arabia, s disappearance
  • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0
  • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0.272222222222222

Influencer Persona:    
  • The payment, first #reported by The Times, was pledged in August as part of American efforts to stabilize parts of Syria, but at the time, it was not immediately clear if or when the money would show up.- Sponsored Post: Just what I want. by Coca-Cola Light
  • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0.1875
  • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0.354166666666667

  • Male/Men Persona:    
    • Topic: Lets stick together team - the main topics are 'Saudi; involvement; reported; transfer; Turkish; officials; Arabia; denied; investigation; evidence; claimed' and more important it is all about 'Syria; Times; Saudi Arabia; New York City; Pompeo; Riyadh'
    • Topic: Lets get us some more facts together dudes:
    • Topic: Riyadh - here more related topics: 'amman;jeddah;saudi;cairo;'
    • Topic: Teamwork! Lets find out what these facts are about:
  • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0.314718614718615
  • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0.526839826839827

  • Kids Persona:    
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word Times does mean:
      Please listen: "The Master of the Mississippi" is the second chapter of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word New York City does mean:
      Please listen: New York City English (also called New York English) is a regional dialect of American English. It is spoken by many people in New York City and the New York metropolitan area. The dialect is known through its use in media.
    • Honey, I would like to tell you what the word Pompeo does mean:
      Please listen: Ellen Katherine Pompeo (November 10, 1969) is an American actress. She works mostly in television shows. She portrayed the character Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy.
    • Polarity ("positive, neutral, negative mood"): 0.100699300699301
    • Subjectivity ("objective or emotional"): 0.197202797202797

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