DCMA/Content Removal - Non-Profit ArtikelSchreiber.com

Content Removal based on copyright infringement

In case of copyright violation please contact us before sending your laywers or before you cause us legal costs!

We will act immediately if we have access to our servers and tools and we will remove the discussed content within minutes in best case!

We will process every content removal request within 24 business hours!

Achtung: Jede anwaltliche Anmahnung wird zur Anzeige gebracht! Every lawyer's reminder/warning will be brought to justice!

Please provide the following information to solve your removal request:

Please contact Sebastian Enger directly with your request - to do so please access this website with a Javascript enabled browser and click the below Email Link called "Contact Sebastian Enger" (Your Email programm should open, please provide the information from on top and then send us this email)!

Contact Sebastian Enger

This Email Address is monitored and a text message will be send in case of new incoming mail to this Email address so that your case will be handled directly to your serice!

Steps we will take to make sure your content is removed:
  1. Remove the image, the youtube video or the wikipedia entry from within the article in our database
  2. Remove the whole article from our database if you have requested so
  3. Update our backups so that an item will not be pushed back to the live servers in case of a backup incident
  4. Update our robots.txt so that the article link will be forbidden to visit by search engine robots
  5. Send a manual deletion request to Google Webmaster Tools to make sure this article is been removed from the Google Index
Thank you for your cooperation!